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The Doomsday Event is an special in-game occurrence which consists on protecting the base from waves of Golems from December 12th, 2012, to December 25th.

It was first announced on the game with a countdown, on November 21st, 2012. Then, 2 days later, the development team made an Facebook Event Page[1]. Their first post announcing it was there, along with an wallpaper they made for it.[2] Then, after a couple of promo images, on December 7th, they uploaded the event's trailer on YouTube[3] and Facebook.[4]


Doomsday logo

Doomsday event in-game icon.

The Doomsday Event was a special Galaxy Life event that started on Wednesday December 12th of 2012, and lasted for 14 days, until Wednesday December 25th of 2012. It consists of a determined number of attack waves, that the player must repel to obtain "The Magic Doll" from the Mayan Golems. Rewards are given after a certain number of units are fought, or after a certain amount of time.

After an attack has ended, a 9-hour countdown will start before the next wave is ready to attack. The countdown can be end up instantly by paying GalaxyChip 18.

Icon countdown waves

Doomsday waves' countdown icon.

On August 16th, 2020, Galaxy Life Reborn's website was back up after a general maintenance called the Dark Days. Once players logged into their account on the website / launcher, a popup titled "Doomsday soon?!" would appear, with a small text saying that there's peace expected in the universe, but that Starling detectives reported about the Doomsday falling soon.

These Dark Days period are over, and we finally expected some peace in the universe. But it looks like our Starling Detectives have reported that Doomsday will fall soon and the evil enemies are preparing to doom us. Hurry chief, make sure we are covered for the battles and destruction soon!

There will be an announcement soon with when the event will start to approach, be prepared...
  — Website pop-up text. 

It included a banner of a Doomsday illustration and a footnote saying "The event will be started soon, who knows when...".

Another popup would appear in the game, titled "Universe alert", which also talked about the Dark Days being over and teasing the Doomsday Event.

Welcome in the reborn universe, the terrible Dark Days are finally over and you are now able to play wihout any issues or corrupted data. We hope that you enjoy the peace and fun, while it lasts for now... until Doomsday! Muahahahaha...
  — In-game pop-up text. 


Doomsday Background

A base with the new background.

The event's story says that Worky found an hieroglyph while going to the seasonal shop. After that, some days later, a flash of light would suddenly appear, along with a new pyramid with a warpgate on top of it and giant stone spikes on the background. The warpgate would eventually start spinning and summoning new creatures known as Golems.

'Worky' went over to the seasonal shop to find the most astonishing Christmas tree of the Galaxy. However, this time he bumped into an enigmatic hieroglyph written on stone, what secrets will hold this prophecy?
  — In-game introduction. 

Wohaa! I've gone blind because of that light...and now...what is that on the pyramid? a warpgate? it has started spinning!
  — Second in-game popup. 

Watch out! Something is coming...looks is that big thing?? Will we ever have a peaceful Christmas?
  — Third in-game popup. 

  • First story pop-up.
  • Second story pop-up.
  • Third story pop-up.
  • Defensive items being given to the player upon event's start.

Facts & Tips


  • Ancient creatures will awake and attack us in waves bringing chaos and destruction across the Galaxy from the 12/12/12! (official announcement)
  • The countdown started on November 21, 2012.
  • The Doomsday Event starts on December 12/12/2012 (Wednesday)
  • The "round symbol" resembles a Mayan calendar tablet.
  • The Doomsday Event is like the "Christmas Event", though it is not on Christmas.
  • Thunder golem shoots beam like Wasps and Laser towers, and Wind golems fire a wind projectile. Earth golem shoots a giant rock and throw them one by one, While Fire golem acts like a flamethrower.
  • Thunder, Wind, and Fire's back is feathers,while Earth is large sticks.
  • Wind Golem seems to be the first awaken, or Thunder Golem, but in-game, Thunder with skeletons (level 1-10) or Thunder only (level 11-20) or Thunder and Wind first awake (level 21-Above)


  • Colossus are very effective against the golems.
  • Zeppelins in bunkers are also a very good option, because golems don't attack flying units.
  • Falcons aren't of much help as their damage is very small (higher lvls are recommended).
  • Wasps inside the Bunker are 60% effective, but as you go to further waves, it will get harder, they may be destroyed. Also try various other Combo's.
  • Make sure you're prepared for the golems, each of them has a powerful, unique abillity that could easily destroy your whole base
  • Halloween units can be used here also!
  • The halloween traps seem to also have effect on the golems.
  • Earth Golem's nightmare is Freeze Turret, Wind and Thunder Golems is Mortar, and Fire have a bad range so Colossus can kill it.
  • Fire Golem's only weakness is range as it is just like a level 7 Flamethrower but with more powerful health and damage.
  • Despite sounding stronger than wind, Thunder Golems are the weakest golem as its stats are the lowest.
  • Wind Golems have bad firing rate so multiple high level Sniper Towers and Cannon Blasts can take them down.
  • The event seems to be fair, as it sends Thunder and Wind first to have a chance, and later on Earth and Fire appear, but fewer, then Earth and Fire added more and Thunder and wind encountered are fewer, unlike the Halloween Event, it sends alot Units than this event.
  • Using the golems seems to be important, Thunder is best used to wipe Missile and Cannon, Wind is best at looting or destroying Turrets, Earth is very important on wiping out all defence, while Fire is best to destroy all.

