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Luck Norris is always listening, He is always in the know, and he is always watching. Thanks to him hackers are now nothing but a bad dream in the past. Whereby if Luck Norris catches you cheating; then you'll get his wrath! Luck Norris was also given a new look.

"Cheating activity goes against our rules and gaming standards, it is under constant persecution and players caught involved in such activities will be severely punished"

The method of reporting a hacker

Want to report a hacker? Please go to THIS forum, and make a new thread with the hacker's details. You MUST include the hacker's name and the reason for reporting him, a proof will be appreciated to help the process be faster, the moderators of the game will properly investigate and see if Luck bans him.

Consider that the process to verify that they are cheaters, moderators need time to confirm hackers, so don't worry if you don't see them banned in the immediate time after the report. (Amount of time varies)

Galaxy Life Wiki strongly condemns cheating. Support us and Luck Norris by sending reports to the Galaxy Life Reborn Discord each time you find a hacker! 


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