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Polymeric Polymeric 24 June 2020

Galaxy Life General Tips

Defense tips In this area there will list of few tips and ideas to help you make a better defense. Hopefully if you can find the time to correctly implement the below information. You will have a better chance to keeping your planet safe and also you should be able to plan better attacks against players with less protected planets.

Base Position Be careful, the place where you will build your base will affect your global defense strategy. Some favorite location of players are towards of upper left boundary and towards of lower right boundary. These two locations has features of land narrow outside the site. Which can make deployment of the enemy arduous on one side of your base. Placing your important buildings like the base, banks and comp…

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Majorworm Majorworm 24 June 2020

R.I.P Kyle Scalise

R.I.P the previous owner of this Wiki, Kyle Scalise who died from cancer at 18 in 2017.

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Majorworm Majorworm 25 June 2019

Galaxy Life is Reborn

Galaxy Life is back! Visit the official website to learn more

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SuperSprinter156 SuperSprinter156 21 February 2016

It's over

The servers for both computer and mobile have shut down. Its impossible to get back on, its the end of Galaxy Life...

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Muhammad12 Muhammad12 6 January 2015

Need Help For My New Base Defense!!!!

Guys Help me out! I need help with My defense.U guys can post a picture so it can help me for my defense.Thnx For ur cooperation!!!!

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ErikCR ErikCR 22 December 2014


Just a post.

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Cherylfrancis3000 Cherylfrancis3000 12 October 2014


Today of 3:00pm Ph time,There is one message on myself.It says about can I join your alliance?How can I accept this member and how can i search its base for checking?In the message,i dont see any accept sign,it only shows the message,Picture and an X.PLEASE ANSWER NOW CUZ THIS IS CRUCIAL FOR ME!

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Jarren Pineda Jarren Pineda 12 August 2014


If you're reading this, you might be a WC or a member of the wiki, pls be back on the wiki, the wiki will be inactive again, we need you back!

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Jdl980306 Jdl980306 3 May 2014

Alliance cheaters

For those of you that love competition but hate cheaters, there is a 3 person alliance that is named "The Kings" who use dumby accounts to come in and destroy all your bunkers with meteors. They used well over 50 meteors and who knows how many missles, then they attack with their alliance, they're are not that good but because of this they are 26-0. If you're like me that kind of cheating pisses me off so if it bothers you too here are the team members "predator-37 main planet 264,549 General", "Neymar15911 main planet 305,932 Captian", and Allessio Scandola main planet 964,219".

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Bniklas24 Bniklas24 24 February 2014

Ich spiele Galaxy Life!!!

Hi Leute,

wenn ihr meinen Blog lest ,dann bin ich sehr froh darüber ,weil ich auch Galaxy Life spiele.

Ich spiele auf: SPIELEN.COM und jetzt  kommen meine Infos meiner Kolonie:

1. Ich habe Sternbasis Lvl. 6 und bin sehr froh darüber.

2. Ich habe fast alles aufgewertet. (Fabrik,Flughafen,Trainigslager...)

3. Fast alle meine Häuser sind auf Lvl. 10. Gut oder?

4. Wenn ihr mal meine Kolonie sehen wollt ,dann geht auf SPIELEN.COM und meldet euch an oder

wenn ihr irgendwo spielt dann guckt einfach nach im Sterncosmos 962,49.Ich würde mich freuen!!!

5. Meine Allianz heißt Starlinatoren2367 also guckt vorbei und wenn ihr noch bei keiner Allianz seit schickt mir doch eine Allianzbeitrittsanfrage. Ich werde mich freuen aber ich werde noch 2 Plätze für Haupt…

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MegaRicky MegaRicky 11 February 2014

Como destruir tu enemigo

Hola a todos:

bueno le dire como destruir a tu enemigo:

1) espia a tu enemigo para ver si tiene tropas en su bunker.

2) para destruir sus bunkers usa miteoritos o lluvia de misiles.

