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Starling Happy New.png Galaxy Life is a social game developed by Ubisoft which has been relaunched by The Galaxy Life Reborn Team, please note that Galaxy Life Reborn is not affiliated with Ubisoft. It is a real time strategy game where you gather two resources: minerals and gold. You start only with one planet, from which you can rebuild the mighty Starling Empire once again. But beware, the other players have the same goals as you.

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Scientist-Border.png The following section shows all the aspects of the game regarding gameplay, buildings, troops, items and resources of the Starling Universe; and also, all the aspects linked to the game environments, objectives, and subjects. You will find this same info on the top navigation bar.


Main Star Base 5.pngLaboratory 3.pngObservatory 3.pngAcademy.png
Resource Compact House 4.pngMine 4.pngBank 3.pngSilo 3.pngRefinery 001 02 ready.png
Military Training Camp 3.pngFactory 3.pngStarPort 3.pngWarp Gate 3.png
Defensive Cannon Blast.pngSniper Tower.pngMissile Launcher.pngLaser Tower.pngMortar.pngFreeze turret.png
Friends Bunker.pngBunker 3.pngWalls Group.pngTraps Group.png
Decoration SwingWellGlutton PlantTreadmillHorsieDolmenStarbloomsSkull Temple


Infantry Marine.pngLooter.pngFlamethrower.pngBazooka.pngKamikaze.pngStarlinator.pngMercs secret.pngGreen Beret.png
Vehicles Beetle Tank.pngStrike 1.pngRaider.pngThe Mole.pngColossus.png
Aircrafts WASP.pngHoover Ufo.pngMender.pngFalcon.pngZeppelin.png
Event Shop fire 001 tooltip.pngShop thunder 001 tooltip.pngShop rock 001 tooltip.pngShop tornado 001 tooltip.png



Starlings Starling Citizens Resources CoinsMineralsGalaxy ChipsExperienceWar Points
Characters ElderbySparragonFirebitRepticeCounselor MobiusMajor WorChubiThe Dark OneOopsiesLuck Norris Items My StuffCollectionsCraftingOther Battle Support Items
Galaxy SystemsColony 4.pngPlants Miscellaneous Worker.pngGeneralwor.pngFlag alliance.png
Rival battles.pngDoomsday logo.pngFree gifts.png


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Welcome to Galaxy Life Wiki!
  • Galaxy Life version v0.86.1
    (08-07-2013) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! Now you'll compete against less players in future contests, tweaked several popups, fixed the new few known security issues and more!


• In future contests players will be separated into several smaller groups, so will be easier to win one of them! The main planet Star Base level is the main key chosed to group players.
• A lot of popups have been migrated to the new popup system that will use the future HUD.


• Fixed an issue that caused some alliances to have 2 or more generals so there shouldn't be new cases.
• Patched a security hole that allowed some players to attack any player or colony not protected by shield without having their coordinates.
• Patched a security hole that allowed some players to modify alliance request notifications in order to include these users in another alliances.
• Friend to whom game invite request is sent and who has not yet installed the game was not listed under 'Pending' tab.
• Fixed an issue that increased the price of releasing a worker that was on his way to recycle a building.

P.S.: If your alliance still has 2 or more generals please contact us by Premium Support or by submitting a ticket to Customer Support here.

  • Galaxy Life version v0.84.2
    (07-03-2013) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

HERE IS THE 'COLLECT ALL' GAME UPDATE! As some of you suggested, now you can collect all the minerals and coins of your planetes with a single click at your Silo or Bank! And there are new Premium Shop packs available, including Doomsday and Halloween ones! Yeah!


• Collect all coins : Click a Bank to collect all the coins available in all the houses of this planet or colony.
• Collect all minerals : Click a Silo to collect all the minerals available in all the houses of this planet or colony.
• New Premium Shop Special item : Military pack. Includes 4 traps, 3 turret power ups and 8 units.
• New Premium Shop Special item : Horror pack. Includes 8 Halloween traps, 2 turret power ups and 21 Halloween units.
• New Premium Shop Special item : Horror pack. Includes 38 Doomsday traps, 3 turret power ups and 12 Doomsday Golem units.


• Faster loading
• New style for the ‘mission progress’ pop up.
• Improved the story mission where you have to fight Reptice to unlock the Freeze Tower turret.
• New SMS mobile payment system.
• Star Base premium upgrades now are easier.


• Now when you deploy only 1 Falcon unit it finds a target.

  • Galaxy Life version v0.81
    (06-13-2013) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)


• Premium shop : two new items for the defenses tab!


• Fixed an issue where the visit news-feed shared was not displayed.
• Fixed an issue where the popup warning that states that there are some crafting pending is shown when the user clicks on "other target" button during quick attack.
• Fixed the locking of a target user on quick attack when having a special attack pending to craft.
• Fixed an issue with the tutorial comic in Polish.

  • Galaxy Life version v0.80.6
    (05-30-2013) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

A magic game update is here! Defensive power-up, cheaper Special Attacks and Special Units, new missions, improved attack user interface and more! What is your favorite one?

New features and content

• Premium shop : an improved version of the Colony Shield shop that also features a defensive power-up, packs of special attacks, packs of special units and Alliance Medals (and more to be added in future updates).
• New 'Turrets Damage Boost' defensive power up : Increase the damage of your turrets during 6 hours.
• New Attack button : merges the old Quick Attack and Target Spotter functionalities.

Added new missions.


• Improved missions flow, changing the dependency between them.
• Alliance War opponents now have top priority in 'Quick Attack / Target Spotter / Attack button' enemy search results, because they used to be the favorite targets.
• Improved the main HUD user experience by swapping button placement of the 'Attack' and the 'planet / colony navigation' buttons.
• Tweaked the in-game contest engine to allow new types and improve its user interface.

Bug fixes / Exploit fixes

• Invite friends buttons are no longer disabled by connection timeout.
• Tweaked Rival Battle criteria when choosing your enemy to avoid the chances of having an exploit.

P.S.: During some minutes just after the update some of you won't find targets because the target database had to be reset and upgraded to the new system. So we suggest to use the 'Battle Log' or the Alliances popup in this case during these minutes.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.79.3
    (04-26-2013) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

The Starlings are really happy because we found a new way to improve our defenses, specially during Alliance Wars and against Special Attacks! Chubi and his workers were working on it, but then appeared the Enterprise spaceship out from nowhere to help us!


• New Star Trek The Next Generation feature : Star Shields.
• New Star Trek The Next Generation decoration : Starfleet insignia.
• New Star Trek The Next Generation decoration : Teleporter.
• New Star Trek The Next Generation decoration : Enterprise bridge.
• New Star Trek The Next Generation loading screen.
• New game icon.
• Star Trek The Next Generation items for Starlingizer (to be released later this week).
• Improved the performance of the dome shown when the user mouses over a turret or a bunker.
• Other minor and internal improvements and tweaks.


• Fixed and issue sending cubes for Spil.
• Fixed an exploit related to how the scoring percentage was calculated for Rival Battles. Now it's calculated in another way.
• Other minor and internal fixes.

Check all the details of the Star Trek The Next Generation items here : [LINK REMOVED]

  • Galaxy Life version 0.78.8
    (04-26-2013) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

YAHOO! We are releasing Galaxy Life in an additional (and secret) games platform, improved the game performance and separated the alliances into 2 groups to avoid some exploits and annoying issues!


• Alliance groups : Now the ones with less than 5 members can't fight with the ones with 5 or more members.
• The browser version of Galaxy Life is being released on an additional games platform.
• Performance optimized tweaking the dome of the bunkers and turrets.
• Loading times improved.
• The pathfinding for the visual representation of the unit attacks has been tweaked.
• Luck Norris sent his best wishes to some cheaters who still were in the Alliance Ranking, now it's almost 100% clean.
• Other minor and internal improvements and tweaks.

Bug fixes

• isual representation of the in-game contest goals now is shown properly when there are less than 3 contest goals to show.
• Other minor and internal fixes.

Extra fixes added May 2nd (v0.78.9)

• Fixed an issue related to the targeting of the turrets that we introduce in the v0.78.8 update which made them to focus more into infantry units under certain conditions. We reverted the change so it should works as it did in the past.
• Blocked a Rival Battles exploit : now you'll need to have at least player level 10 and a level 4 Star Base in the planet or colony from where you attack to join a Rival Battle. And you must fight against a big number of other players before being able to fight again the same player in Rival Battles.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.77.4
    (02-28-2013) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

EASTER EVENT IS FINALLY HERE! Compete against the other players to see who can find more galactic Easter Eggs during this week to earn A LOT OF FREE GREEN BERET UNITS! Check also the new Battle Log that also displays the deployed units! YEAH!


