Cannon Blast


"Need a massive killer? We're the bomb! We can kill many starlings with a couple of blasts. Killing enemy crowds is our thing!!"
  — in-game description 

Tips and General Information ==

  • Short-range, little damage but with an area blast.
  • This turrets' bomb explodes in large groups of ground Units taking them down. (It can also destroy mechanized units)
  • ===The Cannon Blast is effectively used against infantry, or against grouped of units.===
  • ===The Cannon Blast can't attack flying units, so make sure that other Defensive Buildings can protect the Cannon Blast.===
  • It's the first turret you get and along with the Sniper Tower.
  • It's also the most numerous one you can build alongside the Sniper Tower.
  • The Cannon Blast can be thought of as a "stationary" version of Beetle Tank on defense.
  • The Cannon Blast may miss when firing at the S-Strike due to its ROF (rate of fire) and SOS (speed of shooting)
  • The Cannon Blast has a bigger range when it is level 11 as a Sniper Tower has at level 1.
  • The barrel of the Cannon Blast is square yet the bombs that come out of it are circular
  • The highest level of the Cannon Blast is level 11
  • S-trike can dodge Cannon Blast's attack for a chance, same as dodging mortar's attack.


To see detailed info on how to unlock each level and the total amount of buildings per Base level, visit the Star Base's page.

Icon time
Icon costs
Icon health
Icon damage
Icon fire rate
Icon range
If destroyed
1 5m Template:Coins
6,000 60 0.66/s 18x18 Template:Experience Template:Experience
2 15m Template:Coins
12,000 60 0.66/s 18x18 Template:Experience Template:Experience
3 45m Template:Coins
17,000 60 0.66/s 20x20 Template:Experience Template:Experience
4 2h 15m Template:Coins
22,000 80 0.71/s 20x20 Template:Experience Template:Experience
5 6h 45m Template:Coins
26,000 100 0.71/s 22x22 Template:Experience Template:Experience
6 20h 15m Template:Coins
30,000 120 1/s 22x22 Template:Experience Template:Experience
7 2d Template:Coins
34,000 140 1/s 22x22 Template:Experience Template:Experience
8 3d Template:Coins
37,000 160 1/s 24x24 Template:Experience Template:Experience
9 4d Template:Coins
40,000 180 1/s 24x24 Template:Experience Template:Experience
10 5d 12h Template:Coins
42,000 200 1/s 26x26 Template:Experience Template:Experience
11 10d Template:Coins
50,000 300 1.11 26x26 Template:Experience Template:Experience
Note: Cannon Blast Level 11 requires: 1 SphereGift Sphere to be able to upgrade. (Click the icon to get more info)


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