We don't need a weapon because we are the weapon. A picture's worth a thousand words!
  — In-game description. 

The Kamikaze is an infantry unit capable of dealing huge amounts of damage instantly at the cost of dying.


The Kamikazes are units that, upon spawn, will run directly towards walls to try to destroy them. If no walls are nearby them, their second option will be targeting a defensive building such as turrets and bunkers. If none of these are present in the base, they will attack the closest building available.

At level 1 to 3, they can instantly destroy level-1 walls. From level 4 and above, they can also destroy level-2 walls with only 1 Kamikaze being deployed. Level-3 walls and above will require multiple Kamikazes in order to be destroyed, no matter the unit's level. They can also be very effective at destroying bunkers if there are no walls nearby it.

These troops can be specially useful if the player is attacking a base which is fully surrounded by walls, and needs to destroy them to get their other units inside (such as S-Trikes and Starlinators). Because of this, it's recommended to not use them alone but, instead, with offensive backup to successfully attack an enemy base.

When used defensively, they can easily take down big groups of small units such as Marines, Looters, Flamethrowers and Bazookas.


Text To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, consult the Laboratory page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon damage
Icon accelerate
Icon speed
Icon range
1 9m 10s Coins 1,550 600 2000 1/Sec 1.35 50
2 Coins 4,650 900
3 Coins 9,300 1200
4 Coins 13,950 2500
5 Coins18,600 1500 3700
6 Coins 24,800 4500 1.5
7 Coins 37,200 2,000 5,500



Kamikaze Galaxy Life!

Kamikaze Galaxy Life!

Kamikaze training video.


  • The Kamikazes are the fastest infantry unit.
  • They are also the infantry unit with most base damage.
    • At maximum level, they can be the trainable unit with the highest single-hit damage.

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