The members of this mercenary squad follow their captain's hunger for destroying defenses!
Hire these specialists during the battle to teach your enemies a good lesson!
  — In-game description 

The Smasher Squad is a group of powerful units that can't be trained but can be hired during an attack from the attack units menu for GalaxyChip 20, or in the Shop at the cost of GalaxyChip 90 for 5 of them. One is also given for free after completing the Mercenary Attack! quest. The sums of their health and damage sums a total of Icon health 60,000 and Icon damage 8,500.


Once bough and used, a giant ball-shaped capsule will fall from they sky to where the player clicked, open up and will show the mercenaries inside: 3 Mercenary Marines and 1 Mercenary Mech which will immediately start attacking nearby buildings and defenses.

Due to their large amount of health and damage, they can easily take down almost any defensive building with ease, although they might disperse if there are no more defensive buildings close to them, which can increase the odds of them being defeated. Because of this, it's recommended to deploy them with the accompaniment of other strong units with high health such as the Colossus to distract defensive attacks from killing them while they deal damage.

Although they are powerful, they can still be taken down fairly quickly if fought against bunkers full of Colossus, Zeppelins and high-level S-Trikes, or if put against well-placed Mortars. In those cases, if the bunker is alone, it's better to use around 10 Colossus (or some Zeppelins) to take down as quick as possible both the bunker and the units, and use only Zeppelins or special attacks to take down the Mortars.


Upon completing Firebit's mission, the player will get a quest called "Mercenary Attack!" with the player being warned of an incoming attack in a text bubble beside the mission's icon.

The Smasher Squad was were hired by someone, and are looking for the player to destroy their army. After that, the player has to resist an attack from them. If resisted successfully, they will become allies and can be called in battle at any time by paying chips. The player will also get one support squad for free.

  • Mercenary Attack!'s quest icon.
  • First pop-up.
  • Quest's mission pop-up.
  • Units' preview.
  • Quest completed pop-up.



Promo images


Galaxy Life - Mercenary Smasher Squad Trailer

Galaxy Life - Mercenary Smasher Squad Trailer

Smasher Squad trailer.

Galaxy Life - Making of 'The powerful Smasher Squads' wallpaper

Galaxy Life - Making of 'The powerful Smasher Squads' wallpaper

Making of the Smasher Squad wallpaper.


  • Through data-mining the game it was found an avatar image of a Mercenary Marine (such as the ones Elderby, Reptice, Firebit and Sparragon have in their planets on the player's solar system), meaning that they were originally going to have their own planet, but was scrapped.
    • It has also be found that, if the units could be placed in the shop menu or any kind of unit menu, the Mercenary Marine and the Mercenary Mech would have an Marine and Colossus thumbnail respectively.
  • The Mercenary Mech has a similar model to the All Terrain Attack Pod from Star Wars.

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