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The Items are the parts used in Upgrading Buildings Like the Star Base, and many other things!! You can View Your Items From My Stuff Box Located under the Shop, inside Inventory.


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Items Used To How to Get it?? Description
The Helmet Hire a Worker! Collect From Compact Houses for a Chance to get one or buy it for GalaxyChip 20. Dropped once per 72 hours (needs confirmation). Workers need it, 'cause let's face it: we Starlings tend to trip over.
The Tool Case Hire a Worker! Help Friends for a chance to get one or buy it for GalaxyChip 40 [1] You'd be amazed at the number of tools that the Workers store here!
The Mallet Hire a Worker! Destroy a Star Base for a chance to get one or buy it for GalaxyChip 80. [2] All Worker tasks need Mallet. Just watch out when they use it!
The Star Battery Upgrading a Star Base Help Friends for a chance to get one. [3] Its powerful energy comes directly from the mana tree's sap.
The Mana Light Upgrading a Star Base Destroy a Star Base for a chance to get one. No energy is more efficient to run a proper Star Base. Is it really Starling made?
The Mystery Cube Get Free Items Giftable Open it to discover the gift inside! Send one to your friends, they'll love it! It can contain coins, minerals, Zeppelin, Colossus and Starlinator.
Gift friendship stone Buy Workers Received as a gift by graduated appendices. A gratitude symbol that apprentices gift their mentors once graduated from the Academy. Flash version only!
Gift Sphere Upgrading Turrets [4] Destroy Mortars level 2 or higher, for a chance to get it. The source of the power of the sphere is a true mystery but it is certainly strong in our turrets.
The Missile Rain Attack Players by Crafting or Buying it by GalaxyChip 4. A powerful area attack that fills the sky with missiles! Damage about 2500 points to an area.
The Boulder Strike Attack Players by Crafting or Buying it by GalaxyChip 8. A huge rock that will shake the galaxy. Damage about 10,000 points to a single building.


Attack Players

by Crafting or Buying it by GalaxyChip 200.

Wipes out your enemies with a huge boom! Buy it during the battle for a destruction boost! Damage about 4,000,000 points to an area.

Gift spy capsule

Spy Other Players Giftable by Galaxy Life team. Retrieves information from buildings in its influence area plus it detects traps.

Special mercenary

Attack Players Buyable by GalaxyChip 20. Hire these specialists during a battle to teach your enemies a good lesson! 8,500 damage in 4 units with 60,000 health total
Gift trap Defending Base Trade in the Blue trap Collection This explosive device self-destructs on contact. 2,200 damage to a group of enemies on contact.
Gift trap 2 Defending Base Trade in the Flytrap Collection Flying destroyer device. 2,800 damage to a group of enemies when close.
Starlinator Attack Others - Defend Base Trade in the Starlinator Collection The best-trained starlings you'll ever see.
Colossus Attack Others - Defend Base Trade in the Colossus Collection Attacks enemies defense.
Zeppelin Attack Others - Defend Base Trade in the Zeppelin Collection A mighty ship that throws things at the enemies.

Green Beret

Attack Others - Defend Base Trade in the Green Beret Collection Special operations unit. Specialized in reduce to dust the enemy. Unstoppable!
Gift keyjail Open Jail Cage Recived on "Save The Starlings" Mission Chain. This key opens the cages that imprison our Starling friends in Firebit's planet!
Gift worker One Free Worker Giftable by Galaxy Life development team. Use him on the planet you want and the work will pay off! Get this on every colony and the main planet.

  1. You can get it by visiting friends, It will be dropped one time per 24 hours.
  2. Mallets drop rate seems to be once per 6 or 7 starbases destroyed.
  3. You can get one Star Battery The Star Battery by visiting and helping 5-7 neighbors' planets every 12 hours.
    You get a maximum of The Star Battery 2 Star Batteries a day.
  4. Gift Sphere Spheres are required to upgrade Sniper Towers and Cannon Blasts to LvL 11, Missile Launchers and Laser Towers to LvL 6, and Mortars to LvL 5 only. You'll also need to previously upgrade your Star Base to LvL 9. (see this Building Level Unlocks for more info)

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