3) para destruir sus torretas tienes que distraelos ¿como? usa s-trikes y stermilator porque los s-trikes distraen las torretas y cuando las torretas esten distraidas entonces pone stremilator .

4)  si tiene torretas de hielo destruyelas con una lluvia de misiles .

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MegaRicky MegaRicky 9 February 2014

Consejos para ser el mejor en Galaxy Life

Hola a todos :

bueno les dare unos consejos para protejer tu planeta:​​

1) En tu planeta tienes que hacer  en forma de cuadrado.

2) las casa estaran afuera y las torretas adentro saben por que,

por que las casa , minas ,silos y bancos tienen mas vida que las torretas sirve como escudo.

3) los bunkers tienen que llenarlo con colosos , zepelines o alcones 

4) los bunkers lo tiene que colocarlo en las esquinas del cuadrado ¡entienden!

5) los portales se ponen adentro del cuadrado para que no lo destruyan por que si tenes colosos , zepelines , alcones o s-trikes se te ban de un solo.

6) para ganar dinero tienes que ahorrar no tienes que gastate niun centavo como una semana o 3 o 4 dias.

7) si tienes amigos como de nivel 200 o 300 diles que te envien co…

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Seamus2003 Seamus2003 4 January 2014

Long time no see

Wow i havent played this game in ages! Like 2 years now. I want to get bak into the game but I have too much stuff going on in my life and i really hope to get bak into the game soon

19:00, January 4, 2014 (UTC)Seamus2003

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Lim Gary Lim Gary 1 January 2014

What's your favourite unit?

Mine is Zeppelin,Colossus and some special units!

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Kyle$calise Kyle$calise 10 November 2013

Galaxy Life Joins the Ubisoft Family!

Hi Earthlings!

We're really proud to announce that both Galaxy Life and Galaxy Life Pocket Adventures are now part of the Ubisoft famiily!

Now the Galaxy Life community will have better forums (without GetSatisfaction), new Customer Support, new and popular friends and more cool new things that we're pretty sure will help to improve your Galaxy Life experience!

The original Galaxy Life development team is still working on the game, and have promised tons of new features and content to come.

We're really excited to join Ubi, and hope you Earthlings would like this awesome improvement too!

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619797 619797 8 November 2013

need help

Hi everyone I need help. Recently I got banned because of a pop up on facebook that said galaxy life was giving 20 chips to whoever clicked like, it was some kind of give away for there being so many people playing the game. So i clicked like thinking sure free chips thanks, then i got band. I dont cheat nor do I like playing with people that do, a fair game is the best game plus it makes it more of a challenge. I tried to send a ticket to the support team like the text stated and I did this two times however i have not received any reply or help. Can anyone help?

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PCPG PCPG 25 October 2013

Long time no blog

Hey again guys,

I haen't actually posted a blog post on this wiki for quite some time. Just wanted to see if we could get a bit of a disscussion going in the comments of my post, Falcons or Zeppilins? You decide!


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Oi6366 Oi6366 15 October 2013

upgrade to level 6

Anyone know why i cant upgrade to level 6.     Been sitting here for days now...

I have more coins than is required and yet the upgrade says i still need more coins for the upgrade..       The coins required are > the total required.  i.e required 22,551,200       i have 24,327,124,   the difference still required is 1,775,924..       I still need batteries,  but i dont think the coins come into this if you buy more batteries using chips.     

Im sure recently when i looked at upgrading,  each item was checked with a green tick if you had the item..     i.e    coins,  batteries and lights

Cheers,  Bill

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Skinny007 Skinny007 6 October 2013



i'm new at this. I got in to an alliance. How can i contact them to help me or help them?



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Space135 Space135 5 August 2013

Destroying Firebit (saving the starlings 10/10)

just stuck on this mission.... The firebit's starbase is highly protected.....

sigh....anybody got any tips?
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-alex48starlings- -alex48starlings- 3 August 2013

A note to all the GL wiki users

A little note to let you learn:

The Galaxy Life wiki uses the comment system, wich is a privilege and can also be revoked.

