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Free Gifts

You can send a free gift to your friends by clicking on the free gifts icon and choosing a gift to send.


These following items are the gifts you can send to your friends for free:

  • Trap explosives
  • Sensor
  • Flytrap explosives
  • Booster
  • Ammunition
  • Missile
  • Bomb
  • Pirate hat
  • Mystery cube
  • Free Gifts
  • Trap explosives (blue trap collection)
  • Sensor (blue trap and flytrap collection)
  • Flytrap explosives (flytrap collection)
  • Booster (starlinator collection)
  • Ammunition (colossus and starlinator collection)
  • Missile (coloussus collection)
  • Bomb (zeppellin colleccion)
  • Pirate hat (zeppellin collection)​
  • Mystery Cube (random rewards, usually coins/minrals, you are sent more of these the higher your level is)

Sending Gifts

To send gifts, click on the 'Free Gifts' button on the top left hand corner of the Galaxy Life game window.  Next, a window should pop up (Kongregate).  From there you can select friends to send gifts to.

Rewards for Joining Game (Facebook)

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