Cannon Blast


"Need a massive killer? We're the bomb! We can kill many starlings with a couple of blasts. Killing enemy crowds is our thing!!"
  — in-game description 

Tips and General infomation:

  • Short range, little damage but with an area blast.
  • This turrets's bomb explodes in large groups of ground Units taking them down.(It can also destroy mechanized units)
  • ===The Cannon Blast is effectively used against infantry, or against grouped of units.===
  • ===The Cannon Blast can't at flying units, so make sure that other Defensive Buildings can protect the Cannon Blast.===
  • It's the first turret you get and along with the the Sniper Tower.
  • It's also the most numerous one you can build along side the Sniper Tower.
  • The Cannon Blast can be thought of as a "stationary" version of Beetle Tank on defense.
  • The Cannon Blast may miss when firing at the S-Strike due to its ROF (rate of fire) and SOS (speed of shooting)
  • The Cannon Blast has bigger range when it is level 11 as a Sniper Tower has at level 1.
  • The barrel of the Cannon Blast is square yet the bombs that come out of it are circular
  • The highest level of the Cannon Blast is level 11
  • S-trike can dodge Cannon Blast's attack for a chance,same as dodging mortar's attack.



To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings
per Base level visit: Building Level Unlocks at Star Base's Page.

Icon time
Icon costs
Icon health
Icon damage
Icon damage type
Icon fire rate
Icon unit target
Icon range
If destroyed
1 5m Coins 1,110
Minerals -
6,000 60 Area Blast 0.66/s Ground 18x18 Experience 4 Experience 1
2 15m Coins 5,400
Minerals 2,800
12,000 60 Area Blast 0.66/s Ground 18x18 Experience 19 Experience 2
3 45m Coins 27,100
Minerals 11,600
17,000 60 Area Blast 0.66/s Ground 20x20 Experience 87 Experience 9
4 2h 15m Coins 135,600
Minerals 58,100
22,000 80 Area Blast 0.71/s Ground 20x20 Experience 420 Experience 41
5 6h 45m Coins 678,100
Minerals 299,000
26,000 100 Area Blast 0.71/s Ground 22x22 Experience 2,066 Experience 202
6 20h 15m Coins 3,390,600
Minerals 1,453,100
30,000 120 Area Blast 1/s Ground 22x22 Experience 10,175 Experience 1,001
7 2d Coins 5,076,300
Minerals 1,453,100
34,000 140 Area Blast 1/s Ground 22x22 Experience 14,765 Experience 1,436
8 3d Coins 7,595,000
Minerals 1,453,100
37,000 160 Area Blast 1/s Ground 24x24 Experience 21,473 Experience 2,251
9 4d Coins 11,408,000
Minerals 1,453,100
40,000 180 Area Blast 1/s Ground 24x24 Experience 31,520 Experience 3,376
10 5d 12h Coins 17,143,000
Minerals 1,452,700
42,000 200 Area Blast 1/s Ground 26x26 Experience 46,631 Experience 4,550
11 10d Coins 34,286,000
Minerals 5,810,800
50,000 300 Area Blast 1.11 Ground 26x26 Experience 95,076 Experience 9,349
Note: Cannon Blast Level 11 requires: 1 SphereGift Sphere to be able to upgrade. (Click the icon to get more info)


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