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Flying fallen angels from the underworld. Born to kill. Strong and fast unit. Cover up your air space.
  — In-game description. 

The Demon is one of the 5 event units exclusive to the Halloween Event, it is among the 3rd strongest of all 5 units


Demons were introduced in the 2012 Halloween Event as one of the 4 new units added at the time. They are used like Zeppelins: They are flying units, used in medium quanity and have high stats along with attacking anything and they can be bought as part of the Horror Pack in the Premium Shop for Galaxy Chips649 or 1 for Galaxy Chips9 when the event is active.

Defending Tips

Demons are flying units, so they cannot be hit by Cannons Blasts and Mortars, thus Sniper Towers, Laser Towers and Missile Launchers are relied on to keep them at bay. However due to their incredible health, Bunkers filled with Colossi are required to take them down in masses at higher Star Base levels.

Attacking Tips

Demons should be thought of as tougher Zeppelins, so use them sparingly to disable ground turrets that pose a threat to your attacking army, be wary of Missile Launchers and Bunkers as they have the greatest ability to take down Demons. Recommended to use alongside Starlinators which are good at disabling Missile Launchers.