aka alessio

  • I live in italy
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is school, GL and GL wiki
  • I am male
  • -alex48starlings-

    A little note to let you learn:

    The Galaxy Life wiki uses the comment system, wich is a privilege and can also be revoked.

    In order to keep having the comment system, you should have to not spam and be respectful.

    If you are caught spamming or insulting other wiki users an admin will post a warning messagge on your wall. 

    If after it you're caught spamming again, your account will be blocked for 3 days.



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  • -alex48starlings-

    Hi all you guys, it's alex48starlings speaking.

    I joined this wiki as a tiny level 14, near the end of nov 2012, and i was surprised on how fast it grew up. It brought me to the doomsday and thanks to it i could survive. Thanks to the admins kyle and minifede and to all the other users who gave me amazing tips, now i am al level 299! (i know one-step-far to 300 ;) ).

    Now the wiki lost 4 of the contribs wich made the wiki near to perfect, i am speaking of Yashpinto, Geoff36 (or so) Uzzi21 and LeoE123. Also other good friends of mine, like Fighter107 or Seamus2003 left the wiki.

    I am launching this rollcall to anyone listening me, join us! if you are reading the wiki, just sign up and help us editing! and if you are an user who is just posting …

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  • -alex48starlings-

    here are the best tactics in  my opinion

    1. fiirst s-trikes and starlinators as the BEST EVER!
    2. second colossi and starlinators as the best combination to kill bunkers
    3. third s-trikes and falcons as the best for a level 5-6 base
    4. fourth btanks and bazookas as the best in wipeoutting level 3-4 bases
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  • -alex48starlings-

    i want know if my new defense is good.

    i got SB 6 soon upgrading to lvl 7 and my base so far has NEVER been destroyed only some colossi and zeppellin has reached to do a good damage to my base. i got a juice of falcon and colossi in my DB and plz guys spot my weaknesses here's a screenshoy you can also visit me at 984 1388

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  • -alex48starlings-


    December 13, 2012 by -alex48starlings-

    finally i have got starbase lvl 6!!! i have unlocked Starlinators too!! i've changed my defense system! visit me at 984;1388!

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