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Reptice Concept Art

Reptice is the very latest antagonist in the game. He lives on the other side of a black hole. He also invented the ice blaster. In order to get the Freeze Turret which uses the ice blaster, you need to have a Star Base level 4 or higher, (When you try to go to Reptice's planet with a lower Star Base level this message shows:

"Your main HQ must be at least level 4 before you can send an army through a black hole!" 

Apparently, Reptice is a wizard according to the description: "We first need the blueprints to build the Freeze Turret! Rumor has it that Reptice, a hideous Starling wizard, knows the secret to slowing down time. Find him in the Planetary System, destroy his HQ and seize the blueprints for the Freeze turret!" 


  • His eyes resemblance the eyes of a frog.
  • Despite having the strongest defenses of all the villains in the game, he was originally a starling with good intentions.
  • Reptice was likely morphed with the strange creature in his lab when he transformed into what he looks like now, as it looks similar to himself.
  • His starlings are colored orange unlike the starlings of the other antagonists which are colored the same color as themselves.
  • He has an ice gun, which starlings and the two antagonists don't have.
  • He is not the only one who mutated, but there's other 2 that look like him.


  • If you attack him and you lose at the first try he will build two mortars one at the left of his star base and one at the rigth of the star base.  
  • He will level up once if you defeat him and have already gained the Freeze Turret, just like the other in-game antagonists. (e.g. Sparragon)  
  • He is also the worst lookstar baseing starling in galaxy life, as other starlings mention
  • He's not a good choice for NPC item farming, as he has a really sturdy defense all guarding 1 Star Base, it's recommended to attack Firebit or Sparragon instead.
  • His weaknesses are Falcons and S-Trikes, who will utterly breakdown his base.
  • Use crafted units if you are low level as 4 Colossus, 2 Zeppelins and 6 starlinators will destroy his base, even with some difficulties.
  • His turrets are level 5!
  • Reptice's base does not have Resource buildings. Only a few amounts of Resources are found on the starbase.
  • Without Starlinators, Zeppelins, and Colossus, you might need consecutive attacks to shred his starbase.

Reptice Alternative Concept Art

Reptice's Story

Upon defeating Reptice, he reveals that he was never hostile. He was a wizard, revered by many Starlings. However, an experiment went wrong and it left him deformed and ugly. The starlings hated him, so he escaped through a warp gate to a parallel universe.

Reptice's Story

Unused Dialogue

Revenge is a dish best savored cold!

You will regret all your bad thoughts, Starling. I'm here

for my revenge and nothiung will stop me!
  — Reptice unused dialogue. Note: That "nothiung" typo was the actual dialogue.