Workers are a crucial part of any colony. They are the people who build everything you need. When the player first starts the game they start with 1 Worker. In order to "buy" another one you will need a helmet, a tool case and a mallet or a frienship stone. Two or more builders are far more efficient than one: when one is working on a structure the other ones remain free to recycle plants or upgrade another Buildings.


  • You don't need any workers to build decorations.
  • The maximum un-bannable limit of workers is 5 workers. There are hackers that use more than 5 workers at a time comrades, I suggest you never use their trickery and hacking as it is a sign to yourself and all around you that you are about to get banned by Luck Norris the chief and head of Banning in Galaxy Life.
  • You can also obtain more workers (Max 5) by exchanging them for Friendship Stones Gift friendship stone at the Academy.
  • If a worker is building something, like a defense bunker, it can not be attacked.
  • Note that sooner or later, a planet will be fully developed, thus having 5 workers on a specific planet isn't recommended, as other colonies could also use workers
  • So far, there's only a worker named "Worky" or the game just call him like that.
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i lavoratori sono fondamentali in ogni colonia.

si possono avere al massimo 5 operai per pianeta ogni operaio può costruire una sola costruzione per volta



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per Colony
Required items
The Helmet 1  The Tool Case 1  The Mallet 1 or 1 Gift friendship stone
The Helmet 2  The Tool Case 2  The Mallet 2 or 2 Gift friendship stone
The Helmet 3  The Tool Case 3  The Mallet 3 or 2 Gift friendship stone
The Helmet 6  The Tool Case 6  The Mallet 6 or 3 Gift friendship stone

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  • Fixed an issue causing a worker to be lost.
  • Fixed bug that was causing a display of negative workers.
  • They have improved their skills in no time and learned a new architectural style!
  • Fixed issue that charged you the incorrect amount of minerals when releasing a worker.

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