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Systems on Galaxy view

A System is a composition of different planets in a point of the galaxy. Systems can hold up to 12 colonies whose color unique type depends on the system's color (unless there is a player's main base occupying one of the planets). Each planet type contains an exclusive type of plants and crystals.

Types of systems


Green system icon.

Green solar Systems (or sometimes called Spiral System due to it's shape) are systems with two spiral arms and turquoise color. It's star is circular with a giant hole inside. Green colonies have an spooky-forest-ish background with Radquid crystals on the trees and ground.

It seems to resemble the real-life spiral galaxies, especially the Pinwheel Galaxy.

Green planets contains the next exclusive plants and crystals:

  • Bambuspade (leafy tree, very similar to terrestrial plants).
  • Darkrelus (lava tree).
  • Fungandano (strange-looking red and black plant).
  • Radquid (green, shining crystals).


Blue system icon.

Blue Solar Systems are galaxies with four spiral arms and a Spikeball-like star. A colony in any of these galaxies bear a snowy planet, with frozen Emer Stone Cliffs and harsh weather. These are quite common but they are never amassed in clusters.

Blue planets contains the next exclusive plants and crystals:

  • Korice (blue corals).
  • Pigmera (an flower-like plant with lots of pink petals).
  • Emerstone (teal-colored rocks).
  • Blueloon (blue, spiky crystals).


Yellow system icon.

The yellow solar system is systems with more than 7 to 6 arms and a Star that looks like a glowing Yellow Flower.a colony in any of these systems bear a totally tropical planet.

Yellow planets contains the next exclusive plants and crystals:

  • Lappleper
  • Simbarfa (bushes with cyan-colored fruits).
  • Ciprescomun (tall trees).
  • Yellowcris (yellow crystals).


Red system icon.

Red solar systems form the strange, unique triangle shape with an five-pointed-star-shaped red star in the center. Red planets bear a volcanic terrain with spiky rocks and red skies and fog with green grass, just like other planets.

Red planets contains the next exclusive plants and crystals:

  • Shrumic (big, slate blue mushrooms).
  • Yellunis (grass).
  • Crecita (obsidian spikes).
  • Rioney (red angular crystals).


White system icon.

White solar systems form an rectangular shape. It's star shapes like an irregular snow boulder. White planets bear an snowy terrain with white huge chunks of rocks called Derea along with extremely large Bigdig plants that looks like tentacles. They might be quite rarer than the other Systems.

White planets contains the next exclusive plants and crystals:

  • Derea (white rocks).
  • Pinlet (pink crystallized fungae).
  • Bigdig (coral-style dark-blue plant).
  • Vectal (cyan glowing crystal).


Violet system icon.

These systems have a single ring of planets around them and a clustered star that resembles glowing grapes. Violet planets are grassy and filled with greenery even floating spherical platforms on the sky. Rocks have a violet pigment and there is violet fog in the planet too.

Violet planets contains the next exclusive plants and crystals:

  • Margalight (small bushes and huge trees).
  • Strebius (grassy rocks).
  • Habuoya (mushroom-shaped flowers).
  • Viotal (violet glowing crystals).


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