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Crafted Weapons on Attack Menu

You can find your Crafting collections inside My Stuff Box which is located underneath the Shop, on the "Crafting" tab. There are 4 Weapons that can be crafted: the Missile Rain, Boulder Strike, Skull Nuke and Freeze Bomb. You can also buy these weapons with Template:GalaxyChip:

Chips Cost
The Missile Rain
The Boulder Strike
Freeze Bomb
Template:GalaxyChip Template:GalaxyChip Template:GalaxyChip Template:GalaxyChip


  • You need to obtain 4 items for each one to be able to build them.
  • The required items can only be obtained by attacking; they can't be published on the wishlist, except for the crystals to craft (the parts of ) the Skull Nuke.
  • These are meant to make attacking quite easier and quicker.
  • They are weapons of massive destruction for battle support and cover a wide range of attacks, that have a radius from 2 to 9 (else 4-5 Banks/Silos in a line).
  • They will appear inside your inventory once they appear, you'll have to build them for later use.
  • Since Update 0.66.6 Boulder Strike appearance has changed, now looks more like an Asteroid. Its price on chips has also been changed from 4 to Template:GalaxyChip.

Crafting Items List

Missile Rain

"A powerful area attack that fills the sky with missiles". It is used while attacking and deals medium damage to more than one building or unit. If the enemy has a bunker filled with purely ground units and those units are anything short of a Colossus squad, one of these can pretty much neutralize the bunker garrison if timed properly. However, it may not destroy the building itself...

Icon damage
Damage: 5,000
Icon range
Blast Radius: 8
Items The Missile Rain Missile Rain Crafting  The Missile Rain
Name How To Get It? Description
Missile box
Missile Box Destroy Compact Houses for a chance to get it We use missile boxes for many things. Need a new toolbox?
Missile pack
Missile Pack Destroy a Star Base for a chance to get it Handle with caution. they have an explosive temper.
Engine Destroy Mines for a chance to find one Flying to target can be achieved with this useful component.
Red button
Red Button Destroy Warp Gates for a chance to get it. We need this to deploy the attack. It is an essential item.

Boulder Strike

"A huge rock that will shake the galaxy". A very powerful attack that can deal heavy damage to one target like Defense Bunkers or defensive towers like Mortar. It does have a slight AOE, about the size of the rock itself. Carefully positioned strikes can hit multiple targets, Targeting level 4-above Starbases are not recommended, as they survive it.

Icon damage
Damage: 26,000
Icon range
Blast Radius: 2
Items The Boulder Strike Boulder Strike Crafting  The Boulder Strike
Name How To Get It? Description
Catapult Destroy Defense Bunker for a chance to get these. Throws objects as far as possible, but must be aimed accurately.
Rope Destroy Training Camp for a chance to get these. Let's see how it works... Strech and release!
Boulder Destroy Cannon Blasts for a chance to get these. Smash enemy buildings with this huge rock.
Timber trunks
Timber Trunks Destroy Sniper Towers for a chance to get these. Essential for building a strong structure. Excellent raw material!

Skull Nuke

"Wipes out your enemies with a huge boom!" Buy it during a battle for a destruction boost!

The Skull Nuke is the last addition to the Starlings Arsenal of special battle support weapons. It is now lumped in with the crafted weapons, but you also can buy it for Template:GalaxyChip Galaxy Chips.

Icon damage
Damage: 4,000,000
Icon range
Blast Radius: 9
Items Nuke Skull Nuke Crafting  Nuke
Name How To Get It? Description
Gift binding materials
Binding Materials Destroy Turrets, for a chance to get it! These can't be missing inside the toolbox of any respected Starlin mechanic!
Gift starling heater
Starling kettle Destroy Star Bases level 4 or higher, for a chance to get it. It looks a bit archaic, I know, but it works like magic!
Gift nuke fuel
Crystal Fluid Complete the Crystal fluid collection and get this as a reward. Starlings use this powerful and dangerous liquid in their most lethal weapons!
Gift nuke fission device
Fission Device Complete the Fission Device collection and get this as a reward. This device is essential in creating nuclear power! Bring here those particles!


Skull Nuke Test Video

Skull Nuke Test Video

Skull Nuke Test Confidential Video


  • The skull nuke is the most powerful (and expensive) craftable battle support weapon available, to date.
  • Like the Missle rain and Boulder strike, it's now craftable (after the game 0.59.7 update).
  • Be aware of where you deploy it, as it irradicates your friendly units, as well.
  • It's not advised to openly spend credits on nukes, as it's not really worth the price (200)
  • Crafting the Crystal Fluid and Fission Device can be easy enough if you attack planets with turrets often, and have planets that are all of the different types (i.e. green, blue, yellow, red, white, and purple)
  • Buying parts with chips is best, crystal fluid and Fission device cost 50 chips, buying parts costs 5 chips, so it is best-buying parts than the full one.


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