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  • LeoE123

    Best Defense Bunker

    January 4, 2013 by LeoE123

    What is the best units to put in a Defense Bunker?

    A lot of people like to put Falcons but a bunch of Colossus can destroy Falcons.

    Currently I have 13 Colossus and 1 Bazooka in all my 4 DB.

    I do not know if 10 Colossus and 2 Zeppelins are better than 13 Colossus and 1 Bazooka.

    What do you think is better?

    10 Colossus and 1 Zeppelin OR 13 Colossus and 1 Bazooka

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  • LeoE123

    LeoE123 Base

    November 5, 2012 by LeoE123

    Visit me. 1336,615. Hi it's LeoE123. Uhhhh could anybody or at least somebody please visit me. My coordinates are 1336,615. Tell me if you were to attack me what would you do and use. Also uhhh can you guys spot any weaknesses? I really want to know so I could improve my base and make it well defended. So far this base has only been destroyed by lvl. 150+ players because they used a bunch of zepplins and colossi. Although they destroyed my base, it took those players a little over 3 attacks before finally destroying it. So any suggestions, questions, advice or comments please just comment down there or write your comment on my wall.

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  • LeoE123

    Alliance Recruitment

    October 20, 2012 by LeoE123

    Hey ummm my alliance needs members. We currently have 21 members and a level 4 alliance. We have won 32 wars, loss 18 wars, and had 3 ties (you probably are thinking there is no tie but it's just when you have a score of 0-0 just to like uhh call it something). So please join, we could use members and hey you don't know we might be at the top once we get members! My alliance name is G.L. Joes or Galaxy Life Joes. We don't care about your level we care about your contributions and skill in attacking, getting war points, and winning wars. SEE YA!

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  • LeoE123

    Galaxy Life Joes

    August 25, 2012 by LeoE123

    Guys join my alliance G.L Joes! We could use some people!

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