Golems & Special Items

To see the names of each item, just put your mouse cursor on top of each image thumbnail.

These are all the different types of golems that will attack you.

  • Thunder golems have low health, Wind golems have low damage, Earth golems are slower than all the others, and fire is range.
  • Thunder golems have moderate damage, Wind golems are manuverable, Earth deal astounding amounts of damage, and fire golems are efficient in every way.
  • Golems are very expensive, but golems also strong (especialy Fire and Rock).
  • Thunder fires about 3seconds, Wind's tornado reaches the target about 4secs,Earth fires rocks each 3 seconds, while the rock reaches it about 2 seconds, and fire fires about 2 seconds.
  • Earth is the slowest, thunder and Fire is moderate, while Wind is fast, but slow to attack.
  • Thunder is the weakest.
  • The golems is different as in Pocket adventures, they have evil units (for ex: Evil Kamikaze) and Forest golem (which is Nature Golem).
  • Wind Golem is not powerful to take out a level 1 Mortar,Missile Launcher,and Laser Tower, it can destroy level 1 Cannon Tower and Sniper tower in 1 hit.
  • Thunder does not destroy anything in 1 hit, Wind takes atleast 2-6 before it could destroy depends on the level of the building,Earth is very attrative to Compact houses, if it saw a turret, it will destroy it first, and Fire it can be destroyed if you put higher level Falcons or Zeppelin.

Name Description Statistics Attacks Chips Price
Golem fire We have found hieroglyphic saying these golems burnt an ancient civilization. To be clear: The most powerful golem. Icon health 37000
Icon damage 16000
Anything 10 for:
GalaxyChip 70
Golem tornado Nature gives these golems enough power to blow away an entire army. Fastest golem but not very powerful. Icon health 10000
Icon damage 6300
Anything 15 for:
GalaxyChip 30
Golem rock Legend says that ancient Starlings were able to make rocks into Starling shapes and walk, could it be true? The strongest golem, its weak point is that is very slow. Icon health 44000
Icon damage 14000
Anything 10 for:
GalaxyChip 50
Golem thunder Ancient Starlings managed to trap thunder spirits inside these golems and they are angry! These golems are fast but not very powerful. Icon health 3000
Icon damage 2200
Anything 15 for:
GalaxyChip 20

There are items that can help you defeat the waves of Doomsday Golems, which are obtainable by successfully repelling waves, or purchasing them with galaxy chips.

  • The extensive items are the "Mighty mine", "Attractor", and "Potion".
  • The Magic Doll is only obtainable once you complete all the attack waves.

Special items
Icon Description Usage Price
Gift doomsmine Charged with a mysterious shaman power that explodes when golems step over. Enough to kill most of the evils. 1 for GalaxyChip 3
Gift bait A really cute dummy, or maybe so ugly that everyone wants to smash it? Place them near turrets or mines. Any enemy inside its area of effect will attack it. Doesn't recover life. 2 for GalaxyChip 5

Gift doomspotion

Painting the turrets with that will make them more powerful! Turrets damage: +60%. Will last 6 hours after use. 1 for GalaxyChip 8
Gift totem reward Our ancestors used these voodoo dolls to command them at will. Take over the control of a number of golems with that doll. Cannot be purchased.


Game files


Icons and sprites


Promo images


Galaxy Life Doomsday Trailer

Galaxy Life Doomsday Trailer

Doomsday Event trailer.


  • The hieroglyph resembles a Mayan calendar tablet.
  • In the hieroglyph, a lot of faces and figures can be seen, such as Firebit, an angry starling, a crazy starling, a shark, Pacman and his game's ghosts, two "12-12-12" texts, a temple of Mayans, Nukes' explosions, Space Invaders' characters, thunderbolt icons, a skull icon fishes' skeletons, an alien inside a UFO, a phone, Apple's icon, a dragon, a human-like skeleton, an dinosaur-like fossil, and more.
  • This is the first event that is available on all Galaxy Life versions (AGAME, Facebook and Pocket adventures).
  • The number of Golems that attacks on a attack wave depends on the player's level.
  • This event is the second time that the background of the main planet changes; the first one being the Halloween Event's background.
  • Unlike the Halloween Event, Golems are introduced first before the actual event.
  • Earth and Fire Golems are able to reach Smasher Squad's damage, but still they don't reach their amount of health.
  • This event's rewards were lowered.
  • Once the player wins the event, they are able to play it again to gain more rewards.
  • Although the description says that the player will obtain the Voodoo Doll after repealing 140 & 252 (52 if level 1-10) Golems respectively based on your level, the prize is only 50 Golems.
    • This also happened in the Halloween event, where the main reward isn't delivered into the player's inventory.
  • Like the Halloween event, an NPC (in this case, called Shaman) will help the player. He is a Starling wearing a Christmas hat.
  • The Earth Golem is seen at opening screen, as it was not encountered, in Pocket Adventures.
    • On Desktop version, a Thunder Golem is used instead.


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