• Easter event, that includes our first in-game contests. Check all the details here : [LINK REMOVED]
• Units usage added to the Battle Log.
• When player wins an Alliance Medal he can now share this information within his : • Facebook Alliance Group.
• Added new decorations : Mana well, Glutton plant, Starblooms and Dolmen decorations.
• Removed some decorations : Ancestor, Focus God and Elastic bed.
• Extra security check to avoid an extremely rare case of users losing their progress.
• Quick Attack: In order to prevent rare cases where can't be found a good target to attack using this mode, the target found can be auto-repaired if it was destroyed in more than a 50%.
• Other minor and internal improvements and tweaks.

Bug fixes

• Fixed a crash that happened instead of showing a popup when a user starting playing the game because he had been invested in by a friend finished the tutorial.
• Fixed an issue making the user loose a power-up when he changed of colony.
• Other minor and internal improvements and tweaks.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.76.12
    (02-25-2013) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

We have a new game update, this time with new cool stuff! A lof of you asked for a new unit, others asked for a new special attack. Green Berets are both, and you won't need to train them!

In addition to this, now the alliances will have an automatically created Facebook Group which will help you to coordinate better your strategies with the other alliance members in an easier way! The update also fixes some exploits that annoyed some players.

Thanks for your patience and support. Hope you like the new version!


• New special attack unit : Green Beret. Check all the details about it here.
• Now all alliances have their own Facebook user group.
• Friends tab tweaked : now uses radio buttons.
• Tweaked alliance menus.
• Added tooltip in the payment popup to explain the free items when available.
• Other minor or internal improvements and tweaks.


• Tweaked both some items drop probability for Special Attacks and wishlist actions to avoid exploits, specially when using duplied/fake user accounts.
• Helping friends actions fixed: Only one help for building, person and day. Now each help discounts a portion of the remaining time.
• Other minor or internal fixes.
• All planets and colonies are automatically repaired :
-At the start of a new Alliance War
-8 hours after the first attack received inside an Alliance War
-16 hours after the 2nd attack received inside an Alliance War
-32 hours after the 3rd attack received inside an Alliance War


During months, a lot of you asked for a new type of unit, or a new special attack, and finally it's here a special mixture of both! They are the Green Beret, elite special ops troops specialized on direct action and forming local squads and guerrilla warfare. You already met one of them, Major Wor!

• You don't need to train them like normal units, they are crafted instead. So like with other collections you'll be encouraged to help friends, destroy specific buildings etc. This time one of these collectable pieces needed for the crafting will require a very small amount of chips.
• They are somewhere between the normal units and the mercenary Smasher Squad. They attack everything, like a Starlinator on steroids.
• Rumors say that in addition to this, somewhere in the future weeks or months after their landing on Earthling colonies, they also will lead squads, similar to the Smasher ones but using normal local units instead of mercenary aliens as support troops.

Hope you like it!


When joining or creating an alliance you create automatically a Facebook Game Group. The alliance members who leave the alliance will automatically leave this Facebook Group too. Once the alliance is totally empty, both the alliance and the Facebook Group are removed.

• This adds a certain version of the alliance chat some of you asked for and will be really useful to a lot of you, but it isn't our final version. We still continue planning to add in-game chat (inside the game).
• To click on a button on the alliance dashboard let you access directly to you Facebook Game Group Page in a new popup.

NOTE : Right now these FB groups and their buttons will need some time to be activated, so please be patient.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.75.6
    (02-25-2013) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hey Earthlings, the Rival Battles are finally here! Earn chips proving that you're the best defending and attacking against another player with a single attack!


• Added pagination on friends tab in social wall
• Added filter on friends tab on social wall
• To deploy a Smasher Squad when attacking now plays a new music: THE BEST THEME EVER!
• New feature : Rival Battles.

Bug fixes

• Fixed a bug related with the alliance ranking on the Alliance Leaderboards

Notes about Rival Battles

• In this new feature you attack other Earthling at the same time that he's attacking you with a single attack, and both players bet chips to see who is going to destroy a bigger portion of the planet/colony, or faster if they are draw. They doesn't have replays.
• The feature is still under testing : it still isn't enabled to everybody, and there are different versions of them working for different portions of users.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.73.8
    (01-31-2013) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)


• Maximum daily amount of online shield increased from 6 hours to 8 hours.
• New HUD notification for when you're running out of daily online shield.
• If play during the rest of the day once your online shield is over you can be attacked, and once this happen the popup shown asking you to restart the game has been customized to explain it better. In the previous version it was a standard error popup.
• Internal antireloader / antirefresher old protection system removed, now you can reload frequently a lot of times without being detected as antireloader / antirefresher.
• Added loot information in the Target Spotter's quick attack.
• Added tooltips in the upgrade popups to show more information in the first screen.
• Added a mini game in the loading screen that appears when you can't play the game (because we're uploading a new game update, etc). You'll love it
• Other internal and minor improvements and tweaks.


•Security improvements to patch and detect additional cheats.
•Other internal and minor fixes.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.72.12
    (01-18-2013) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)


• New laboratory : Easier to check the state of your units, the ones to unlock and their different levels.
• New laboratory : Now you can instant upgrade more than 1 level with a single click if you meet the conditions.
• Quick attacks : Target spotter challenges you to attack unknown players, without allowing you to spy their planet before.
• Now you won't be able to leave an alliance during an alliance war.
• Game tutorial tweak.
• The Smasher Squad loading screen is back.
• Attacking Reptice doesn't require minerals anymore.


• Security improvements related to block the change of blast radius with cheats.
• To recycle certain level 11 turrets caused an error message under some circumstances.
• Some player info shown in Target Spotter wasn't correct under some circumstances.
• There was a color issue when an alliance tab was selected.
• Fixed an issue when cancelling the colonization of a planet in the last moment.
• Mistery gift now has the proper description in the social wall menu.
• Friend popup alignment is now correct.
• Big blue button in instant unlock unit popup said "start upgrading" instead of "start activating".
• Amount of minerals was increased while attacking other users under some circumstances.
• IE8 : Now you can share a wall post in the application properly.
• IE8 : Now it loads game header and footer properly.
• IE8 : Now the payment works properly, it had issues under some circumstances.
• IE8 : Invite page didn't load and browser security warnings were observed under some circumstances.
• Invite dialog after tutorial didn't close properly
• Some obstacles in white planets weren't able to be selected properly under some circumstances.
• Date and times are now translated
• Text display issues fixed for TR, JP, ZH, RU, ZT, KO languages.
• Fixed some popup overlapping.
• Fixed a bug with a text of the button in the popup that appears when you're being attacked.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.71
    (12-19-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! Few small but key changes to our favorite Galaxy!


• Added target spotter in the head up display.
• Game performance greatly improved in Firefox, Flash integration.
• "Coming soon" is not shown in training buildings anymore.


• Wrong alliances logo on the war bar.
• The 'An ion storm...' popup message wasn't clear enough.
• Doen't increment two times the amount of an item in the inventory star.
• Doomsday - Wind Golem didn't make damage.
• Spil user validation - Now it's not possible to start a session faking the user account.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.70.9
    (12-11-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! The Doomsday is almost here, and the Gods have been really busy tweaking the last changes. Earthlings, are you ready?


• New Doomsday themed main planet background animation.
• New Doomsday themed main loading screen.
• New Maudau promo box is shown when the game is idle.
• Doomsday content and features locked until the countdown is over.

The Doomsday event will start this 12/12/12!

• Improved version of the waves system shown in the Halloween event.
• 4 new enemies : Thunder Golem, Rock Golem, Fire Golem, Tornado Golem.
• New weapons to stop these Golems (to be announced).
• A new reward for the end of the event (to be announced).
• Internal and minor additions and tweaks.


• Now when a frozen unit is killed its animation is shown at its normal rate.
• Resources stolen are painted at the same time
• Incorrect notification was displayed after using "Trade in" option of "Blue trap/Fly Trap".
• Zero cash was displayed when trying to place "Blue trap/Fly Trap" during lack of workers and resources.
• Several internal and minor fixes.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.69.8
    (12-05-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! As many of you asked for, we tweaked the deployment of items like walls or traps, improved the battle performance, added a new upgrade for Colossus and S-Trike, fixed the 'show more gifts' button or the 'alliances in war' filter and more!