In order to keep having the comment system, you should have to not spam and be respectful.

If you are caught spamming or insulting other wiki users an admin will post a warning messagge on your wall. 

If after it you're caught spamming again, your account will be blocked for 3 days.



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-alex48starlings- -alex48starlings- 1 August 2013

Wiki near to inactivity :(

Hi all you guys, it's alex48starlings speaking.

I joined this wiki as a tiny level 14, near the end of nov 2012, and i was surprised on how fast it grew up. It brought me to the doomsday and thanks to it i could survive. Thanks to the admins kyle and minifede and to all the other users who gave me amazing tips, now i am al level 299! (i know one-step-far to 300 ;) ).

Now the wiki lost 4 of the contribs wich made the wiki near to perfect, i am speaking of Yashpinto, Geoff36 (or so) Uzzi21 and LeoE123. Also other good friends of mine, like Fighter107 or Seamus2003 left the wiki.

I am launching this rollcall to anyone listening me, join us! if you are reading the wiki, just sign up and help us editing! and if you are an user who is just posting …

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-Wout-S- -Wout-S- 31 July 2013

main planet's star base

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Avariceee Avariceee 29 July 2013

Level 283 looking for good similar level alliance

The subject pretty much says it all. My main planet is at 1068,111. I have a lot of alliance experiance, my roommates and I created one and ended it when we were around 50 wins and 3 loses.

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Gontaverius Gontaverius 25 July 2013

My Blog

i Love This Game 

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Seamus2003 Seamus2003 26 June 2013

I'm rising

Hey guys i'm back playing galaxy life and now need a alliance to join due to my inactivity

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Minifede Minifede 28 May 2013

Galaxy Life on Steam Green Light!

GALAXY LIFE IS ON STEAM GREENLIGHT! Calling all GL players who are Steam members! Do you want a crossplatform multiplayer with both Facebook and Steam users? You can make it happen if you and your friends vote Galaxy Life there!


If greenlit GL team will make an improved F2P standalone version with better performance, content, fixes and features that would be applied on all versions! 

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TheMinecraftMaster TheMinecraftMaster 8 May 2013

Anyone want to join my alliance?

Hello everyone. I made some time ago a alliance. We are new but powerful alliance who is searching for some members. If you are level 50 or higher you can join my alliance. My alliance name is star gladiators. Just search for it and click join and i will accept you. And we win on almost every alliance wars.

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Raulzinho15 Raulzinho15 8 May 2013

Galaxy Life Quiz To Get To Know You

Put your name(site of play): Put the Date: 1.What is your favorite Unit?

2.Which building is your favorite?

3.Which resource is your favorite?

4.Favorite type of planet?

5.Last of all, Your Level?


Raul Hernandez 03-20-2013





5.Level 38


anna23165(gamesgames) 03-20-2013

1. Falcon. luv how it destroys everything.

2. Obsevatory. more planets for me!

3. Minerals. more units!

4. Yellow. the epic world of summer paradise.

colossus. destroys everything def.bunker luv it bip bip unit exit booommmmmm cooins lvl 160 SB 8

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Thtniqqa josh Thtniqqa josh 7 May 2013



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LightShadow151 LightShadow151 4 May 2013

Updatin Starlinator Games!!!!!

the starlinator games will be upgraded soon! cuz, i has better ideas on how 2 write a story. so b sure 2 check out the update soon! also check out the new update on my profile to match starfire almost completely. XD


CallmemabeyXD (talk) 23:02, May 4, 2013 (UTC)

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LightShadow151 LightShadow151 26 April 2013

How much do YOU Know About GL?????

Hi guys. You know a lot about GL, right? I'm making a quiz about it and I'm accepting questions for the quiz since on this topic 1. my mind has gone blank and 2. I'm only lvl 18 so I need a lot. The goal is to get the highest score. Email the q and a to me at Thanx!

