Elderby NPC in-game.

I'm here to help you, young one, tell me what troubles your mind.

Greetings young Starling, Let's join forces,add me as a friend! You can also recruit friends in the galaxy when visiting their profiles.
  — Elderby unused dialogue. 



Sparragon NPC in-game.

Yo ho ho! Beware landlubber! Your booty will be mine!

Dare you to look at me, landlubber? My pirate ship is heading your way to claim all your shiny coins and minerals!

Your booty will be mine!
  — Sparragon unused dialogue. 



Firebit NPC in-game.

Your inferior brains cannot defeat my master plans. Be ready for my ultimate attack!

Tremble little Starlings! I'm the true master of this galaxy! My superior intellect will crush any army and no colony is safe. Surrender and serve me once and for all! Your inferior brain cannot defeat my master plans.

Be ready for my ultimate attack!
  — Firebit unused dialogue. 


Reptice Thumb

Reptice NPC in-game.

Revenge is a dish best savored cold!

You will regret all your bad thoughts, Starling. I'm here

for my revenge and nothiung will stop me!
  — Reptice unused dialogue. Note: That "nothiung" typo was the actual dialogue. 



Pinkia NPC in-game.

When I'm your queen, I'll make sure your entire planet

is the right shade of pink!

Soldiers! How does this creature that dares look at me? Why doesn't it have pink skin like it should? Do something about it! It makes my eyes hurt!
  — Pinkia unused dialogue. 



Magmalot NPC in-game.

Are you calling me crazy!? I'll show you true madness!
  — Magmalot unused dialogue. 
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