• Colossus and S-Trike now have a new upgrade, being unlockable only as an alliance reward.
• Now you can deploy several items like traps or walls in a row without needing to visit the shop/inventory again after deploying the first one. Their cost is still the same.
• Game performance in battle has been improved.
• Opengraph actions published in a player's wall when he clicks on 'Share'.
• Changed "Ion storm" popup, now shows a fullscreen image with a more clear message on it.
• Security improvements to block some hacks.
• Improvements of the waves system for the upcoming Doomsday event.
• New additional offer targeted to a certain kind of player.
• Miniature icon in the tooltip of the items has been removed.
• Other minor and internal improvements and tweaks.

Bug fixes

• 'Not In War' feature listed alliances which had their shield enabled.
• The "Show more gifts" button didn't work under certain conditions.
• News feed about passing a friend names points to another player wasn't working properly.
• Some buildings that weren't destroyed by a nuke but were close to it stopped to be drawn under certain conditions.
• Alliance requests were able to be sent to members of other alliances under certain conditions.
• The user was able to drop units or special attacks even after the battle was considered ended under certain conditions.
• The star base alliance flags animation was painted twice under certain conditions.
• Other minor and internal fixes.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.68.15
    (11-21-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW EPIC UPDATE! Do you want to burn minerals? If yes upgrade all your the Star Bases and turrets in all your planets to the just increased maximum levels! Now the mystery cubes will include more coins to help you during Alliance wars, and there are GREAT CHIP OFFERS!


• Star Base now can be upgraded up to Level 9.
• Mortar and defensive turrets now can be upgraded up to level 11.
• Number of mystery cubes that include coins has been increased, and the number of them that include minerals have been decreased.
• New chips shop with special offers limited to this weekend : 50% off discount on chips, with game items included as gift for the purchase.
• Player name font tweaked in the Friends tab.
• Minor crafting collectible items rate tweaks.
• Internal minor tweaks and additions.
• Doomsday countdown!!!

Bug fixes

• Improved the indication of whether a player in the Battle Log can be attacked or not (green or red border around the photo). Now it will take levels, revenges and alliances into account better.
• Strange looking Battle Log player image in cases where there isn't a Facebook avatar available.
• Other minor fixes.


Level 9 Star base requires : To have 7 planets 121M coins 15 Star Batteries 8 Mana Lights

or to pay 1122 chips for instant upgrade.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.67.14
    (11-16-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! We improved the performance when attacking, updated faster your player score in alliance wars and tweaked some things more!


• General performance improved when attacking.
• Trap and flying trap are a bit easier to find.
• Internal additional anti-cheat security.
• Optimized the 'instant training' flow to make it faster : Now it shows the total time and 'pay button' with its cost. When pressed, if the units fit in warp gates it pays directly and units are instant trained. If not, a popup shows how many units are possible to be instant trained and their cost.
• Instant training for units is a bit more expensive when time is up from 421 minutes.
• Added level of the units in the info popup in the training buildings.
• Special attacks now are locked during tutorial.
• New style applied to the Friends tab.
• Additional minor and internal improvements and tweaks.

Bug fixes

• Alliance player score are now updated more frequently.
• Units deployed on a friend's bunker moved to warp gates or out of the screen under certain circumstances.
• Fixed an issue that increased the counter of already bought planets of a star in the galaxy view even if the planet moved to that star was already allocated in that star.
• The video ad icon is now shown correctly, and we hide it during battles and tutorial.
• Several fixes related to the waves system.
• Internal and minor fixes.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.66.11
    (11-09-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

We just uploaded a minor ninja update to tweak a couple of things and basically fix some few issues, including the 1% one:

Changes and improvements

• Nuke crafting: One of its items now it's easier to find.
• Halloween loading screen disabled.
• Boulder strike crafting: more difficult and more expensive, to make it proportional to the increase of price and damage that it received in the last game update

Bug fixes

• Fixed bug about the percentage of coins and minerals that we give in a mystery cube from 1% to 1.5%
• Chips images in the 'buy chips' popup wasn't shown correctly in mobile payment.
• The enemy flag in alliances war page wasn't shown properly.
• Fixed an issue that caused a crash when a battle where the user dropped some units from the inventory was over.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.66.6
    (10-31-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)


• There will be special offers for the Halloween items during the last days of the event.
• Now you'll be able to buy Halloween monster units once you finished the event.
• Boulder Strike improved : now is more expensive (8 chips instead of 4) but does a bit more than the double of damage.
• Missile Rain improved : now its area of effect is XX% bigger, its price is the same.
• New chips store enabled for all users.
• Maximum number of free spy capsules reduced to 15.
• Performance improvements when visiting planets of other players.
• Mistery gifts now don't include special attacks, it's more rare to get a unit from them and their amount of coins and minerals have been reduced.


• Reviewed the disabled version of the 'attack' button when attacking: (alliances, level, units, conlony shield, % damage, etc)
• The text " x to instant upgrade" in activate unit popup has been changed to "x to instant activate"
• The Academy building and the Alliance Council Starlings are not be allowed to be clicked during a NPC/wave attack.
• Fixed an issue which caused a crash when the Battle Replay info was empty.
• Video advertisement icon (limited to certain users) was not visible in a battle.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.65.8
    (10-25-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW EPIC GAME UPDATE! The Halloween Event is here, and it will bring us a lot of new awesome things! Enjoy them!

EXCLUSIVE features and content for the Halloween event ONLY

• Intro and story popups
• Waves of monsters will attack you periodically every certain amount of hours (between 8 and 12 hours depending on your level) during 10 days.
• 4 new monsters will attack you in these waves: Zombie Starling, Skeleton Starling, Demon Starling, Jason.
• You'll be able to delay each week just ONCE.
• New defensive weapon : Arcane Seal, a special trap to kill Halloween monsters. Starlings don't activate them.
• New defensive weapon : Explosive Pumpkin, like the Arcane Seal but more powerful.
• New defensive power-up : Holy potion, increases in a 50% the damage done by your turrets.
• Halloween event reward : After the event the Relic will allow you to use a certain amount of monsters as units when attacking. The amount will depend on your success in the event.


• Now the inventory can store a maximum of 50 Mystery Boxes instead of 10.
• Leaderboards visually improved.
• Facebook notifications now are localized to the language of the receiver.
• Now you'll get a Facebook notification when a new friend install the game.
• Other minor and internal improvements.


• The amount of coins and minerals looted during alliance wars now aren't shown as 0 in the Battle log.
• Other minor and internal fixes.

Extra fixes (introduced later, in v0.65.9)

• Coins and Minerals stolen now are always shown in Battle-Log.
• Fixed bug with the Halloween shop tooltips, that remained open after buying an item.
• Now your units come back properly to the bunkers after pursuing a Halloween monster or when finishing a wave.
• The Academy building and the Alliance Council Starlings now aren't allowed to be clicked during a Halloween monster attack.
• Solved the problem when the user levels up for more than one level in a Halloween wave attack, now it doesn't lock the user interface.
• Fixed an issue that prevented the user from deploying the Explosive Pumpkin and the Arcane Seal when he didn't have any worker available.
• Fixed the "Accept" button for Gifts in Messages tab, it was showing an error in some cases when it was supposed to be possible to accept the gift.
• Sharing the 1st Halloween shop popup multiple times caused a Spilled Coffee error.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.63.7
    (10-17-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! Hey Giants, this week we addressed some highly requested tweaks and fixes for some known issues : Gifts, alliance wars, notifications, S-Trike and more! Yeah!


• Battle Log tab : Players highlighted in green or green to notify if you can attack them or not (but when the game was loaded).
• Messages tab : It's updated every 10 seconds in pseudo-real time.
• Now you'll get maximum 1 "you've been attacked' Facebook notification every 6 hours instead of 24 hours.
• Added a new Facebook Opengraph action : mission completed.
• Battle log tab : Improved alliance logo.
• Messages tab : Added alliance logo to the alliance invitations.
• Modified the quantity of minerals needed to attack.
• Other minor and internal tweaks.
• Top secret Halloween related internal stuff.

Bug fixes

• Fixed a bug which let players send wishlist items as free gifts using cheats.
• Fixed a bug that allowed to send an specific gift twice in the same day to the same player under some circumstances, which was couldn't be accepted because according to the rules it shouldn't be sent.
• Fixed some issues in the Alliance Wars "not in war" search. Now it should work properly, and the alliances which aren't in war but have the Alliance Shield activated should show their 'declare war' button in red instead of green.
• Fixed the S-Trike issue that made them to get stuck during battles under some circumstances.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.62.1
    (10-10-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

HERE COMES AN EPIC UPDATE! A lot of Earthlings asked for them, and finally are here : repair times reduced to almost nothing, and the Battle Log now shows extra info to fix the hidden colonies exploit! Now you'll know from which colony the enemy has attacked you!


