Army points popup (This image have been found only in Italian language.)

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• This event it's only available for the AGAME version of the game.


This following popup appears and says that the event consist in who trains the more quantity of units in a period of 5 days. Each unit you upgrade, active or train, gives you 1 army point. This applies to all units. (1 Zepplin or 1 Marine = 1 army point and so on) there makes no difference which unit you train. If you earn the most army points you can win prizes (see table below) depending on what's your position on the ranking.


Prizes needs completing in tabs from 5 to 20 and from 20 to 50!
Player Position from 1 to 5 from 5 to 20 from 20 to 50
Prizes 250 Galaxy Chips, 10 Zepplins, and 2 Skull Nukes 7 Boulder Strike , 1 free worker and 3 zepplins 7 Mystery Cubes,6 Missile Rains and 2 boulder strikes

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