"Coins and Minerals: Here we go! We love how they spark, we want them all!"
High speed mechanical unit. Specialized in looting resource buildings.
  — in-game description 


  • Requires a level four Star Base and Template:Minerals to unlock
  • Generally replaces looters after being unlocked in the factory, which later is replaced by the Hoover UFO.
  • It could be considered as a wheeled version of the Looter unit.
  • Quite fast, will inflict small damage to targets
  • It targets resource buildings. After all resource buildings are destroyed, the Raider will attack other things
  • The only looting-specialized unit produced by the factory
  • Raiders and Hoover UFOs share similar tactics
  • Hoover UFOs deal more damage at the cost of decreased health, while Raiders have more health at the cost of less damage.
  • The only unit other than StarlinatorColossus, and Zeppelin that isn't unlocked in the "Training Days" mission series
  • Many people use raiders over the hoover UFO after the flying units activation because the raider is cheaper to both make and upgrade, with very similar results to the Hoover UFO.
  • I personally recommended using raiders when falcons and moles destroying defense.


  • Raiders work well with Moles.  Moles destroy defenses while Raiders loot buildings.  This tactic is preceded by using Flame Throwers and Looters.  After unlocking the Falcon and Hoover UFO, these attack tactics can be replaced by them.
  • Not ideal for bunker use. The low range makes it vulnerable to Bazookas


To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, consult the Laboratory page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon damage
Icon fire rate
Icon speed
Icon range
1 3m Coins5,600 2500 120 1/Sec 1.2 40
2 3m Coins9,400 3100 120 1/Sec 1.2 40
3 3m Coins14,100 3100 160 1/Sec 1.2 40
4 3m Coins16,300 3100 160 1.25/Sec 1.2 40
5 3m Coins23,250 3100 200 1.25/Sec 1.2 40
6 3m Coins34,900 3700 200 1.25/Sec 1.35 40
7 4m Coins40,000 4000 300 1.25/Sec 1.35 40


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