• Repairing times now reduced to almost zero!
• Battelog now shows the attacking colony to avoid an exploit and special attacks used.
• Now you receive Facebook notifications when you're attacked.
• Tweaked the inventory stars behavior when highlighting new items.
• The attack button is disabled in Spy Mode when you can't attack (a tooltip explaining the reason is coming).
• New Facebook OpenGraph actions for when creating and joining an alliance.
• Other minor tweaks and improvements.


• Some non-Facebook platforms specific fixes.
• Other minor and internal fixes.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.61.5
    (10-05-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! Hey Earthlings, we continue implementing some highly requested additions and fixes! Now you'll be able to move your colonies and won't have to worry about the cheaters!


• Added extra anti-cheat security to prevent superloot from NPCs and turrets blocking (see note 1).
• Move your colonies paying 10 chips when trying to colonize empty planets (see note 2).
• When searching for alliances to declare one now you can filter the ones who aren't in war.
• Activated again a performance improvement that was temporally disabled because it caused an issue with the S-Trike.
• When receiving a mission reward it's made using a coins/minerals item if there isn't enough capacity in banks or silos.
• When using coins/minerals item from the inventory, if it don't have enough storage a message is shown saying it.
• Tweaked the loading bar animation.
• Additional minor additions, tweaks and improvements.

Bug fixes

• Fixed an issue that prevented an unit frozen by a freeze tower from recovering its normal speed.
• Every time that an unit was shot by a freeze tower the frozen time was accumulated, now if the time exceeds a limit (30 seconds) then the time is not accumulated anymore.
• Fixed an issue causing a crash when the "save the starling " mission was over preventing the mission from being saved as completed in persistence.
• Fixed an issue that made the S-Trike to keep turning around the same building all the time when the performance improvement was enabled.
• Fixed bug related to the alliance flags position in a popup.
• Fixed an issue making the Starlings (basically the ones that carry the coins/minerals to the Star Base) to go back and forth.
• Other internal and minor fixes.

Note 1 : This should block SS8B and SS8C.

Note 2 : Be careful when moving colonies, very soon their coordinates of the attacking colonies will be visible in the Battle Log instead of the ones of the main planet to avoid the 'hidden colonies' exploit that is worrying a lot of users in the alliance wars. And in the future (at least in a month from now) when spying someone in an alliance war you'll be able to select his planet or colony as was originally designed, instead of just going directly to his main planet, which was a placeholder.


• We just released a ninja small game update to fix an issue reported several times. The users who had a lot pending friend invites or gifts received couldn't load the 'messages' box. Since there was too much info to load, the loading time was too long causing an infinite loading loop when trying to open the 'messages' popup. To avoid this, now it will show a maximum of 50 messages (the older ones first). If you accept some of them, when reloading you'll see some more, always having a max of 50 at the same time. So now everybody should be able to accept free gifts and friend invites. If you had this issue please let me know if it fixed your case or not. BTW, the messages expire if they aren't accepted 3 weeks since they were sent.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.60.13
    (09-20-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! Goodbye, cheats! With this version Luck Norris blocked the last active cheat! We also implemented several highly requested improvements and fixes like the 'accept all' and 'send all' buttons for the free gifts in the inbox popup!


• Added more security to prevent cheats in unit/building rules, patching the latest loot related bugs.
• Added 'Accept all' and 'Send all' to the inbox for free gifts.
• Added a Halloween related countdown. Get hyped!
• New HUD icon for certain user targeted purchase promotions.
• Animation frame rate improvement temporally disabled to solve an issue with S-Trike.
• Loading bar improvements.
• New Buy Protection Time (ColonyShield) popup, adapted to new popups.
• Internal work and tests related to the chips purchase popup, that will feature mobile payments soon.
• Internal friends related fixes.
• Improved mercenaries mission popups.
• Other minor improvements.

Bug fixes

• Freeze turrets now slow down properly S-trike units.
• Fixed a bug that gave a too long colony shield when destroying enemy's Star Base under certain circumstances.
• Other minor fixes.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.59.7
    (09-20-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! Hey Giants! Did you want to craft nukes? See the annoying cheats blocked? An 'accept all' inbox button? Limit the colony shields length? A lot of you asked for these things, so here you have it!


• Nuke crafting : Now you can build nukes for free using crafting. But be aware, it will be hard! Make sure to use wisely your wishlist to ask your friends the pieces you need!
• Security improvements to avoid better some kind of cheats and to detect more cheaters.
• Now the colony shield has a limit of 6 days.
• Added button to accept all friend invites in the Messages tab.
• Tweaks in the animation engine to improve the game performance in some cases.
• New loading bar.
• In popup inventory added star of the "amount" in the crafting and collectables tabs. Also added it in the boxes of the collections.
• Messages tab tweaked.
• Units HUD now is reordered. When you run out of a specific unit it's moved to the end of the list.
• Added tooltip with message "buy slots" when a training building queue is full.
• Added a star to the crafting tabs and collection boxes to notify that you got a new ones.


• Fixed the security protection of the turrets, to avoid cheats that made them disappear to be "blind".
• Fixed a bug that gave you a too long colony shield while in an alliance war. : : • Those users with too long shield will see it capped to the new max (6days) once they play the game again.
• Other minor fixes and tweaks.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.58.6
    (09-13-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! Need some extra units in the middle of a battle? Tired of having to wait for powerful attack? Unlock the Smasher Squad mercenary gang just after the 'Prepare for S-Trike' mission, and hire them to crush your enemies!


• Now you can hire a mercenary Smasher Squad in the middle of a battle.
• New history mission to unlock the mercenary Smasher Squad.
• More level progression: now you can reach level 830.
• Now you can skip mission targets by using chips.
• If you keep pressed the mouse button when adding units to train it acts as a repeated click.
• When a unit can't be upgraded because the HQ doesn't have enough level, the error message popup now is shown over the popup upgrade unit.
• Other internal improvements and tweaks.


• Fixed an issue preventing the units of a bunker from walking out of the bunker.
• Fixed alliance invites : an invitation to join an alliance never arrived under certain circumstances.
• Fixed bug related to the embassy animation.
• Other minor fixes.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.57.06
    (09-05-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! If you're about to destroy a Star Base and you run out of time, don't worry! Now you'll be able to buy some extra battle time! So check out the fixed Target Spotter and attack without mercy!


• Now you can buy extra time during a battle.
• Added extra security to protect certain parts of the game against cheaters.
• Improved battle replays to make them more similar to the real battles.
• Target Spotter now gets targets from more levels.
• Changes to add the new "instant upgrade"/"activate units" button.
• All the area of the coins, minerals, workers, chips HUD pieces now act as buttons.
• Other internal and minor optimizations or tweaks.


• Target Spotter related fixes.
• Fixed visual issues during replays.
• Fixed bug that slowed down the game frame rate performance after closing the 'apprentice / invests' popup.
• Fixed text issue in news feeds.
• Fixed an issue preventing the user from seeing the deployment of some units during the tutorial under certain conditions.
• Fixed an issue causing an Star Coffee error during the battle when all units were dropped with level 0 (regardless the level of that unit of the user).
• Internal and minor fixes.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.55.12
    (08-30-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

NEW GAME UPDATE! Luck Norris continues working hard to protect the good users from the evil cheaters! In this new game version he added more security that will help to block cheats and to detect more cheaters for the next ban waves! In addition to this we tweaked the chips acquisition process and fixed several issues!


• Added extra security protection to prevent cheats for several actions and events during battles.
• Added target spotter button in the friends bar when you are spying.
• New Payer Promotion. Users will receive an special offer if they haven't purchased chips in FB when upgrading their Star base from level 4 onwards.
• Added a landing popup to notify the players that has been rewarded with something when loading the game from a news feed.
• New Facebook Open Graph actions to enable extra Facebook notifications : unlock unit, upgrade unit, smashed other player, and others.
• Now the prices for when buying chips are shown in the user own currency.
• Tweaked free chips offers.
• Now there are preselected neighbors when bringing up the invite widget for sending gifts.
• Other minor tweaks and improvements.
• We blocked the access to the game from some detected auto-refresher sites.

Bug Fixes

• Added extra security protection to make sure that your units will shoot turrets even if they are hidden because their art assets can't be loaded (like using a cheat).
• Fixed the style for the invite widget radio buttons so the text breaks nicely.
• Mirrored buildings also had their tooltips mirrored.
• Fixed a bug about the building transparency when overlapping the selected buiding.
• Fixed a bug about the unit that wasn't shown on the drop cursor.
• Fixed a bug related to the Spy button in the friends bar.
• Fixed a crash when the user went to see the battle replay during a battle.
• Fixed a not proper art asset shown while upgrading a unit.
• Other minor fixes.

