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"Compact Houses are the only buildings that produce coins. They are found under the Resources Tab in the Shop."
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  • You should have enough storage to store the accumulated coins. You can get more storage by buying and upgrading banks all the way to the maximum level, which is 10. 
  • Compact houses generate Coins over time and will stop doing so when their coin capacity gets full. A high-level Compact house generates more money, at a faster rate and has more coin capacity, but it also needs more time before it's full.
  • Compact houses will keep generating coins when destroyed. So be thankful for the player who destroys them right after you logged out for sleep because that is a safeguard to you gaining the maximum amount of coins after coming back ;).
  • Level 10 compact house will give up to 200,000 coins upon the final destruction, which wasn't looted during the tearing down of the structure if it happens to be completely filled with coins.
  • A low-level Compact House generates fewer Coins but maximizes its storage quicker.
  • The ancestor's house appears to be a level 1 Compact House
  • It takes more time to build and upgrade than a Mine because Compact houses are made of mostly metal and glass which are harder to build/collect than rocks.
  • Compact houses generate more experience revenue and the war points revenue is higher than mines. A compact house can generate more than 1 war point each when the attacker's planet/colony star base is lower to much lower in level. The player's level is not affecting this outcome. The best target for a high amount of war points remains the Warp Gate.
  • Compact houses at a high level are effective protection against enemy invasion when trying to keep turrets from falling quickly. Using them as a shielding wall is a widely used strategy to keep enemies occupied for as long as possible.
  • There was an update recently where the level 10 Compact House gained some balconies, therefore making it easier to distinguish level 9 and level 10 compact houses.
  • In higher-level players, compact houses are used to protect defense because of their high health.
  • in the lower level, players compact houses are often protected by LOTS of turrets so if you are attacking a low-level watch out in attacking this. 
  • If you wait that the storage of your twelve Compact Houses level 10 is filled, it makes all in all of 4,320,000 coins and with all your colonies moreover, it makes 51,840,000 coins!
  • Compact Houses level 6 and under are relatively easy to destroy.
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Las Casas compactas son los únicos edificios que producen monedas . Ellos se encuentran bajo la pestaña de recursos en la tienda. Nota que tu deberías tener suficiente capacidad de almacenamiento para guardar las monedas acumuladas. Las casas compactas generan dinero siempre, y pararán de hacerlo cuando su capacidad llegue al límite. Una casa compacta de nivel alto genera más dinero, a un ritmo más rápido y tiene más capacidad de monedas, pero necesita mucho tiempo para que se llene. Una casa compacta de nivel bajo genera menos dinero, pero está lista muy rápido. Para más detalles, observa la tabla siguiente.



To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings per level visit: Building Level Unlocks at Star Base's Page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon coins perminute
Icon production coin
Icon filling time
If destroyed
Level 1 22s Coins 360 750 Coins 6 Coins 360 1h Experience 1 Experience 1
Level 2 7m 30s Coins 760 1,500 Coins 11 Coins 990 1h 30m Experience 4 Experience 1
Level 3 30m Coins 1,580 2,400 Coins 20 Coins 2,700 2h 15m Experience 9 Experience 1
Level 4 1h 30m Coins 3,340 6,000 Coins 31 Coins 6,510 3h 30m Experience 22 Experience 1
Level 5 3h Coins 6,980 12,000 Coins 46 Coins 13,800 5h Experience 44 Experience 2
Level 6 7h 30m Coins 14,700 24,000 Coins 62 Coins 27,900 7h 30m Experience 103 Experience 5
Level 7 18h Coins 30,900 45,000 Coins 81 Coins 55,980 11h 30m Experience 236 Experience 9
Level 8 36h Coins 64,880 65,000 Coins 103 Coins 105,060 17h Experience 479 Experience 18
Level 9 72h Coins 136,280 105,000 Coins 128 Coins 197,760 25h 45m Experience 974 Experience 36
Level 10 108h Coins 287,560 165,000 Coins 156 Coins 360,360 38h 30m Experience 1,676 Experience 75

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  • Upgrading Compact Houses to levels 2, 6, 9 and 10 makes them taller, making an advantage to hide turrets like Mortar.

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