Sparragons Planet in System VIew

Sparragon is one of the three main antagonists in the game. He attacks you at the beginning of the game, on the "Save The Starlings" mission chain. You must destroy Sparragon 's Star Base to obtain the Delta Key (when prompted by the mission), which you will need to rescue some Starlings after destroying Firebit's Star Base later on. After that, you can attack him as many times as you want, but per attack, his planet will become stronger!

Notice:I personally recommended that even a level max Sparragon Planet can be easily destroyed by a fe  Level 6 Zeppelin.



Popup window when you click his planet.

  • The best way to take advantage of Sparragon's star base in every battle is to have 15-30 Falcon's ( fully upgraded )
  • Sparragon's Max. Lvl is 65 with a Lvl 5 Star base.
  • Note that when given the option to spy or attack, the planet is only his first colony


Sparragon's planet

Sparragon planet's base

Sparragon level max

No training facilities even at max level

  • Even tough Sparragon attacks you with zeppelins in the beginning, he doesn't seem to have training facilities. They might be located on his main planet, as the planet in your system is just a colony.
  • Sparragon third base has been slightly modified.