Friendly reminder

Please remember the forum rules about derailing threads and keep the topic (in this case to talk about the new game update, its additions and its fixes). If you want to talk about something else please use the other threads. As an example, if you want to talk about cheats please use this other thread :

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.55.6
    (08-23-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

SPYING CAPSULES ARE HERE! Our engineers have been working hard this week to bring you another epic update! They managed to send Spy Capsules to all the Starling planets even before we reached the sharing goal, fixed or some highly demanded issues and teamed-up with Luck Norris to stop more cheaters!

New feature : Spying Capsules

• You'll receive 2 free Spying Capsules each day you spy, with a maximum storage of 50.
• You can purchase more with chips.
• It shows extra info when spying about all buildings, mines, bunkers, etc. inside their range opening the door for new strategies and to optimize your units usage.
• It's a first version. As always we're open to your feedback for future tweaks and improvements.


• Added extra security to block or avoid even more battle related cheats.
• Encripted some stuff to get extra general protection against cheaters.
• First version of the protection against auto-refreshers.
• Tweaked the training slots capacity with a new progression.
• Added new illustrations in the battle result popup (when attacking in alliances).
• Now offers aren't shown in the tutorial or when they have expired.
• Improved in-game arrows.
• Improved explosion particles. Sometimes it show some of them in the same place.
• Now we can hide the invite popup after the game tutorial for non-Facebook platforms.
• Buttons to invite a friend individually is removed depending of the platform (non-Facebook as an example).
• Other minor tweaks and improvements.

Bug Fixes

• Friend list loading fixes and tweaks.
• Several Free Gifts and Invite tabs tweaks and fixes.
• Fixed bug on friends bar arrows, which disabled them under certain conditions.
• Warp gate tool tip fixed.
• Star Base wasn't visible in newly created colonies under certain conditions.
• Fixed an issue that caused a Spilled Coffee error when the user didn't have enough chips to pay the instant repair in all under certain conditions.

Other minor fixes.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.54
    (08-16-2012) By Chubi (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

Version 0.54 brings a small but key update for Galaxy Life. We are happy to announce that the time and effort spent in improving the game security is already making a big difference and feedback shows that cheaters activity is decreasing and after the new protection included in this version, they have certainly their days counted. Also worth highlighting our new nuke gift feature to invite new players and the factory slot space redesign.


• Cheat protection increased (3 more cheats are prevented).
• Nuke gift feature. Nukes can be gifted from the Free Gifts tab to people who are not yet players. (Only a user who never played or did not finish the tutorial will be able to accept a nuke. A player will only receive one nuke no matter how many people sent the gift to him before he started playing).

Content Changes

• Factory slot capacity alteration. The capacity of every slot of a factory unit (shipyard, mechaFactory or barrack) can be different.
• Spy loading screen image. Changed the loading when the user goes to spy.

Bug fixes

• Alliances leaderboard not turning the page properly.
• Alliance remaining in the alliance ranking after all members have left it.
• Result confirmation pop up for the investment feature not working.
• "Invite Friends" tab bugged, causing several issues with the friends list.
• Recycling does not require a worker sometimes.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.53.7
    (08-09-2012) By I'm Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings! You asked for it and we implemented it! Now the instant repair requires less chips, you can burn lots of minerals by repairing individual buildings with less than 30 minutes of remaining repair time! And in addition to this, Luck Norris finally blocked the instant unit training cheat and will ban the ones who try to use it in the future.


New instant repair system :
• 'Repair all' now always costs 3 chips (always).
• 'Instant repair' of 1 building with more than 30 minutes of repair time now costs 1 chip.
• 'Instant repair' of 1 building with less than 30 minutes of repair time now costs minerals.
• Cheat protection improved to block the instant unit training cheat.
• Invite friends flow improved, specially when clicking "Train friends" in the Academy.
• User interface tweaks for Alliances, Academy and mission menu related screens and popups.
• Other minor internal tweaks.

Bug fixes

• Fixed an issue that cause an 'imminent reboot' popup.
• Fixed some typos and inconsistencies in the comic of the tutorial.
• The popup shown when the user passes some friends in the weekly ranking has been tweaked to fix some text issues.
• Fixed a text issue in the news feeds.
• Fixed other minor issues.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.52.4
    (2-08-2012) By I'm Chico (GL Forum Admin)

S-Trike blueprints finally delivered to all the Factory buildings! Facebook offers to get more chips for free! Friends related fixes! Gifts related fixes! And more!


• New Factory unit : the S-Trike. It’s fast and good to distract defenses, specially when deployed in large numbers.
• Rebalanced time and mineral values to unlock and upgrade the already existing Factory units.
• 4 new missions related to the new unit.
• Facebook offers to get chips for free supported. In the near future some players will start to see them as an extra icon under the Colony Shield one.
• Internal changes for the repair economy system that will be introduced in the next update : 1 chip if repair time of 1 building > 30 mins, 3 chips to repair all (always), a lot of minerals if repair time of 1 building < 30 mins.
• Reduced training capacity in Factory, Training camp and Starport, for the units whose training started after the game update. The training buildings built after the update have 3 locked training slots instead of 2.
• Added a ‘friends overtaked’ popup, that shows the friends passed in the friends bar during the game session you level up.
• Internal improvements for the leaderboards system.


• Several 'missing friends' issue related optimizations and fixes.
• Several gifts system related optimizations and fixes.
• Invite widget issue during its first appearance fixed.
• Colossus mystery cube text issue fixed.
• Other internal fixes and tweaks.

Cheers, -Chico

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.51.2
    (07/25/2012) By I'm Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hey Humans!

Do you love Mystery Cubes? Now they also can include Missile Rains, Boulder Strikes, Starlinators, Colossus and Zeppelins! Help your friends by sending them Mystery Cubes, they'll love it!


• Mystery Cube new rewards : Special attacks (Missile Rain & Boulder Strike) and units (Starlinator, Colossus & Zeppelin).
• Added alternative news feeds. We have added more texts to the news feeds which are selected randomly. There will also be more images in the next game update.
• Now the game is paused when a social wall pop-up is activated.
• Added 'Follow @Galaxy_Life' Twitter button.
• Modified position and animation"video" promo button and added a related tooltip.
• Removed old upgrade/activate popups.
• Added a green box in the upgrade units popup when the units are fully upgraded.
• Luck Norris tweaked and improved his traps to detect cheaters for upcoming ban waves.
• Other minor improvements and tweaks.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug in the alliance members popup "Ask to join" button, which sometimes didn't changed to "remind" when the request was done.
• Fixed a bug regarding long usernames in battle log : text will now be cut instead of spilling into next column. Now there are loading icons instead of pink squares when loading art resources for popups.
• Fixed a bug about colonizing from galaxy view. Now the info panel is refreshed correctly after colonizing a planet.
• Now the texts in Russian and Chinese (Taiwan) are shown correctly.
• An error was shown when coming back to your main planet from a friend's colony if you visited just before one of your colonies.
• Fixed a bug that made the Academy visible during the tutorial.
• Fixed a the text shown after sending gifts to all your friends (Spil games only).
• Some newsfeed images have been restored to keep the consistency with the rest of them.
• Several other minor fixes.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.50.11
    (07/16/2012) By I'm Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

After some months of investigations, Luck Norris and the Starling Rights Association are taking care of the Earthlings who abuse of the poor worker Starlings.

In addition to that, there's a new Academy building, where the experienced Giants will be able to earn cool rewards by making sure that their new friends who join Galaxy Life do a great job taking care of their new Starling colony.


• Academy building, which is unlocked after the "Save the Starlings 10/10" mission. It's about inviting new players to the game in order to get rewards when they reach a certain level. Rewards include "Friendships Stones" that can be used to get free workers.
• Luck Norris now sends Star Coffee spills to the people using more than 5 workers in the same planet or colony and will take care of them in the next ban wave.
• New art for level 4 and 5 of the walls.
• Invite tab will only show non-playing friends when opened from the Colonize/Invite popup.
• New shop artwork for "marine", "looter" and "flamethrower" last upgrades.
• New art for some icon backgrounds.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that caused a reboot popup when trying to colonize from the galaxy view.
• "Visit" and "Attack" button text wasn't properly centered under some circumstances.
• Text overflow issue in the invite progress bar fixed for some languages.
• Now the alliance incoming requests from users under level 15 are ignored.
• Other minor fixes and tweaks.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.49.8
    (07/09/2012) By I'm Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings! Hey Humans! Some of you reported that you had too much minerals and wanted to have something to burn them! We heard it, and now you can spend them by transferring units to the bunkers!


