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Please follow these rules, so every user can have a space for their alliance, and the page loads faster for everyone:
To edit, just press the "EDIT" button on the top left side of the page. It's better to edit in source mode, so, click on the "source tab" at the top right, and then add your alliance at the bottom using the following text:

[[File:Image 1 here.png|thumb|150px|<center>caption text here</center>]]
[[File:Image 2 here.png|thumb|150px|<center>caption text here</center>]]

or use an Slider Picture Gallery:

<gallery type="slideshow" widths="320">
Image 1 here.png|<center>caption text here</center>
Image 2 here.png|<center>caption text here</center>
Image 3 here.png|<center>caption text here</center>

Description about your alliance here

:<u>'''Requirements here:'''</u>

*requirement 1 here
*requirement 2 here
*requirement 3 here


JUST COPY AND PASTE the text (it's not a form to fill) at the bottom of the page and modify it with your own alliance info.

Then to apply the changes just click on 'Publish' or if you want to see a preview of the changes first click on the 'Preview' button. That's all! After the admins have checked your alliance information, it will be added to the front main page, inside 'Community Table'.

  • Add your alliance on this page only, DO NOT CREATE A SEPARATE PAGE, it will be deleted.
  • Always add new alliances AT THE BOTTOM, respecting the actual order of the list.
  • You must upload your pictures before you can use them here.
  • Please, upload only 2 pictures per alliance, and set the size of the thumbnail to 150px max, or use a Slider Picture Gallery for placing more pictures.
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<font color="red">Text here</font>

  • If you need any further help or have a question or query, just ask it on any of the admin's message walls.

Alliances List

Max Power Reborn

Max Power Reborn Logo
Max Power Reborn Banner
Max Power Reborn is the reborn variant of the most powerful Alliance of Galaxy Life but this time under the leadership of the great Majorworm. The Alliance is home to The Wikia Squad who expands this Wikia to great lengths and knowledge. The Alliance is home to the most powerful, active, and loyal members of Galaxy Life Reborn so being part of this Alliance is only reserved for the strongest of the strongest. Its headquarters is located in the Discord Server. More info on how to join can be found inside this Discord Server.

Discord Server:

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