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The Dark One is the antagonist of the Doomsday (Easter) Event, he is the leader of the Golems and wishes nothing more than to utterly annihilate your base. In order to win in the events and gain rewards you must defeat his waves which come around every 10 or 20 minutes.


  • Doomsday Hideout.png
    The Dark One's Golems come in all directions, be sure to fully surround your base in defences!
  • There are multiple items like Doomsday Mines and Dummy Dolls to destroy and distract the Golems


  • It is unknown how the Dark One came to be although some theorize that the Dark One is responsible for making Firebit's seed rotten and Sparragon's seed unripe, and maybe even the cause for Reptice's experiment going wrong.
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