• Changed transfer of troops to bunkers, now the cost is in minerals instead of coins. The number for the cost in minerals is still 1/3 of the coins cost of building the troops.
• New font in social wall (inbox, battle log, invite, etc).
• In galaxy view the popup for solar system info now also shows the empty planets. By clicking on one of this planets, colonize / invite planet popup is shown.
• Remaining chat related code and art removed.
• Added invite or "add me" button in friends bar. "Invite" button is show for you friends that don't have the game. "Add me" button is shown for your friends thas have the have but they aren't your neighbor.
• General loading changed showing the upcoming unit.
• HQ upgrade popup modified (only visuals).
• Internal changes and improvement for an upcoming new feature and the new unit (S-Trike).
• HUD colors changed.
• Invite box on HUD changed.
• New invite tab flow & design.
• New progress bar in new invite tab.
• New wall upgrades art.


• Fixed an Star Coffee error when trying to access unbuilt planets (e.g. a player colonizes a planet, leaves the game, and someone trying to attack before was giving an Star Coffee error).
• Fixed an issue that wasn't showing the 2nd "Mission Complete" popup when completing 2 missions at the same time. A popups-enqueuing engine has been implemented for this purpose.
• Fixed an issue that wasn't requesting the Alliance reward for upgrading the last level of the units.
• Battle replay timer didn't accelerate properly with the replay speed.
• Fixed issue that caused a blank background when idle popup is shown. Now galaxy, solar system and planet are shown with their background correctly.
• Fixed the "bank" icon bug, that wrong in the upgrade popup.
• Fixed bug in "Invite friend" box in friend bar, and when adding as a 'neighbour'.
• The title, message and advisor were missing in the popup shown when refusing a colony purchase.
• Fixed bug in "level up popup" that the "news feed" text wasn't cut correctly.
• The colonizing popup sometimes had incomplete requirements text.
• Fixed repeated text in some news feeds.
• Fixed a bug in the turrets upgrade popup where the "damage" and "rate" bars weren't properly shown.
• There was a bug that wasn't warning the player about the colony shield loss.
• Additional Luck Norris hidden traps for players who are using too much workers, to improve their working conditions.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.48.6
    (21/06/2012) By I'm Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

DUCK AND COVER, AN EPIC UPDATE IS HERE! The new Special Attack is here : the Skull Nuke. Really destructive but also expensive! Check out our Fan page to test it, there will be one available for free to everybody very soon! In addition to this, Luck Norris is back! Several hack types which affected during battles have been stinguished and more than 2500 cheaters are going to be banned in a row in a ban wave that will be done really soon. And he will be back for more the upcoming next big game updates!


• New battle support Special Attack : Skull Nuke
• Fireworks engine improved : now it's a bit more realistic and the fireworks won't move with the camera scroll anymore.
• Game fonts, popup backgrounds, some buttons and icons tweaked.


• Luck Norris blinked an eye.
• Fixed an issue preventing the units from being upgraded in laboratory.
• Fixed an issue that was causing an coffee spill error when cancelling an attack to Reptice.
• Fixed a coffee spill error caused when an user leveled up two levels in a row during a battle.

Cheers, -Chico

  • Galaxy Life Patch Version 0.47.7
    (14/06/2012) By I'm Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Humans!

Here we have another minor update, where we basically fix several issues and tweak everything to make it look more pretty! But be aware cheaters, Luck Norris and his crew will be back soon and this next time will hurt you for real!


• Level 10 houses now have a new look.
• Skipped 'Attack Distance' popup if it's for free.
• The 'New planet colonized' popup has now a different look. In addition, it will show a different image and text depending on the solar system where the planet is located.
• The 'Colonize this planet' popup has a different look too. It will show a different image depending on the solar system.
• Buying a worker and the 'Mission Complete' popup will show a 5-seconds fireworks performance.
• Visiting friends will now grant a small portion of their total storage of coins instead of 150.
• Attacking the new NPC (Reptice) will now cost a percentage of the total amount of minerals that the player has. The amount will be similar to the amount received when opening a Mineral-MisteryBox.
• Training days! 4/10' mission: objectives 1 and 2, destroy quantity reduced to 10 and level to 1 (any).
• Faster mission progression: 'Start missions' deleted, 'Prepare for attack!' mission updated, some stats are changed.
• Removed 'coming soon' box from barracks menu and shop decorations menu.
• Now, when the player clicks on a Training camp/Factory/Starport a purple glow will be shown to be distinguished easily.
• Facebook news feeds doesn't ask for confirmation. In game popus will be closed after publishing news feed.
• Added a visual tweak in the last colony visited on the Colonies Popup shown when visiting/attacking a friend. This way, the users will know which is the last planet visited.
• Battle result, colonize planet and planet colonized popups tweaked.
• There is no wait time for showing the blue circle during the tutorial between placing the cannon on the floor and clicking on it.
• Internal improvements and Luck Norris traps.


• Tooltip fix in the button of the tutorial mission which leads to the Starlings kidnapping.
• Upgrade units popup didn't show if the unit was 'fully upgraded'.
• Fixed an issue that crashed the game when opening the 'alliances help' and the 'Reptice intro' popups under certain circumstances.
• Fixed an issue causing a Star coffee error when a bullet with shot blast was used.
• Small modification for avoiding the purple glow to vanish when starting producing units in Training camp/Factory/Starport.
• Fixed a bug that was causing a Star Coffee error when building the bank on the third mission.
• Fixed bug that the HQ level is red in activate unit popup when that level is correct.
• Other internal or minor fixes.

  • Galaxy Life Patch Version 0.46.8
    (11/06/2012) By I'm Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi giants!

Here we have a new game update focused in changes, tweaks, fixes and optimizations! Some of them readying the game for upcoming cool stuff. Enjoy them!


• There will be no zoom fx when transitioning from one planet to the same one (like when attacking someone through the spy view).
• New 'end of battle' popup for when attacking other players.
• 'Coming soon' box added to the special attacks HUD.
• Target spotter now finds more matches.
• New loading screen texts and images.
• Localized loading screen tips.
• Internal improvements and optimizations.


• Fixed a bug that crashed the game when travelling to the solar system from the Freeze Turret popup.
• Under certain circumstances the battle ended too soon.
• War points weren't displayed nor added properly in some cases.
• Fixed a game crash when sending the gift via friends bar.
• Other fixes.

  • Galaxy Life Patch Version 0.45.9
    (04/06/2012) By Chubi (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

Here you can find every detail about our latest build. This time the classic way, they are divided in three categories

(Improvements, Content Changes and Bug Fixes). We are really excited with this update, new enemy character, new defensive turret, battle system exploit fixed and a lot more!!!


• A new enemy with his own set of missions, Reptice.
• A new defensive turret "Freeze Turret" is available.
• A player will not be able to leave an alliance if the alliance is at war and that player has scored in the war already.
• An extra red-button has been added over the "Visit" button, it will be shown when someone is not able to visit someone else due to headquarter level restrictions.
• Loading TIPS color changed to yellow.
• The 'Spy Firebit' mission and the 'Go To Solar System' button in the Unlock Freeze turret popup will now show (in the Solar system view) a circle around the planet of each character in each case, Firebit and Reptice.
• The 'Spy Firebit' mission now shows a circle in the navigation bar instead of in the planets button.
• The time taken the tutorial by the Starlinator reinforcements to arrive from the 'deploy portal' to the 'Warp gate' has been decreased from 12 to 9 seconds.

Content Changes

• Mission 'Training days! 4', objective 3: Loot changed from 50.000.000 to 1.000.000.
• Wasp statistics changed: construction time 20 seconds, more damage (+10) and hit points (+200).

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug in where plants were growing over the white background area.
• Fixed an issue causing an Out of Sync error and Spilled Coffee in several circumstances.
• Fixed an issue which left the construction flash repeating over and over when recycling obstacles.
• The green glow effect is no longer applied to the tutorial circle in the solar system view when rolling over the Firebit's planet.
• If the game makes a server request, the special attacks tooltips won't be shown.

  • Galaxy Life Patch Version 0.43.6
    (17/05/2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

Here you can find every detail about our latest build. This time, they are divided in four categories (New Features, Improvements, Content Changes and Bug Fixes). Finally, the introduction of our KO bar, 3 new alliance rewards and game tips in the loading screen among others!!!

