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Galaxy Life Reborn is a fan project started by GaLaXy1036 and grew to be developed by Marido, unelegal, LifeCoder, Svr333, and Whirlwind making the development team which aims to revive the Pocket Adventures version and the flash-version of Galaxy Life by making a private server. The Development team posts updates on one Discord server.

The Pocket Adventures version (the version you play on your phone) is released to the public and the download link is here!. The flash-version (the pc version that you play on your browser) is released to the public and you can play it here! In both of the Discord servers, there are special assigned channels specifically for progress on the private server development, Click here to join the official Discord.

Play Galaxy Life Reborn now!

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Galaxy Life Reborn flash-version:

Pocket Adventures Reborn Version:

Would you like to set the server yourself? Download the server here:

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Q: Where can I download the Pocket Adventures Reborn Version?

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Q: Is it possible to play Galaxy Life Reborn on PC?

A: Yes, that's possible! You may play it using the flash-version, and its development is OFFICIALLY FINISHED, you may play it here.

Q: Is it possible to play Pocket Adventures Reborn Version on PC?

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A: Yes, of course! But you will be able to play Pocket Adventures on PC only if you have BlueStacks installed on your PC.

Q: Is Majorworm the creator of the private server?

A: No, that honorable title goes to the developers, and GaLaXy1036 for starting it all.

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Q: Is this project a fan remake, or the original game?

A: It is the original game.

Q: I am confused. So, can I play or not?

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A: Yes, you can. You may download the Pocket Adventures Version for your android phone here, or the Flash Version for your personal computer here.

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Galaxy Life Back! Galaxy Life Reborn Installing Tutorial!

Video by Majorworm.

Q: Bruh, it has been already 1 month where's the new update at?

A: Updates take time, be patient.

Q: Will there be a reset?

A: Galaxy Life Reborn is still in development and we will come across many errors, it is never clear if a reset will come but please bear with us if it does indeed happen.

Have fun playing Galaxy Life again, Starling! Start your adventures today!

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