Much luv, --CallmemabeyXD (talk) 02:53, May 7, 2013 (UTC)

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-Galaxy Life Ninja- -Galaxy Life Ninja- 23 April 2013

My opinions about units

Here are my opinions about the units in the game- (1-10)

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Stevenphan3000 Stevenphan3000 18 April 2013


There are cheaters who can't be attacked. There is a d**k decared war with our alliance. His level is only 62 but when I spied on him, it was shown that his level was actually 80. He has a level 6 Starbase and 2 mortals, etc. (WTF?!) We are in war but none of us can attack him. Every time I attemp to attack him after spying, it said "Someone beat you in the punch and now is looting from this player"; even if I can click on the attack icon, an error occurs and I have to repoad the game. I just can't attack him. What a cheater! If the admins reading this, his name is 'lose-heart', his own alliance is 'American Soldiers'. Main planet in system 'TAN KE' - (720,346) Someone must do something about this!!

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LightShadow151 LightShadow151 17 April 2013

The Starlinator Games: Part 3


"Oh just shut up. You don't need to yell in my ear. If I lose the games because you almost popped my eardrum, it's your fault." I grumble.

"Sorry. We have our traning sessions today. You'd better get going." He laughs.

I roll out of bed and get dressed. Then I head to the lounge of the aircraft. Right. All the tributes get 4 days of training. I guess that's enough to improve my skills. Sort of. But I don't think I'll make it off the gold starlinator area alive. That's the worst part of the actual games. 

"Starfire, Marth, can we talk to you guys for a minute?" Asks Thorn from behind, followed by Flare.

"I think you guys have very similar features as us." Says Flare. "We just wanted to know if you two knew the term …

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Man er Man er 15 April 2013

Dark Lords of Zenu is recruiting

we will accept people 50+ and people that are active and contribute to the wars


we are looking for new members as we only have four.....we also have 50 wins and 6 loses


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-alex48starlings- -alex48starlings- 14 April 2013

my tactics of attacking

here are the best tactics in  my opinion

  1. fiirst s-trikes and starlinators as the BEST EVER!
  2. second colossi and starlinators as the best combination to kill bunkers
  3. third s-trikes and falcons as the best for a level 5-6 base
  4. fourth btanks and bazookas as the best in wipeoutting level 3-4 bases
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-Galaxy Life Ninja- -Galaxy Life Ninja- 13 April 2013

What do you think about my base?

Hey guys I want your opinion: Check out 138,711 and tell me what you think of the planet. Its mine so I want to see my weak spots and WAY too strong spots Plzz tell me what you think !

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LightShadow151 LightShadow151 9 April 2013

Sorry 4 my absense

Hey doods. If u r enjoying the Starlinator Games so far and u want more, I'll bring more 4 sure, but I'll need some time between parts to do some planning and improving for this series. Thanx! Enjoy the series!!

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LightShadow151 LightShadow151 1 April 2013

anna23165: Defence Check

Hey doods i need 2 know if my defence is good. i cant get a screenshot of my base. srry. but ill try to describe it the best i can.

  • Every single building is touching with the boundary, another building, or a wall. Might not be a wall cuz i put down max amount of wall for star base lvl 4.
  • I try 2 spread turrets apart as much as possible, depending on the type. 
  • i use tunz of traps. anyone that attacks me with infantry units only fail to do damage to anything.

If u have anymore tips and tricks post in the comments plz!! Also check out the starlinator games part 2 out now!!!

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Magmotarburn Magmotarburn 1 April 2013

how to upgrade your starbase

LOOT! Thats all you need. Find someone very good That has lots of coins and is weak... take advantage of that and if they leave it like that do it over and over.

My first post done

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LightShadow151 LightShadow151 31 March 2013

The Starlinator Games: Part 2

This can't be happening. 'But I'm not too surprised. I'm level 20. entered 80 times.

