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The spying capsules can be used to get information from our enemies! Each capsule retrieves information from buildings in its influence area plus it detects mines. Mouse over those buildings to see their information. You will get 2 spying capsules each day. You can also buy them with Galaxy Chipschips.
  — in-game description 
10 Spy capsule.png Galaxy Chips5
20 Spy capsule.png Galaxy Chips9
30 Spy capsule.png Galaxy Chips12
Icon range.png
Area of Effect: 8


Starling spy.png
  • You receive two per day but to get them you have to spy on someone. 
  • Using a Spy Capsule on an enemy planet will show you information about all the buildings within the Spy Capsule's range, like a turret's range, how many coins are inside Banks and then how many Minerals are inside Silos.
  • Unfortunately it doesn't tell users which units are actually inside Friends Bunkers and Defense Bunkers, only how filled its capacity is. A full bunker could be ful of level 1 marines, but then it could also be full of level 6 falcons.
  • Update Galaxy Life version 0.66.6 reduce the maximum storage from 50 to 15 Spying Capsules, however there is a bug that alows you to have more than that ammount. (eg: 17/15)
  • Starling spies are called Spylings
  • They have a shape of Icosahedron.


  • You can use as many Spy Capsules as you have on an enemy planet, so use them to get information on every building!
  • Log in daily and spy on anybody - this way you'll get 2 Spy Capsules a day.
  • Careful where you press. It's very easy to accidentally click on somewhere and deploy a Spy Capsule--especially if you're on a Apple mac/macbook or a fast laptop.


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