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Easter Event has ended the April 4 2013

Easter Event icon

Easter Event Timer

Hi giants!

This time the wave attacks will be replaced by a new feature : the in-game contests. During about a week, you must collect the maximum amount of Easter Eggs possible to to climb the contest ranking and help an Egg Box whose transport ship exploded, spreading all its eggs trough the galaxy. You'll get them by performing typical game actions like recycling, destroying units, and helping friends.

Gift egg easter

Easter Event Egg

   Once the event starts you'll see an icon in the bottom left corner of the game screen showing the remaining competition time. Click it to get all the contest details. You may receive a great reward depending on your position on this ranking so make sure you play a lot! This in-game contest will be just the first one, GL team plan to make in-game contests regularly, and in each one you'll have a different goal to make it to the top of the ranking.
 Easter Event official GL forum info 

Main Menu

Easter Event Main Menu
  • Main menu showing actions for collecting eggs.
  • You must collect eggs to climb the ranking to the top!
  • Rewards for the easter event!


  • This event is related to Easter Christian festival.
  • You can win up to 15 Green Beret max.
  • There is a real time leaderboard
  • Remember: You can get eggs with helping friends, collecting coins and destroying star bases.
Getting Eggs
Action Reward
Collecting coins
from Compact Houses
1 x Gift egg easter  
Helping friends 3 x Gift egg easter  
Destroying Star Bases 5 x Gift egg easter  


  • Visit your friends a lot!
  • Collect coins from your Compact Houses whenever they are full. It's great if you have level 1 Compact Houses because they take less time to fill up.
  • Attack star bases during this event in alliance wars, since colony shields don't work in wars, you can hammer away at your opponents until you destroy the base for 5 eggs
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