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From Evil's heart comes this living nightmare of a creature, said to be the bringer of corruption and the end of pure spirits The Evil is strong in this one
  — In-game description. 

There is little to be said about a pack of hell spawned demons. The Evil one sends 5 Emissaries to devastate any unfortunate planet. Do not look into their eyes.
  — Conjuration of Evil Pack description. 

The Demon is one of the 5 event units exclusive to the Halloween Event, it is the strongest of all 5 units


Emissaries were introduced in the 2014 Halloween Event as as the new unit added at the time. They are used like Zeppelins that target Defences: They are flying units, used in very low quantity and have incredible stats and they can be bought as part of the Conjuration of Evil Pack in the Premium Shop for Galaxy Chips59

Defending Tips

Due to them flying, targetting Defenses and their high health, the only way to kill them is with Bunkers filled with Colossi as Laser Towers, Sniper Towers and Missile Launchers can only do minimal damage before they are destroyed.

Attacking Tips

A 1-Demon army, however they only use up 80 units of space thus they should be paired up with Colossus that deal massive dps to anything while the EOE destroys the defences, using multiple of them is recommended against bases with high level turrets, be wary of Colossus-filled Bunkers.