Sniper Tower

"Our aim is unprecedented, we can kill a star fly from far far away! We specialize in killing enemies one by one from a distance before they even detect us!!"
  — in-game description 


  • It's a single-target turret.
  • Its long-range can cover a large area.
  • Picks off enemy Units before they even get close.
  • It can attack both ground and air units.
  • Snipers can also annoy an enemy attacking with colossi!
  • Never underestimate a Sniper Tower high-level because she can spray a Colossus ( inferior level 7 ) in some second grace has its damages and in its pace but the protection of the Sniper Tower to recommend.


  • Swarming Marines technique might destroy it easily, however, Snipers with a higher level about 4-5 tanks perform better with this task, preferably Beetle Tanks because the sniper is one of the few turrets able to shoot S-Trikes and it is a waste to use a colossus. 
  • It's best used as a support tower to other towers because they don't last long enough against units alone, but as you attack higher leveled players the tides start to turn and the Sniper towers becomes one of the deadliest turrets out there.
  • Putting them outside of your base is a bad idea if you do though make sure they are supported with other defenses like a bunker.
  • Gives a large amount of XP on higher levels, more than Cannon Blast on levels 8-11.
  • Very good if coupled with a Cannon Blast, Freeze Turret or a Mortar.
  • It's not recommended to couple it with Laser Tower or Missile Launcher
  • It's best to protect the Sniper Tower with a high level wall. 


To see detailed info on how to unlock each level and the total amount of buildings per Base level, visit the Star Base's page.

Icon time
Icon costs
Icon health
Icon damage
Icon fire rate
Icon range
If destroyed
1 30s Template:Coins
6,000 90 1/s 26x26 Template:Experience Template:Experience
2 15m Template:Coins
12,000 100 1.11/s 26x26 Template:Experience Template:Experience
3 45m Template:Coins
17,000 110 1.25/s 28x28 Template:Experience Template:Experience
4 5h Template:Coins
22,000 130 1.25/s 28x28 Template:Experience Template:Experience
5 12h Template:Coins
26,000 150 1,25/s 30x30 Template:Experience Template:Experience
6 1d Template:Coins
30,000 175 1,25/s 30x30 Template:Experience Template:Experience
7 2d Template:Coins
34,000 200 1.42/s 30x30 Template:Experience Template:Experience
8 3d Template:Coins
37,000 233 1.42/s 30x30 Template:Experience Template:Experience
9 4d Template:Coins
40,000 266 1.42/s 32x32 Template:Experience Template:Experience
10 5d 12h Template:Coins
42,000 300 1.42/s 32x32 Template:Experience Template:Experience
11 7d Template:Coins
50,000 400 1.53/s 34x34 Template:Experience Template:Experience
Note: Sniper Tower Level 11 requires: 1 SphereGift Sphere to be able to upgrade. (Click the icon to get more info)


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