This contest started on 2013/04/10 and finished on 2013/04/16

Hi Earthlings!

Since the Easter contest was really successful and we received great feedback, we decided to create news ones that will be done from time to time!

Each one will be a bit different since will have different goals and rewards.

Today will start one whre you have to destroy as much Star Bases of other players as possible during a week to with these awesome rewards that you'll earn depending on your position at the end of the contest.

Hope you like it!
  — GL forums official description 


Top 1 - Top 25: 3 Skull Nuke
Top 26 - Top 50: 3 Smasher Squad
Top 51 - Top 100: 3 Boulder Strike
Top 101 - Top 250: 3 Green Beret units
Top 251 - Top 500: 3 Missile rain
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