Marines Galaxy Life!

Marines Galaxy Life!

Marine Training Video

Marines are the first units you have and use in Galaxy Life and you don't need to activate them.

"We, Marines, have been specially trained to be the strongest right-handed weight lifters. After finishing our training we were branded by our captain and were rewarded with this lethal ultra-heavy laser."
  — in-game description 

Traduzione Italiana
Le marine sono delle unità molto forti se schierate tutte assieme.Se sono ben potenziate tutte insieme possono distruggere rapidamente delle torrette di basso livello,tuttavia per il potenziamento c'è un problema,il mortaio.Anche se tu le potenziassi fino al livello 7 le marine morirebbero subito con un colpo di mortaio.Le marine possono essere molto efficaci se unità con unità come i bazooka perchè se ci sono molte marine e molti bazooka i danni da proiettile e i danni da esplosivo possono distruggere rapidamente molti edifici resistenti e non solo,possono distruggere unità potenti dentro i bunker.Possono essere con molte unità tipo le S-trike,gli Scarabei corazzati,i Colossi,i Falcon e gli Zeppelin.Le marine giocano un ruolo di indebolimento nel senso che possono provocare gravi danni a un edificio o una torretta e poi quando arrivano le unità amiche più forti l'edificio o la torretta potranno essere di strutti più rapidamente.Per potenziare le Marine fino al livello 7 bisognerà vincere il premio alleanza che si potrà ricevere con 450 punti guerra.


  • They are useful for making conclaves and using the infamous swarming tactic, by making as many marines as possible and then swarming an enemy base with them.
  • They are good when swarming a Sniper Tower or Laser Tower, but useless when met with the area of effect turrets and units like Cannon Blast or/and Mortar. Don't expect any level of marine to survive a mortar shot, even a level 7 super Marine would have to be running away from a newly destroyed building to have a hope of surviving...
  • The marines are the cheapest unit available in the game at just 75 coins. This used to be 100 but some users found it hard to gather the 1000 coins required for just 10 marines, thus the game updated. Even when you upgrade them they aren't as expensive as most troops cost at level 1 (with some exceptions), although they are noticeably more powerful.
  • Once you start going against bases with Mortars or Bunkers, these get very useless very fast and are pretty much relegated to cannon-fodder for finding and triggering traps.
  • Marines are very useless when you reach higher levels like 13 or 14, but they make great finishers. After destroying many of the Mortars and Cannon Blasts in the attack, you can deploy a swarm of these to finish the job if you haven't destroyed the enemy's starbase.
  • Note that a Super Marine wields the blaster weapon with its left hand, instead of the right. (mentioned in the description)
  • These are recommended over the Wasp, as they're much cheaper and do more damage in a short time
  • A swarm of Marines at higher levels are a quick and reliable way to loot bases
  • A level 7 Marine survives 3-4 beams of a level 1 Laser Tower, making it tougher than level 1-6
  • They are useful in the alliance wars to attack level 15-25 players! if the enemy got a Level 4 Starbase a  swarm like 70-100 of this shall really damage the base!
  • they are the greatest unit to destroy low-protected warp gates and attacking stuff!

♠They are Infantry Version Of Wasp.



To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, visit Troop Level Unlocks
on Laboratory's Page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon damage
Icon damage type
Icon fire rate
Icon target
Icon unit target
Icon speed
Icon range
Icon size
1 6s Coins 75 200 50 Single Shot 1/Sec Anything Ground 0.75 120 10
2 6s Coins 150 200 55 Single Shot 1/Sec Anything Ground 0.75 120 10
3 6s Coins 200 250 55 Single Shot 1/Sec Anything Ground 0.75 120 10
4 6s Coins 250 250 60 Single Shot 1/Sec Anything Ground 0.75 120 10
5 6s Coins 300 300 60 Single Shot 1/Sec Anything Ground 0.75 120 10
6 6s Coins 400 300 60 Single Shot 1/Sec Anything Ground 0.9 120 10
7 6s Coins 2200 750 100 Single Shot 1/Sec Anything Ground 0.9 120 10


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