This page is a giant collection of all unused content, scrapped concepts, general anomalies and beta content which do not deserve their own page.

Star Nation (UNUSED)

Pru body new feed

Star Nation

Star Nation is an unused image found in the new_feeds folder of the 2011 flash files of Galaxy Life, it's purpose is unknown.

Instant Build (UNUSED)

Instant Build was a scrapped concept where there would be instantly buildable buildings (as the name suggests). Several unused images are provided and it is unknown why this was scrapped.

Instant defense 001

Instant Sniper Tower

Instant factory 001

Instant Factory

Instant defense 001

Instant Sniper Tower

Instant house 001

Instant Compact House

Instant house 002

Instant Compact House Level 2

Instant shipyard 001

Instant Starport

Instant shipyard 002

Instant Starport Level 2

Instant silo 001

Instant Silo

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