• TheSoDeM

    Alliance Progress

    June 13, 2012 by TheSoDeM

    So far my alliance has been through many of the various stages of success and failure. From up high to way down lay and everywhere in between.

    At first we reigned supreme winning mulitple wars in succession, though admittedly in some of the early wars we totally out classed our opponents. Sadly in more recent times things have taken a turn for the worse, in the last 5 wars we have won but 1. The reason for these sudden twist of fate shall be revealed shortly.

    On the 27th of April yours truly founded the alliance 'Lemons are nice' the name has no real origin other than all the other names I desired had been taken and the fact that I absolutely love lemons.

    I immediatley declared war on the alliance known as Electode as it is similar to the nam…

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  • TheSoDeM


    May 6, 2012 by TheSoDeM

    I've always wanted to write a blog and now I have :p

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