The voice echos in my head. This is crazy.

Let me tell you what in this world is even worse than skyfall: chosen to go to the Starlinator Games. I take a deep breath, and walk up to the stage.

Also, there are no volunteers allowed. Marina steps onto the stage. "Alright! Now, for our second Starlinator Games tribute!" She plunges her hand in the glass ball again. She pulls out a slip of paper, smoothens it, and reads the name. "Marth, level 24" Hmm. Iv'e met this guy on the streets of Planet Purple a few years before. I don't know if he remembers me anyway.

I see Marth walk up to the stage. Dark hair, ice-blue eyes- I wonder what the right term for this type of…

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RampantLeaf RampantLeaf 22 March 2013

Galaxy Life Glitches That I Found

Hello, everyone! I've found a few glitches or bugs in Galaxy Life that I would like to share with you. NOTE: I did not cheat or hack to do these, they just happend. 

What the heck does Null mean? - I'll try to get a piture of this one but anyway, I'm level 11 and you need to be level 15 to play alliances. My friend invited me to join an alliance and when I clicked "join", it said: "You must reach level null to play alliances."


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RampantLeaf RampantLeaf 22 March 2013

My Galaxy Life Q and A

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Minifede Minifede 21 March 2013

Easter Event Coming soon!

EASTER EVENT IS COMING! This time it will feature a time limited in-game contest (to find the maximum amount possible of Easter Eggs) instead of wave attacks!

Check its page here.

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LightShadow151 LightShadow151 21 March 2013

The Starlinator Games: Part One

Many, Many, years ago, in a distant galaxy known as Galaxy Life, a very war-like alliance, Team Khaos, decided that they wanted some action.

So they went to Elderby and told him the words that changed Galaxy Life forever. Here is what they said: "You must let us give this world of starlings some action. Or else we will kill you and the one who created you. Is that clear?" That was what changed Galaxy Life. Forever.

No starling has ever had the courage to stand tall and face it all. Even if one did, he or she wouldn't have won.

Many years after that, the Tree of Life gave birth to a starling that completely changed the course of Galaxy Life's future. Starfire.


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LightShadow151 LightShadow151 19 March 2013

Summary Of Starlinator Games

Hi people. I'm writing a hunger games inspired story. So if u r a huge hunger games fan, be sure to check this out!!! But first, here's a summary of part one:

In a distant galaxy known as Galaxy Life, every colour solar system and the three antagonists, Firebit, Sparragon, and Reptice have to send 2 starlings to the Starlinator Games. They fight to the death on a planet, and the last starling standing wins!

When Starfire gets unexpectedly sent to the Starlinator Games, she has to fight to the death with no experience with anything. Will she live to see the light, or will she get pulverized before the Starlinator Games even begin?

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RampantLeaf RampantLeaf 19 March 2013

Photos with bad links

Today, I was editing a gallery, when I saw that on one of the pictures, there was something in the section that said "Link this photo (optional)". It had a link to a game website, to a violent game that was not apropriate. If you find any more of these, please change it and maybe contact an admin.

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LightShadow151 LightShadow151 18 March 2013

Welcome To My Blog!!!!!:D

About My Galaxy Life!!!!!

Hi doods. this is a "what's coming up on my blog" thingymajigy. First, all I want to say is, well, I know all you doods are gonna beat me to saying this but-I LUV GALAXY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not kidding. If you play on, you can friend me, but message me on wikia before you go ahead and friend me so I have proof you play the best game in the world on gamesgames. My Username:anna23165. Sounds lame hey? Don't look at me. I made my account about a few months ago, but since I dunz go on a lot, I haven't made much progress. lol.

On My Future Blog

I'm writing a "Hunger Games Inspired Story" coming out soon. Be sure to check soon!

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Kidlordofthecats Kidlordofthecats 18 March 2013


I have a level 5 star base and I'm superweak so I need tips.

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