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The Compact Houses are one of the first resource buildings available. It's purpose is to generate gold over time.


The coins obtained from compact houses can be collected by clicking on them; alternatively, the player can click on a bank to automatically collect all of the coins gained from all compact houses in the colony.

Coins obtained can be used for a wide variety of stuff such as upgrading buildings, training units, colonizing and attacking other players.


To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings per level visit Building Level Unlocks at Star Base's Page.

Building time
Production p/min
Max. storage
Maximum collection time
Experience given
Experience given when destroyed
1 22s Coins 360 750 Coins 6 Coins 360 1h Experience 1 Experience 1
2 7m 30s Coins 760 1,500 Coins 11 Coins 990 1h 30m Experience 4 Experience 1
3 30m Coins 1,580 2,400 Coins 20 Coins 2,700 2h 15m Experience 9 Experience 1
4 1h 30m Coins 3,340 6,000 Coins 31 Coins 6,510 3h 30m Experience 22 Experience 1
5 3h Coins 6,980 12,000 Coins 46 Coins 13,800 5h Experience 44 Experience 2
6 7h 30m Coins 14,700 24,000 Coins 62 Coins 27,900 7h 30m Experience 103 Experience 5
7 18h Coins 30,900 45,000 Coins 81 Coins 55,980 11h 30m Experience 236 Experience 9
8 1d 12h Coins 64,880 65,000 Coins 103 Coins 105,060 17h Experience 479 Experience 18
9 3d Coins 136,280 105,000 Coins 128 Coins 197,760 1d 1h 45m Experience 974 Experience 36
10 4d 12h Coins 287,560 165,000 Coins 156 Coins 360,360 1d 14h 30m Experience 1,676 Experience 75



Sound Name Description
Collect coin Played when coins are collected from a Compact House.


Galaxy Life (2011 - 2016)
Version Type Description
0.36.7 Fix Fixed an issue that caused a Star Coffee error when cancelling a house upgrade under certain conditions.
0.47.7 Fix Level 10 houses now have a new look.
0.84.2 New content Collect all coins: Click a Bank to collect all the coins available in all the houses of this planet or colony.


  • The ancestor's house appears to be a level 1 Compact House.
  • The maximum amount of gold that can be collected at once is 4,320,000 coins; and if having all twelve level-10 compact houses in all colonies, it would make a total of 51,840,000 coins.
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