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High level colony icon.

The Colonies are a series of themed bases that allows the player to split their progress and resources.


Colonies provides the player a way to gain resources, grow their army and can expand the player's presence through different Planetary Systems, which can decrease the cost of further attacks to faraway players' colonies. To colonize other planets, the player must have an Observatory in their main colony.

The player's main planetary system will hold four extra colonies belonging to Elderby, Firebit, Sparragon and Reptice.

There are eight types of colonies in the game which two types are special since they exist due to the player's existence in the game: the player's main colony and Firebit's and Sparragon's colonies. The other six colonies are mostly called by their colors: red, blue, green, white, violet and yellow, each of these types being in their equally-colored planetary systems. Color colonies also contains exclusive types of plants and minerals.

The player is able to move their planet to a new place at the cost of Galaxy Chips 35 Galaxy Chips. The best way to colonize planets that are far away is to use chips. First, the player must colonize a planet in the same system as their main colony is located (or close to it), and then they have to move it using chips.


To see detailed info on the max number of colonies you can have, and how to unlock each one, visit: Observatory Page.
  • Colonies conquering costs depend on the distance of such a colony from the main planet. The formula is the next:
    • Distance is not counted by the Pythagorean theorem, subtract X coordinates to get number A, and subtract Y coordinates to get number B. For cost formula, use whichever number A or B is higher as distance.
    • To know the costs of colonizing a planet, multiply distance of that empty planet by 66,000.
  • Colony price is not affected by the number of colonies already owned, it varies only by the distance of the intended colony.
Distance Coins Minerals
0-1 Coins 66,000 Minerals 66,000
2 Coins 123,992 Minerals 123,992
3 Coins 185,980 Minerals 185,980
4 Coins 247,965 Minerals 247,965
5 Coins 309,945 Minerals 309,945
6 Coins 371,920 Minerals 371,920
7 Coins 433,891 Minerals 433,891
8 Coins 495,858 Minerals 495,858
9 Coins 557,820 Minerals 557,820
10 Coins 619,777 Minerals 619,777






  • It's possible that the unused colony background would have been used in Reptice's colony, but was replaced with a white colony background instead, possibly a mistake.
  • After some time of inactivity, the player's colonies will be automatically moved. They will be randomly scattered hundreds of systems away from where they originally were, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will be far away from each other.
Start date Inactivity time
1d to 14d 7d
14d to 30d 14d
30d to 90d 21d
90d or more 30d
Example: If the player started playing 3 months ago, they need to log out of the game for, at least, 30 days.

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