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Elderby is an old and very wise Starling. He is always the first friend you have, however many your account has. When you begin the game, you look up to Elderby, the great player who is level 100. His Starbase is Level 6. He gives you a few missions, of which the last is 'Training Days' Part 1. However, as you grow better and better in the game, Elderby begins to look like a newbie- Especially when your hitting level 500+!...



Sparragon is one of the three antagonists in the game. He is a space pirate that attacks you once in the whole game. If you destroy his Star Base, his planet will repair instantly and he will build a stronger defense, his level is higher and, in most cases, his Star Base level-ups. At the first levels he is very easy but later he begins to get harder and harder beeing a real challenge. He gives the most ammount of resources of the three "enemies" that you can attack.



Firebit is the best of the three antagonists in the game. He attacks you first with a group of Marines and, a few missions after, he says that he has rebuilt his planet and kidnaps your Starlings. That kidnapping is the beginning of the main story. You must destroy Sparragon's Star Base for the Delta Key, then train lots of troops and destroy Firebit's Star Base to rescue the Starlings. After that, you can attack him as many times as you want, but per attack, his planet will be stronger!

When the S-Trike was introduced, a new Mission including Firebit was released. Firebit will attack you with a group of 4 S-Trikes. You then have to build a few Flamethrowers, 2 Kamikazes, and S-Trikes to destroy Firebit's Star Base.


Reptice Thumb.png

Reptice is the newest antagonist in the game. He lives on the other side of a black hole, on a frozen planet. You need to destroy his Star Base to construct the Freeze Turret. All his loot is minerals. You first need to get a Star Base level four first, to get through the black hole. Reptice is the only one living behind a black hole.

Apparently he is a wizard according to the description: "We first need the blueprints to build the Freeze Turret! Rumor has it that Reptice, a hideous Starling wizard, knows the secret to slowing downtime. Find him in the Planetary System, destroy his HQ and seize the blueprints for the turret!"

Counselor Mobius

Mobius in-game pic.

Counselor Mobius.png

Counselor Mobius is the Alliance know-it-all. He is the go-to guy if you ever have a question about how Alliances work. He will help you get started and will be around to help you along the way if you ever get stuck.

Major Wor


Major Wor is a Starling war general. He will give you many missions throughout the game. He is also the mascot for all attacks you make on other players. He will also deliver you your battle stats. The first mission he gives you is the Save The Starlings! mission chain instead of defending against Firebit when you first start the game.


Starling Scientist.png

Chubi is the head scientist Starling in the lab. He delivers all the new game features, after carefully developing each one. He gives you a lot of your missions. He helps you to discover the Laboratory for upgrading your units, and the Observatory for colonizing new systems, he is the first one who was introduced in the fan page (Facebook). He can also be seen from time to time on the loading screen.



Oopsies is the Starling bug fixer. He reads all the bug reports (for example when something goes wrong technically with your game) and gets together with the other Worker Starlings to get them fixed. Though he may not be the most coordinated Starling, he sure does love his bugs!

Luck Norris

Luck Norris.png

Luck Norris is always listening, He is always in the know, and he is always watching. Thanks to him, hackers are now nothing but a bad dream in the past, whereby if Luck Norris catches you cheating then you'll feel his wrath! Check his personal page to know how to report a cheater!


SP Engineer-0.png

Spyling is one of the latest NPC's of Galaxy Life. He's the Spying Capsule pilot and is in charge of spying enemy bases. He gives you two capsules every day you spy, up to fifteen (15).



Workers are a crucial part of any colony. They are the people who build everything you need. When the player first starts the game they start with 1 Worker. In order to hire another one, you will need a helmet, a tool case, and a mallet or a friendship stone.


  • Fixed bug that showed the wrong information of the NPC's after attacking them. The information shown now is correct.

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