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Galaxy Life - Halloween 2012 Teaser

Galaxy Life - Halloween 2012 Teaser

Halloween 2012 Teaser Video

Galaxy Life Halloween 2012 Trailer (unfiltered version)

Galaxy Life Halloween 2012 Trailer (unfiltered version)

Halloween 2012 Trailer Video

The Halloween Event is an special Galaxy Life Facebook event that started on Thursday October 25th of 2012, and lasted for 10 days until the 4th of November. It consists of a determined number of attack waves, that you must repel to obtain "The Relic" from the evil Halloween Spirit after a certain number of units are fought, or after a certain amount of time (10 days).

It is now back for 2013 and is the same storyline really except for some minor details being taken away. The Halloween units are now stronger for players of a higher level instead of being the same for everybody.

In 2014, the event started on October 23,2014 and lasted for 15 Days.

Halloween Event1

Story / Unlock Mission

Halloween Event's Story
  • A strange asteroid is about to crash!
  • The malevolent spirit appears!
  • The Good spirit introduce himself.
  • The good Halloween spirit,
    gives you some special items to resist the attacks.
  • Preparation for the first incoming wave!
  • Your repealed the wave, and won some free items!
  • You repelled all the attack waves, and the Evil Spirit desist!
  • Congratulations! You beat all the waves and won The Relic!

Facts & Tips

The Good Spirt of Halloween

The Good Halloween Spirit

The Evil Spirt of Halloween

The Evil Halloween Spirit

The Relic

The Relic


  • The enemies don't seem like someone you'd want to talk to. As shown in the picture, it will most likely be a starling of an undead nature.
  • They are commanded and led by the Evil Halloween Spirit.
  • You're helped by a "Good" Halloween spirit (or shaman, if you will).
  • The event lasts for 10 days, with waves of attacks strewn every 8-12 hours depending on your player level.
  • You can delay the attack once per wave for 5 minutes. There will be no more delay after the initial 5 minutes, but it will be back on the next wave.
  • The attacking waves get larger on every attack wave.
  • The explosive pumpkin has enough power to destroy any unit on the battlefield, including your own.
  • Missile turrets, alongside units in bunkers, are the only defense against the Demons.
  • If you defeat the maximum required of 750 units, you'll get a reward of: 100 skeletons, 75 zombies, 25 demons, 50 Jasons, and all the extra items you obtained from the the Chaman, since the beginning and for repelling waves.
  • You can only get 1 holy potion from the friendly Halloween spirit for free, subsequential ones will cost Galaxy chips to purchase. See Special Items table below.
  • You can buy new Halloween units for galaxy chips see Zombies table. You can only buy these units if you have completed the event.
  • if the Halloween spirit attacks you it shows his name (esoh) in the upper screen.
  • On the Halloween 2014, you'll get 4 unknown rewards if you kill many undead.
  • On Halloween 2014, you need to kill 250 undead every question mark.
  • The first question mark is Skeletons, then Zombies, then Jason and the last is the Demons.
  • If you finished a question mark, you'll get nothing, but you'll get the reward after the event.
  • On Halloween 2014, special decorations were given.


