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"Unidentified Flying Object! We gathered a bunch of materials and created this powerful tool. It will suck all your treasures in a flash!" High speed floating air unit. Specialized in looting resource buildings .
  — in-game description 


  • Air version of Looters and Raiders
  • It will loot all the resources of the base before destroying other buildings.
  • Firebit uses Hoover UFOs in the introduction to capture Starlings. This is impossible in actual gameplay.
  • Good if used with Falcons. When the Falcons destroy Missile launchers, Sniper towers and Units from Bunkers that target Air units/Air and Ground units, you spam in UFOs  for big loot. Colossi/Zeppelins are recommended to help the attack finished faster if the Towers or Units are  a high level.
  • This could be activated when you have Star base Level 4 and Spending 1 M,488 K(1,488,000 minerals)Minerals.
  • This costs 2 D(Days) and 2 H(Hours)/50 hours to complete the Hoover UFO's Activation.
  • Many players prefer Raiders over Hoover UFOs, as they are cheaper to build and upgrade, have more health, and have similar results.
  • they attack military buildings , ground units and turrets when all resources are destroyed.


  • Easily destroyed by Missile Launchers--avoid them at all costs! Use ground units like S-trikes to destroy them.
  • Easily comes into the range of Defense Bunkers and Friends Bunkers due to point-blank range.
  • Best when resources are only protected by ground-only turrets.
  • Do not upgrade these past level 2. At level 3 onward it is 100% impossible for them to make back their production cost from raiding which means they defeat their own natural purpose of cheaply raiding resources, and they are practically non-functional as a combat unit no matter what level they are upgraded to.
  • Defensive backup from Other units is Recommended because Hoover UFOs cannot target Towers and Units until all of the Resource buildings are destroyed and they will start forcing other buildings to be sucked in and crack



To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, visit Troop Level Unlocks
on Laboratory's Page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon damage
Icon damage type
Icon fire rate
Icon target
Icon unit target
Icon speed
Icon range
Icon size
1 4m Coins 21,700 1500 150 Single Shot 1/Sec Resources Ground 1 60 30
2 4m Coins 41,850 1800 150 Single Shot 1/Sec Resources Ground 1 60 30
3 4m Coins 62,950 1800 150 Single Shot 1/Sec Resources Ground 1.2 60 30
4 4m Coins 86,800 1800 200 Single Shot 1/Sec Resources Ground 1.2 60 30
5 4m Coins 111,600 1800 200 Single Shot 1/Sec Resources Ground 1.4 60 30
6 4m Coins 148,800 2250 200 Single Shot 1/Sec Resources Ground 1.4 60 30



  • Improved Hoover UFO unlock and its upgrade time.
  • now they have a other appearance than before.

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