Pinkia is an unused NPC found inside the game files. Through data mining unused Missions it is revealed that she is Firebit's blood-bonded sister. No planet layout or sprites were found for Pinkia (or at least the sprites the GLR Developers managed to crawl), the only sprite we have for her is the picture to the right. It is unknown why she was scrapped although the developer for the original Galaxy Life states that he remembers the Galaxy Life Team disliking Pinkia's design. The unused dialogue was found for her which shows that she strives to be the most beautiful Starling in the whole Galaxy and dislikes Starlings of other colors. 


  • Obsessed with beauty
  • She is Firebit's Sister although it is unknown how, as Starlings come from plants, perhaps Pinkia and Firebit came from the same plant from the Tree of Life.
  • She is the first Pink Starling in Galaxy Life.
  • She would have had her own planet, it would be the same as Firebit's and Sparragon's planet except it would be decorated with pink decorations.
  • Firebit would have granted Pinkia with her own civilization with pink Starlings.
  • She is believed to have worked with Rexiur during missions.

Unused Dialogue

When I'm your queen, I'll make sure your entire planet is the right shade of pink!
  — Pinkia unused dialogue. 

Soldiers! How does this creature that dares look at me? Why doesn't it have pink skin like it should? Do something about it! It makes my eyes hurt!
  — Pinkia unused dialogue. 


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