The Colonies will function exactly the same as your main home planet. They are a great way of getting more resources, coins, and chips! They will also help you to level up and attack others, by building a bigger army making more units in two places at the same time.


Screen Shot 2012-08-01 at 4.59.11 PM

Planet Selection Screen (shows SBs lvl & coordinates)

  • After upgrading your Star Base to level 4, you unlock the Observatory. Once it had been built, you will be able to colonize new empty planets.


Moving Colony

Selection Menu for move colonies manually.

Move or colonize

Selection menu after you have chosen to colonize

  • The best way to colonize planets very far away is to use chips. First, colonize a planet in your system, then move it with chips.
  • After the Galaxy Life Update 0.61.5 ), you can move your planet to a new place at the cost of GalaxyChip 10 Galaxy Chips. - (see picture aside) Your colony will remain the same as it was prior to moving.
    • To move one of your colonies, do the same steps as when creating a new one. After you have pressed colonize you will get the option to move.
  • After some time of inactivity, - (see table below) Your colonies will be automatically moved. They will be randomly scattered hundreds of systems away from where you are now, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will be far away from each other. This can be useful to those people who made many of their colonies inside the same system and are being constantly attacked by other players.
Start date Inactivity time
1 to 14d 7d
14d to 30d 14d
30d to 90d 21d
90d or more 30d

(Example:- If you play since 3 months ago, you need to turn off the game for 30 days.)

Colony Conquering Costs


To see detailed info on the max number of colonies you can have,
and how to unlock each one, visit: Observatory Page.

Colony Conquering Costs
Colony 1 Distance Icon costs
0-1 Coins 66,000
Minerals 66,000
2 Coins 123,992
Minerals 123,992
3 Coins 185,980
Minerals 185,980
4 Coins 247,965
Minerals 247,965
5 Coins 309,945
Minerals 309,945
6 Coins 371,920
Minerals 371,920
7 Coins 433,891
Minerals 433,891
8 Coins 495,858
Minerals 495,858
9 Coins 557,820
Minerals 557,820
10 Coins 619,777
Minerals 619,777
  • Colonies conquering costs depend on the distance of such a colony from the main (original) planet/Starbase.
    • The formula is simple:
      • Distance is not counted by the Pythagorean theorem, simply subtract X coordinates to get number A, and subtract Y coordinates to get number B. For cost formula, use whichever number A or B is higher as distance.
      • To see how much money you need to colonize a planet, multiply distance of that empty planet by 66,000
  • Colony price is not affected by the number of colonies you may already have, only by the distance of the intended colony.

Colonies/Planets Gallery

Conquered Colonies Victory Screens


  • All the colonies in the colony panel will be selectable now. In addition, the last colony visited will have a green glow around.

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