New Features

• Implementation of a KO bar, this new feature will reduce the length of battles in cases in where there is a big difference in Alliance's points.
• The colonies planet will be shown when clicking on "Visit/Attack" through the friends bar, it will only be shown when the user owns more than one planet.
• Tips will now be shown right below the loading bar in every loading screen.


• No particles will be shown when in Low-Quality mode, this will cause a substantial performance improvement.
• Server support for languages based on countries with their own dialect of a language, as in Brazilian for Brazil instead of Portuguese.
• The blue circle surrounding the Solar system button in the tutorial when going to visit Firebit doesn't have a delay anymore, it will be shown instantly.
• A circle is drawn on the floor when attacking Firebit, during the tutorial. It indicates where to deploy the Starlinators.

Content Changes

• Looter Tank unit movement speed reduced by 0.2 and hit points increased by 300.
• Added 3 new alliance rewards: Tank, Driller and Hoover tank.
• Alliance newsfeeds have now different pictures.

Bug Fixes

• The rockets smoke will be shown again if the user gets back to high quality.
• Fixed a bug that wasn't giving as complete a mission step when coming back from a colony.
• The info in the "War History" wasn't complete, it only showed the last 5 wars. : • Now it is updated from the info of the own alliance and it should show the complete history.
• Fixed a bug that was letting the user create "free colonies". The bug has been fixed by accessing always to the last planet visited that belongs to the user.
• Added glow in Firebit's planet during the tutorial (when mouseover), which was disabled in a previous update.
• Fixed an issue which allowed some units to move through walls.
• Fixed the options button which wasn't working during the tutorial, specifically during the attack to Firebit.
• Fixed the small green buttons with long texts.

  • Galaxy Life Patch Version 0.42.5
    (10/05/2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Humans!

Here you can find every detail about our latest build. As always, they are divided in three categories (Improvements, Content Changes and Bug Fixes).


• Target Spotter temporally removed. We're fixing it, soon it will be back.
• Attack HUD buttons (units, special attacks) have been tweaked.
• Bookmarks in Galaxy view are slightly different (3x4 instead of 4x3).
• Tweak in the planets HUD art assets.

Content Changes

• Alliance shield: now the winner of an alliance war can't be attacked until 4 hours after it ended. The loser alliance can't be attacked during 8 hours.
• Game localized to new languages: Dutch (NL), Polish (PL), Brazilian Portuguese (BR), Turkish (TR).

Bug Fixes

• Under some circumstances you weren't able to visit a colony you just created. Now you can.
• Fixed a bug that was disabling the scroll on the map after switching to full screen in replay mode.
• The alliance shield time is now shown as intended.
• When closing and opening the "Alliances popup" the information regarding the requests already sent was being reset. This bug has been fixed.
• Fixed the alliances council popup, now it's displayed properly.
• Fixed Alliances Help texts in Russian.
• (DC Portal only) Now the payment options are properly shown in the 'buy chips' popup.
• Alliance flags are shown again in both leaderboards and attack log.
• Now the words for "level" in some buildings tooltips are shown in the proper order.
• Bug fixed in the 'declare war' popup : the sound was stopped when this popup was closed with the "close" button.
• Other minor fixes.

Good luck,

- Chico

  • Galaxy Life version 0.41.2 Update
    (04/05/2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

This is a minor update with basically some fixes, internal tweaks and making the first steps for upcoming improvements. One of them was the server migration, that sadly we couldn't complete today during that long maintenance time.


• Tab for alliances reward changed. When a reward is completed and the item taken, this box has a "check" icon.
• New "current war" tab.
• Planet assets in solar system view and Toolbar menu (bottom left) modified.
• Changed the image of the "on war" icon in the alliance flag button.
• Internal server optimizations.

Content changes

• Improved the localizations of some texts, basically alliance texts.
• Tweaked some mission objectives.
• The war duration is shown in hours instead of in minutes.

Bug fixes

• When clicking the 'ask units' from a friend bunker, the popup closes to avoid multiposting.
• A damaged bunker which is being upgraded now is shown properly.
• Fixed a bug that was updating the missions progress with a wrong amount.
• Fixed a bug that was allowing the players to click on the alliance council flag and show the popup while attacking.
• Fixed a bug that wasn't letting the user skip a mission target by using chips.
• Alliance requests persisted in the messages tab of the social wall and were able to be accepted normally even being demoted from Captain rank.
• User ws unable to post the 'Ask friends' wall post while activating units in Training camp.
• Fixed unresponsive battlelog buttons.
• A lot of other minor and internal fixes.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.40.4 Update
    (26/04/2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

Shorter construction and repair times, new background for purple star colonies, alliance tweaks, fixes and more! And well, starting today a GALAXY LIFE MERCHANDISE SHOP too!


• New Alliance War Shield : You can't declare war to an alliance that finished a war 1 hour ago (if they won) or 4 hours ago (if they loosed). They can break it if desired. It doesn't affect the Colony Shield.
• New background and related obstacles for colonies of purple star systems.
• Added 3 new alliance rewards : super upgrade for bazooka, kamikaze and starlinator.
• Added alliances icons in Leaderboard & Battle log.
• The 'Alliance info' popup is shown when clicking the alliance council Starlings available in the colonies that belongs to an alliance.
• Added player level in 'Alliance info' popup.
• A popup will be shown when a player tries to create an alliance without having enough level (which is set to '15' right now). If the player was already in an aliance, he'll be able to log in. If the player was is kicked out or leaves the alliance, still will be able to create an alliance.
• When your alliance is in a war, a warning icon appears in the flag button. The tooltip also changes, indicating how many war time is left.
• When opening the alliances popup, if there is a war going on, the tab is changed to current war.
• Improved sorting of alliance members (level and name are taken in consideration in case of ties on war score).

Content changes

• Changed construction time of units.
• Changed recycle collection items probabilities.
• Changed repair time for Warp Gates, Training Camp, Starport and Factory.
• Changed Beetle Tank and Raider size to 30.
• Modified attack score for laboratories.


• Now you can switch to full screen during replays properly.
• Now you can't get the same alliance reward in 2 different alliances.
• Fixed little issues that caused Star Coffee errors.
• Releasing a worker busy in a damaged building, leaded to a wrong payment amount of resources to release it.
• Fixed a sound issue.
• Alliance ranking order fixed. Should be sorted by alliance level / alliance war points. Wars won is used just to get rewards.
• Picking up an item in the map to make appear the collectables bar, then waiting for it to start disappearing and pick up another item made the collectables bar appear in an incorrect position.
• Fixed an issue that prevented users from attacking when they had a craft pending.
• Unable to post news feed.
• Payment wall failed to load in IE8 under some circumstances.
• HUD tab failed to appear in IE8.
• (DC Portal version only) Payment wall failed to appear after clicking continue on Galaxy chips screen under some circumstances.
• Other fixes.

  • Galaxy Life version 0.39.7 Update
    (19/04/2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

NEW UPDATE IS HERE! Calling all Starlings! Be warned, the new alliances system has been activated! Now Earthlings can team up with others to protect them, and when attacking in alliance wars their enemies won't be protected by level cap or colony shields!

I need back up! I need back up!


• New alliances enabled for all users

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue preventing the "progress icon not shown" error from happening when completing missions.
• Fixed an issue that wasn't updating as intended the missions progress.
• Fixed bug in the popup information for first mission the font size was too small.
• Fixed a bug that prevented the Galaxy/SolarSystem/Planet buttons on the toolbar from working as intended in some cases.
• Other minor fixes.

Note : When people try to join an alliance that already has more than 50 requests they get an error. We'll fix it with a patch in

some minutes!

  • Galaxy Life version 0.37.4 Update
    (12/04/2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

NEW UPDATE IS HERE! We want to thank you for helping us tweaking the game while in Beta, for all your support and help so far we want to gift you a free worker to all of you! And get hyped for the upcoming alliances, they're almost here!


• Internal work to notify players in the future that a game update is coming. It's a first step to avoid issues to the users who are playing when we start to update the game.
• Internal changes for the upcoming new Alliances.
• Now the upper HUD is visible when the inventory popup is open.

Economy changes

• Instant build will cost chips if the remaining time is greater than 5 minutes.
• Instant upgrade will cost chips if the remaining time is greater than 5 minutes.
• Instant repair will cost chips if the remaining time is greater than 5 minutes.
• 1 free worker available in the inventory to players who installed the game before 12/04/2012 to compensate for the economy changes.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue preventing the transfer from an Warp Gate to a Bunker under some circumstances.
• Fixed an issue preventing the "progress icon not shown" error from happening when completing missions
• Fixed an issue that wasn't updating as intended the missions progress.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.36.7 Update
    (04/04/2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings!

