With the newly given 2011 files of Galaxy Life many unused stuff has been found and also some units.


There is not much known about this charachter it this was going to be a Worker of some sort. It was going to have missions with the icon shown below. With the main animation of the unit there also came 4 build beam animations. This unit might someday make it into the game but with a different purpose and small changes to its look. An idea for this unit was for it to be a healing unit that would repair your units ingame like the Mender would.

Starling Robot
Mecha Boxer

[Mecha Boxer] We really dont know much about this unit. This unit has been found in the old files by Majorworm. From what we know this unit was going to be purchaseable with chips and would act like the mercanary squad from the old Galaxy Life it would attack defences and only that until they were all destroyed. This unit will most likely not make it into the game anytime soon as we dont know much about it and dont have much of it.

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