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"OUR ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK IS COMING! Hold your pants Earthlings! Galaxy Life is going to be the first social game to have its own soundtrack published in all the main music stores and streaming services!"
  — Facebook announcement 

This soundtrack will include all the Galaxy Life and Galaxy Life Pocket Adventures songs, some extended remixes, great unreleased tracks and the most popular sound effects of the game. The Soundtrack was announced on the Facebook Page in late March along with a link to the official thread. The official release date is unknown. The Forum thread did state that it will be out in "a few of weeks".

NOTE: Due to Galaxy Life shutting down, the soundtrack is not available anymore, for the full OST please refer to the Soundtracks page.


  1. Starling's Sunrise
  2. Just Another Day
  3. Alliance Ode
  4. Smasher's Fanfare
  5. Condemned Walk
  6. Lost In The Deeps
  7. The Colony Is Ours!
  8. Set, Ready... Battle!
  9. Halloween Riot
  10. Just Another Day (Original 2011 Version)
  11. Lost In The Deeps (Extended Version)
  12. Set, Ready... Battle! (Extended Prototype Version)
  13. Set, Ready... Battle! (Spilled Coffee Prototype Version)
  14. Lost In The Deeps (Ancient God Prototype Version)
  15. Hurray! (FX Sound)
  16. Interesting Chat (FX Sound)
  17. Starling Discussion (FX Sound)
  18. Starling LOL (FX Sound)
  19. Unit Deployment (FX Sound)
  20. Yep, I agree (FX Sound)
  21. Agry Dude (FX Sound)
  22. Collecting Coins (FX Sound)
  23. Collecting Minerals (FX Sound)
  24. Laser Beam (FX Sound)
  25. Freaked Out (FX Sound)
  26. Level Up (FX Sound)
  27. Yeah! (FX Sound)
  28. Fireworks Celebration (FX Sound)


From free to $9.99; depends on what (digital) store.

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