STAR COFFEE FIXES ARE HERE! It seems that too much Star Coffee is not good for your health, so Chubi and his team has worked hard to reduce the number of spills. Now the game should be more stable.


• Server optimization for the tutorial to improve stability.
• Tweaked the amount of score needed to level up.
• Internal work for upcoming new alliances.
• Internal work for a future popup that won't allow to attack during game updates or just before them to avoid possible loose of units and rewards.
• Internal optimizations.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed Star Coffee when having a mission popup open and that mission was completed (for example, mission to train 3 marines).
• Fixed an issue that updated the progress of missions also during replays.
• Fixed an issue that caused a Star Coffee error when cancelling a house upgrade under certain conditions.
• Starlinators got stuck during tutorial if they were placed next to firebit's warp gate.
• Fixed an issue which left the highlight circle for the turret in the tutorial stuck.
• Now popups are properly centered.
• Fixed a bug in popup credits we couldn't select the items the second time that we open the popup .
• Fixed shop info buttons.
• Fixed an issue making the performance to get worse when a world with broken walls was loaded or during battles when walls were destroyed.
• Other minor fixes.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.35.5 Update
    (28-03-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi! We fixed some annoying bugs and now is easier to find star batteries! Go and find them!


• Now is easier to find star batteries.
• Improved leaderboard implementation (faster and more reliable).
• FB App instal and tutorial tweaks for new users.
• Internal tests for upcoming features.

Bug Fixes

• Gift back is now working properly again.
• Fixed a bug that caused a star coffee error when buying a worker under certain conditions.
• Fixed bug that made a popup to not resize when changing to windowed mode.
• The text "capacity" in popup empty hangar was always in english. Now it's translated.
• Now we are able to post to another player's wall in facebook.
• Inventory traps text button was too long.
• Portuguese training units tooltip text was truncated.
• User default picture is now displayed properly when the game can't read a user's name and avatar from Facebook.
• Other minor fixes.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.34.5 Update
    (21-03-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hey Humans! Do you like the leaderboards? We just added new ones! Now you can check your weekly and monthly progress against the other Earthlings! It's awesome, isn't it? In addition to this, now the colonies of the red star systems now have a new, hellish, scary look! And Luck Norris is looking at the ones who have more workers than legally allowed! So careful if it's your case, he can punish you soon!


• Now we have All time, Weekly and Monthly version of all the current user leaderboards.
• New animated background, obstacles for the colonies of red star systems
• Elderby is now level 100, and has new decorations in his planet
• Luck Norris is taking note of the users who try to have more worker Starlings than legally allowed, and will cause them some Star Coffe errors when detected.
• There is a new main loading screen
• Now mortar have less shot damage
• Now starlinators have more health
• Internal changes for the upcoming new alliances system

Bug Fixes

• Fixed bug that made the level up popup appear in the middle of the battle when being attacked by an NPC
• Fixed the bunker popup, no truly money was being paid
• Fixed an issue causing the percentage shown in tooltips of world items to be negative when the total time was very large.
• Fixed an issue causing the missiles to try to impact on mines.
• Fixed dissapearing items received from Mystery Gift can disappear when moving through the galaxy.
• Fixed bug in welcome popup that made it get stuck in screen if spying other player without closing it
• Fixed a bug that allowed under some circumstances to send same gift more than once to the same friend everyday.
• Now "Manage Friends" text doesn't appear repeated when accept friends request.
• Improved security to avoid more cheat types
• Other minor fixes

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.33.6 Update
    (15-03-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hi Earthlings! Starling Rights Watch, an intergalactic association who fights for the rights of the worker Starlings are fighting against humans who make them work under illegal conditions to avoid future cases.

To celebrate it, these workers created 2 new types of mines that can be earned by completing 2 new collections. They also created their related free gifts and included the rewards of the expired collections in the decorations shop.


• New Blue Trap Collection. Its reward is a special trap more powerful the normal one but with shorter range. You can store up to 5 per planet.
• New FlyTrap Collection. Its reward is a special trap more powerful the normal one, with more range but it's activated by vehicles made in factories (like tanks). You can also store up to 5 per planet.
• Rewards of the expired collections (ancestor, zen god, skull temple) are now available in the shop as decorations. You can have up to 4 per planet, but if you already had more it will be allowed.
• Obstacles in colonies they now also give you collection items.
• Improved cheaters related security and logs ('too much workers').
• Increased the damage for kamikazes.
• Russian language support added.
• Tooltips now appear a bit faster.
• Added popup when accepting gift that doesn't fit in inventory.


• Fixed bug that made all the deployed units be at level 0 in the replay.
• Fixed some localization bugs.
• Fixed and optimized internal server operations that would reduce the number of 'star coffee' errors.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.32.6 Update
    (8-3-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

I heard you like scoreboards so in this game update we put friend scoreboards, removed the Mystery box usage time limit, included new free gifts and added Starlinator, Colossus and Zeppelin units as FREE rewards for new collections in your game!

Improvements and changes

• Added friend leaderboards.
• Added new Starlinator, Colossus and Zeppelin collections. Their reward will be these kind of units, whose will be sent to the inventory.
• Added new free gifts related to the new collections.
• Idol, Ancestor, Skull, Golden and Mineral collections will expire on 15/03/2012.
• Mystery Box limited to 10 units in inventory, but now you can accept all the received ones in a row. After using one you won't need to wait to use the next one.
• The chat will now show up when a message in the chat is sent.
• The Idle popup now shows the option of inviting new friends.
• Game introduction localized to russian.
• Now the Facebook scores aren't divided by 100.

Bug Fixes

• The game no longer freezes during the loading bar of the new users.
• Using the units gifts from the inventory won't crash the game anymore.
• The replay background imagess are now displayed as intended.
• The 'X' button of the inventory boxes is now clickable from everywhere on the button, before, it could only be clicked by pressing at the very right side of the button. In addition, the 'X' button of the combat unit boxes of the hangars show now the mouse over/out effect.
• The unit upgraded and unit activated popups are now displayed only once.
• Fixed a bug that didn't show the Reload button in the starcofee popup.
• Fixed a bug where the tooltip box was overlapping the Mission icons at the top right corner of the screen.
• In some cases the Spy' button from battle log didn't work.
• Missing text in the Accept Friend button.
• The shinning star of the inventory boxes are now fully visible.
• Now the popup is closed when needed after clicking on invite button.

  • Galaxy Life Version 0.28.5 Update*
    (02-15-2012) By Chico (GL Forum Admin)

Hello Earthlings! Welcome to a New Update! Remember Henry Keke? Well, he's worked incredibly hard to bring amazing new backgrounds to your colonies! Exploring our Galaxy has never been more intriguing as you will find new life.. the kind of life you would've never imagined! Check out the obstacles, they too, are different!

You don't have a colony? What are you waiting for?


• New Backgrounds: Applied on yellow and green systems with their own obstacles.
• New backgrounds system implementation. This feature will include too the generation of obstacles depending on the solar system the player is currently playing on, as well as a different look on the colonies background.
• Inventory does not have a limit capacity limit anymore.
• Fixed an issue that wasn't showing the names of the players that had Arabic characters or any other non-common glyphs on them.
• Missions icons are now being shown in the colonies too.
• Upgrading button has been visually modified.
• Facebook Offers implementation

Content changes

• Added obstacles to new stars
• The game is also localized in Russian
• Fixed localized text Training Days 1/11, 2/11...
• Fixed mission Training Days 10/10
• Changed new obstacles size
• Reduced walls building and upgrading time to approx. 0.35 seconds
• New deploy areas for the yellow and green backgrounds

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue which prevents the use of the 'Go to System' button when pressing the Attack button for a player who cannot be attacked.
• Target Spotter shouldn’t leave a blank page if there are 12 users shown in the previous page.
• Fixed an issue preventing an user from buying a colony when his observatory was being upgraded even though the current level of the observatory was enough.
• Fixed a bug that was showing an empty galaxy when coming back from spying/attacking someone (not neighbor nor friend) in the galaxy view.
• The shield is now visible in the galaxy view after spying someone.
• Fixed an issue preventing the "Mission expired" popup to appear when the player expired the mission time without accomplishing the targets of the mission. Note that if the player has accomplished all the targets of a timed mission while attacking/visiting, we give a 7 minutes of courtesy time so he can accomplish the mission.
• Fixed protection time boxes when having values > 1d (e.g. 36h.), they only showed 1 day
• Fixed bug when shipyard is producing units and it's destroyed, after repairing it, the first unit was sent to storage without checking if it had time left.


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