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This page is a giant collection of all unused content, scrapped concepts, general anomalies and beta content which do not deserve their own page.

Instant Build

Instant Build was a scrapped concept where there would be instantly buildable buildings (as the name suggests). Several unused images are provided and it is unknown why this was scrapped.

Beta/Unused Building Sprites

Unused Dialogue


Elderby NPC in-game.

I'm here to help you, young one, tell me what troubles your mind.

Greetings young Starling, Let's join forces,add me as a friend! You can also recruit friends in the galaxy when visiting their profiles.
  — Elderby unused dialogue. 


Sparragon NPC in-game.

Yo ho ho! Beware landlubber! Your booty will be mine!

Dare you to look at me, landlubber? My pirate ship is heading your way to claim all your shiny coins and minerals!

Your booty will be mine!
  — Sparragon unused dialogue. 


Firebit NPC in-game.

Tremble little Starlings! I'm the true master of this galaxy! My superior intellect will crush any army and no colony is safe. Surrender and serve me once and for all!
  — Firebit unused dialogue. 


Reptice NPC in-game.

Revenge is a dish best savored cold!

You will regret all your bad thoughts, Starling. I'm here

for my revenge and nothiung will stop me!
  — Reptice unused dialogue. Note: That "nothiung" typo was the actual dialogue. 


Pinkia NPC in-game.

When I'm your queen, I'll make sure your entire planet

is the right shade of pink!

Soldiers! How does this creature that dares look at me? Why doesn't it have pink skin like it should? Do something about it! It makes my eyes hurt!
  — Pinkia unused dialogue. 


Magmalot NPC in-game.

Are you calling me crazy!? I'll show you true madness!
  — Magmalot unused dialogue. 

Scrapped Story

The Original 6

General Story Concept

Unused Planet Types

Reptice planet type

Reptice planet

Unused planet which is a snow/winter version of Firebit and Sparragon's planet, designed for Reptice as Reptice is also an antagonist and uses the White planet type instead of this antagonist exclusive one, the reason for Reptice having the wrong planet type might be due to a simple mistake from the developers.

Unused Cutscenes

Unused Items/Placeables's


Dummy In-game.

A really cute dummy... Or maybe so ugly that everyone wants to smash it? Place them near turrets or mines. Any enemy inside its area of effect will attack it. Doesn't recover life.
  — Attribution 

Originating from the scrapped Pockedt Adventures Doomsday event, this little guy would eventually return as the wooden Attractor doll in the Flash version.

Concept Art

Uniburon concept art.


A Shark-type Starling wielding a unique blaster who never made it out of the depths of concept art, might have been an antagonist who assists Firebit, as it's violet color is similar to that of Firebit's

Some speculate he would be a water-based enemy on the main planet.

Building concept art

Unit concept art

Unused Content With Their Own Pages