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The Mines are one of the first resource buildings available. It's purpose is to generate minerals over time.


The minerals obtained from mines can be collected by clicking on them; alternatively, the player can click on a silo to automatically collect all of the minerals gained from all mines in the colony.

Minerals collected from the mines can be used to accelerate an upgrade within 5 minutes left, send units to Defense Bunkers, to both unlock and upgrade units, and to travel to other colonies to colonize. Minerals are also required when attacking other players that are not in the same system as the player and to upgrade certain defensive buildings.


To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings, visit the Star Base's page.

Building time
Production per minute
Maximum storage
Maximum collection time
Experience given
Experience given if destroyed
1 8s Coins 120 750 Minerals 6 Minerals 360 1h Experience 1 Experience 1
2 2m 30s Coins 240 1,500 Minerals 11 Minerals 990 1h 30m Experience 1 Experience 1
3 10m Coins 520 2,400 Minerals 20 Minerals 2,700 2h 15m Experience 3 Experience 1
4 30m Coins 1,080 6,000 Minerals 31 Minerals 6,510 3h 30m Experience 8 Experience 1
5 1h Coins 2,260 12,000 Minerals 46 Minerals 13,800 5h Experience 15 Experience 1
6 2h 30m Coins 4,470 24,000 Minerals 62 Minerals 27,900 7h 30m Experience 34 Experience 2
7 6h Coins 9,980 45,000 Minerals 81 Minerals 55,980 11h 30m Experience 78 Experience 4
8 12h Coins 20,940 65,000 Minerals 103 Minerals 105,060 17h Experience 158 Experience 6
9 1d Coins 43,960 105,000 Minerals 128 Minerals 197,760 1d 1h 45m Experience 321 Experience 12
10 1d 12h Coins 92,340 165,000 Minerals 156 Minerals 360,360 1d 14h 30m Experience 550 Experience 25



Sound Name Description
Collect mineral Played when minerals are collected from a Mine.


Galaxy Life (2011 - 2016)
Version Type Description
0.34.5 Fix Fixed an issue causing the missiles to try to impact on mines.
0.84.2 New content Collect all minerals: Click a Silo to collect all the minerals available in all the houses of this planet or colony.
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