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"We don't like birds and fairies; we kill anything that flies! And we look cool too, have you seen our massive missile equipment?"
  — in-game description 


  • The Missile Launcher is vulnerable to ground units as it can only attack only air units.
  • The Missile Launchers shoots 2 missiles at once.
  • It's missiles similar to that of a ColossusBazooka and the S-Trikes.
  • It has homing missiles, so it has a lock-on ability for falcons
  • For best results, it is more reliable to put this turret near a Mortar or Cannon Blast so it can be protected from infantry and tanks.
  • Using a Sniper Tower next to a missile launcher isn't one of the preferred positions.
  • You are only allowed to purchase two Missile Launchers per planet.
  • Some people are too afraid to send flying units because of this tower, making it to destroy first or use support and send some flying units.
  • it will not destroy a large squad of Falcons working alone but will seriously damage them, making them vulnerable to Lasers and Snipers
  • A high-level Zeppelin can destroy them with no difficulties, provided it has a close access without other buildings distracting the zeppelin. The zeppelin should always be placed on the bottom of the building preferably on the left side for quickest access.
  • A level 6 missile launcher can level down almost 20 levels 1 Falcon making it the most powerful turret against Falcons or Zeppelins
  • If your Missile Launcher has to protect building do not wait that it has a reach superior of your building because Aircraft have a bad reach and puts itself practically on the building thus your Missile Launcher can take advantage of it.


To see detailed info on how to unlock each level and the total amount of buildings per Base level, visit the Star Base's page.

Building time
Fire rate
Experience given when built
Experience given if destroyed
1 5h Coins153,500
15,000 160 1/s 26x26 Experience440 Experience40
2 1d Coins635,500
22,000 200 1/s 26x26 Experience2,272 Experience207
3 2d Coins1,906,500
30,000 240 1/s 28x28 Experience5,935 Experience553
4 4d Coins3,394,500
33,000 280 1/s 30x30 Experience10,590 Experience977
5 6d Coins7,595,000
36,000 320 1/s 32x32 Experience22,445 Experience2,121
6 8d Coins9,300,000
40,000 420 1/s 34x34 Experience28,859 Experience2,721
Note: Missile Launcher Level 6 requires 1 SphereSphere to be able to upgrade. (Click the icon to get more info)


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