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Moles Galaxy Life!

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"Like moles, which inspired us, we hide underground until it's the perfect time to attack! Hire us if you like a great show."
  — in-game description 


  • Specialized in taking down defenses.
  • Moves towards its target underground and resurfaces next to it to avoid getting damaged.
  • Useful for surpassing walls.


  • Once it surfaces it will most likely be in the range of the heavy defenses and get pulverized.
  • Firebit uses it to attack you quite early on the game.
  • Without a gun, this unit will drill the turrets to pieces!
  • It does not go underground when in a bunker. It just stays in one place not doing anything.
  • Useful against bases with no Mortars or defense bunkers.
  • Not useful against everything else. It stays still against a target that it is attacking and a large group of them deployed in the same spot will bunch up against the same target; at this point, a Mortar or AoE units in a Bunker will obliterate them.
  • Its power varies against the Cannon Blast, It just really depends on the level of the cannon and mole.
  • Mole changed target from update version 0.22.5 from "anything" to "defenses". This update changed its size from 70 to 50 as it really isn't such a big unit in comparison to a Zeppelin or Colossus.
  • One tactic is to distract the defenses with Moles while Raiders go after the resources. Flamethrowers and Looters tactic precedes this.
  • While it does avoid fire easily while it is approaching a target, is stronger, and has higher health than the beetle tank, its large size and targetting defenses first lowers its usefulness, however, they are quite useful in wars as many people forget to place traps.
  • Usually used as a special 'extra' unit while another unit takes up the position of the main role in your army. This is usually a big tank like a Beetle Tank or a cheaper but powerful unit such as the Bazooka,
  • At Level 4 and higher, The Mole becomes even faster than Falcons and S-Trikes.
  • Even tough moles dig underground, there is a chance that they can trigger a mine if it's in their path


To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, consult the Laboratory page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon damage
Icon fire rate
Icon speed
Icon range
1 8m Coins13,950 2800 525 1.25/Sec 2.25 50
2 8m Coins20,950 3400 525 1.25/Sec 2.25 50
3 8m Coins31,400 3400 600 1.25/Sec 2.25 50
4 8m Coins34,900 3400 600 1.42/Sec 3 50
5 8m Coins41,850 4200 600 1.42/Sec 3 50
6 8m Coins55,800 4200 675 1.42/Sec 3 50
7 8m Coins60,000 4700 775 1.42/Sec 3 50



  • The Mole now attacks the defenses and Supertank attacks everything!
  • Mole size went to 50 instead of 70.

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