  • There are rumors that after this event, alliance chat will be implemented into the game.
  • The first wave consists of creatures hinted in the new loading screen, e.g. Zombies, Skeletons, Jasons (starlings with hockey masks and chainsaws) and flying Demons that somewhat resemble starlings.
  • Be careful, as Zombies spit acid, and the Jason unit deals high Damage.
  • The best defense against the attacks are bunkers full of Colossus or Bazookas but Falcons can also be a decent substitute.
  • A zeppelin may be a good idea to put in one of your bunkers, but beware, units in large group with easily focus it down.
  • The best turret against the attacks are Mortars even though they cannot attack the Flying Demons.
  • Place lasers on the border of your base, they are the best turret against the monsters after the mortar!
  • The Zombies' acid attack can be dangerous for units in bunkers, so watch out for these.
  • Don't underestimate these monsters. The waves grow larger every attack, to the point where Defense Bunker get destroyed and Colossus die in combat.
  • Build traps all around your base, it can be helpful to destroy the waves of zombies!
  • Any unit at high numbers destroy turrets in a matter of seconds, the best defense against them are bunkers full of Colossi, S-trike, or Falcons
  • Aircraft are the best units to place in bunkers because these monsters can't attack flying units
  • Delay is best for who got a destroyed base, leaving you only 5 Minutes to repair, so, put units in the bunker, or rebuild.
  • The skeletons lower their waves, while Jason and Flying Demon increase their waves, Zombies will be lowered numbers in other waves
  • During 2 days to the end of the event, The waves lowered by 11/10/9/8/7 hours, so prepare this waves!
  • The people who finished the event will get more reward and nothing to do again on the event, and also they can buy Undead units by chips.
  • Falcons, S-trike are one of the best here, as they move faster, and hard to hit, Falcon can only be hit by Flying Demons, while S-trike is being attacked by Skeletons, Zombies, and Jasons.
  • S-trike can dodge the range attack from zombies
  • There be maybe a bug or glitch will happen to you when you put flying units and the Defense Bunker is destroyed and they're still fighting,after it, you view your bunker and they're still there, if you do attacks,refresh/reload,visit planets and others, it will be lost.

Zombies & Special Items

To see the names of each item, just put your mouse cursor on top of each image thumbnail.

Each type of undead have a target preference at first, Zombies and The Flying Demons attack anything, Skeletons and chainsaws take Defences. 

  • Troops that have died will be summoned and revived by the evil spirit, so Zombies and Skeletons comes from Infantry, Jason comes from Vehicles (needs confirmation), and The Flying Demons are Aircraft.
  • Zombies are the only ranged unit (spit acid), while the rest of the 3 evil creatures are melee.
  • Jason does not appear as undead here, but it's still controlled by the evil spirit to destroy your base and smash it to pieces!
  • Flying demons don't have visible legs and feet on the opening screen, but are shown when attacking
  • Those people that doesn't finish the event will be given 100 Skeletons.
  • Emissary Of Evil- Health 25000 Damage 3200 Target Defense

Name Description Statistics Attacks Chips Price
Zombie Starlings killed in a battle are back and they don't like you! Strong, but fortunatly slow enemy. Icon health 9000
Icon damage 1500

75 for:

1 for 5 chips

Skeleton Ancient Starlings has woken up! and they are angry! Harmless alone, dreadful as a horde. Icon health 1800
Icon damage 290
Defensive Buildings

100 for:

1 for 1 chips

Jason Deserted in the battlefields, this former war fodder has gotten mental at the asylum. Crazy, fast, strong and armed with a chainsaw! Icon health 12000
Icon damage 3500
Defensive Buildings

50 for:

1 for 7 chips

Flying Demon Flying fallen angels from the underworld. Born to kill. Strong and fast unit. Cover up your air space. Icon health 17000
Icon damage 2000

25 for:

1 for 9 chips

There are items that can help you defeat the waves of undead, which are obtainable by successfully repelling waves, or purchasing them with Galaxy Chips.

  • The extensive items are the "Arcane seal," "Explosive Pumpkin," and "Holy Potion".
  • The pumpkin and Arcane Seal has no effect on normal units, but the Holy Potion still functions after the event
Special Items
Name Description Used For Chips Price

Explosive Pumpkin

Sprinkled with Tree of Life sap, it grows so fast that it explode! Bonus: Shrapnels are eatable! Enough to kill most of the evils. GalaxyChip3

Arcane Seal

Like a dreamcatcher, but for your living nightmare! Very efficient against skeletons and zombies. GalaxyChip2

Holy Potion

Because faith will guide your bullet to their head! Turrets damage: +50%. Will last 7 hours after use. GalaxyChip7
The Relic With this relic, the evil spirit of Halloween controls the underworld army! Evil creatures will blindly follow you into battle! After the event the Relic will allow you to use a certain amount of monsters as units when attacking. It will only reward you undead units if you got 750 Relics. See Update 0.65.8 you can't buy it


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