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"If your friends want to support your colony, they can send some of their units here to defend your planet."Don't forget to thank your friends!
  — in-game description 


  • The capacity of 480.
  • It cannot be upgraded.
  • Best defense for a planet after Defense Bunker.
  • Only Friends can put units into it.
  • Best when stocked with Falcons or Colossus.
  • Each group of units placed into the friend's bunker will cost one click.
  • Elderby never helps you stock your Friends Bunker.
  • Friends Bunker has very low health. Defend it well.
  • One Boulder Strike can destroy it completely.
  • It has a look who is similar to a level 3 Defense Bunker but colored blue.
  • If you destroy the Friends Bunker with a Boulder Strike or a Missle Rain and destroy it, The units inside will give you the experience.
  • Friends Bunker has 10,000 points of life. It would therefore enviable to fill the unit and to defend with Walls and closer to your Star Base.
  • The best thing is to put Falcons in because Colossus are powerful but the bunker will be destroyed by 1 Boulder strike or missile rain easily and the troops will be gone.
  • Useless when no friends put units in it.


To see detailed info on the total amount of buildings per Base level visit:
Building Level Unlocks on Star Base's Page.

Building Time
Experience given when built Experience If Destroyed
Stage 1 15 Minutes 500 10,000 480 30x30 3,450 1

Note: The Friends Bunker cannot be upgraded.

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  • Fixed bug that caused the arrow that shows the friends' bunker not to move even when the item was moved.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented moving the arrow on the top of the friends' bunker when using the "Move" tool.

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