Factory 3

"Most Starlings dream of having the chance to be in one of the Tanks produced here! They hold secret races in their free time".
  — in-game description 


  • The factory is used to make vehicles, which are the strong ground units who generally tend to form the protective part of most armies, especially the Beetle Tanks and the Colossus.
  • Units in the training order of the factory are not destroyed when the factory is destroyed, thus saving the money involved in the creating of new troops inside the factory when it's halted due to the Warp Gates being full is a nice way to prevent it from falling in the wrong hands.
  • When unlocked the Raider usually replaces the Looter in battle, likewise the Colossus to the Beetle Tank.
  • Do your BEST TO DEFEND THESE as they give out the most war points.
  • The Beetle Tank is the most used tank in the army as it is fairly cheap, has quite a reasonably short building time and lots of health, even when the Colossus is activated, considering it's still often used as a substitute
  • Vehicles are chosen first by all turrets, so if you want to use infantry or aircraft it would be more useful to train vehicles too for taking the damage, while the other units like Starlinators or Falcons destroy the defenses.



To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings per Base level visit: Building Level Unlocks on Star Base's Page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon size
If destroyed
Stage 1 15m Coins 8,100 4000 6, 9, 12 Experience 24 Experience 22
Stage 2 1h Coins 26,700 16000 9, 12, 15 Experience 78 Experience 70
Stage 3 12h Coins 145,100 32000 12, 15, 18 Experience 479 Experience 376

Building Models

Units trained & Activation Info


• Click on the Thumbnails to see detailed info of each Unit.
• To know how to unlock further levels, visit Troop Level unlocks at Laboratory's Page.

Level 1 Unit
Icon time
Star Base 4
Strike 1
18h Minerals 117,810 Level 2
Beetle Tank
20h Minerals 120,190 Level 2
2d 8h Minerals 1,237,900 Level 4
The Mole
2d 14h Minerals 2,475,980 Level 4
2d 18h Minerals 15,998,920 Level 7


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