A bazooka is the most powerful weapon that has ever existed. And we own one! 'Don't worry, though... we know what we are doing!
  — In-game description. 

Bazookas are an infantry unit, the fourth available in the Training Camp, and the first capable of dealing blast damage.


The Bazookas are common unit used for attacks by and against low-level players. They have practically the same health as Marines, but with more damage and range. Due to that stats' improvements, they can easily take down small groups of Marines which aren't on their range, as well as other weak units such as Looters, Flamethrowers and Kamikazes.

When used in battle, it's recommended to place them as close as possible to their maximum range distance against a building, so it's more unlikely that they will be under enemy turrets' range. If buildings are protected by Cannon Blasts behind them, unless they are at high levels, it's unlikely that those turrets will reach to attack Bazookas. For that reason, they are good units to destroy the outside layers of a base if there's absence of other turrets than Cannon Blasts and Freeze Turrets. They can also be out of range of any Laser Tower that is behind of approximately 2 buildings.

If used in bunkers, they are generally used with backup from other units with higher health points that can absorb any potential damage they might get, and so, can keep attacking enemies' troops with low costs and looses in preparation.

To be upgraded at level 7, they require the Bazooka Medal, which can be obtained by participating in Alliances or by purchasing it in the shop for Galaxy Chips 480.


To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, consult the Laboratory page.

Training Time
Fire Rate
1 1m 30s Coins 450 200 300 0.50/Sec 0.75 200
2 Coins 700 0.57/Sec
3 Coins 1,050 250
4 Coins 1,500 350
5 Coins 2,250 300 0.66/Sec
6 Coins 3,100 400
7 Coins 4,650 450 500


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