This event will end in: May 2 2013

This contest started on 2013/04/23 and will finish at 2013/05/02

Hi Earthlings!
StarBattery Contest

A lot of players love to get Star Batteries, but some of them (specially the begginers) don't know very well how to get them! We hope that with this new contest you learn this and other benefits of helping the others.

To score you must Collect Gift zeppelin housing'Zeppelin housing'. It's one of the rewards get from time to time when helping friend during visits. They are a more or less rare item, so keep trying tirelessly again and again!

Tip : Star Batteries are another reward that you may receive when you visit and help your friends.
 GL forums official contest thread 


Top 1 - Top 25: The Star Battery 12
Top 26 - Top 50: The Star Battery 8
Top 51 - Top 100: The Star Battery 6
Top 101 - Top 250: The Star Battery 4
Top 251 - Top 500: The Star Battery 2
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