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The smasher squad in-game.


Galaxy Life - Mercenary Smasher Squad Trailer

Galaxy Life - Mercenary Smasher Squad Trailer

Mercenary Smasher Squad Trailer

Galaxy Life - Mercenarios

Galaxy Life - Mercenarios.wmv

Smasher Squad instructional video.

The members of this mercenary squad follow their captain's hunger for destroying defenses! Hire these specialists during the battle to teach your enemies a good lesson!!
  — in-game description 

The Smasher Squad is a group of powerful units that can be bought for 20 Galaxy Chips, after completing the "Mercenary Attack!" quest. You will also get one for free, to try them out.

Icon damage
Icon health
8.500 60.000 20


  • The Smasher Squad is composed of 3 Magmalots (infantry units) and 1 Attack Mech (Vehicle unit).
  • Although they're troops, they seem very similar to battle support.
  • The Magmalots are NOT Starlings. (most probably aliens)
  • You can hire them during an attack from the attack units menu.
  • They concentrate attack on defenses at first, before attacking any other buildings.
  • They can be seen as a stronger version of the starlinator, with around 140 attack range, around 2000 attack and around 10000 health (for each one)
  • The mercs' mech has 2500 damage, around 200 attack range, and 35000 health.
  • The mercs mech has a similar model to the at-ap walker from star wars.
  • Once deployed, you can place units on their landing pod.
  • They can easily withstand attacks from mortar, assuming they are in motion.
  • The Mech can easily destroy any defenses, like fully stocked bunkers, but don't attack the units inside, they attack only the bunker itself.
  • It might be a waste if you didn't successfully destroy a base.
  • It's not recommended the use of it against high-level players or near high-level mortars, as they can get destroyed very quickly; the same is true against bunkers full of colossus or falcons, they will utterly destroy your units.
  • Sending a Smasher Squad with slow internet connections is a total waste, the turrets damage them without them moving nor attacking. 
  • It is the first unit that can't be trained, as they can be bought with galaxy chips.
  • Golems seem to be able to kill the Magmalots.
  • Walls can block smasher squads' paths, so be sure to use the bazooka and kamikaze units to help them.
  • Using Smasher Squads and Green Beret in conjunction can deal a lot of damage.
  • They can be easily destroyed by full bunkers of Colossus and Zeppelins.

Story / Unlock Mission

Smasher Squad's Story
  • New Mission as appears in game.
  • Mercs want to attack your base!
  • Making sure you are ready for the attack.
  • Incoming attack on the way! (1 Mercs attack group)
  • You defeated them, and won a free Mercs support attack.


  • Through data-mining the game it is revealed the Smashers were originally going to have their own planet but was scrapped to keep them as a unit instead.


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