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The Military Buildings are in charge of training all your units of your army, as also of giving them shelter before the attack begins.

There are four:

The Military Buildings

  • The Warp Gates holds the units you have trained. If you attack someone, the units around the Warp Gate will jump in the middle of the ring and so they teleport themselves into battle, at the cost of minerals.


  • Color of the enemy units changed. (Sparragon: Green) (Friends: Yellow) (Firebit: Purple).
  • Fixed bug when starting to produce some units in a barrack/factory/shipyard and then start upgrading the building. If you reloaded, you saw the building already upgraded and the units producing.
  • Newsfeeds of units now come with amazing tutorial videos! Check'em out!
  • Fixed an issue letting units cross walls placed vertically and horizontally.
  • Fixed bug that caused units to be deployed on buildings that are in top right corner.

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