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Galaxy Life Alliances

Part of the fun in Galaxy Life is joining and participating in an Alliance. An Alliance is a group of players that unite together against opposing Alliances in Alliance Wars. This also requires the user to be Level 15 or higher to create/join an alliance.  Being part of an Alliance enables you to;

  • Protect and help your allies,
  • Take part in Wars and,
  • Achieve exclusive rewards.

This means that other alliance members can also choose to;

  • Protect and help you
  • Fill up your friend bunkers

To find out how an Alliance progresses in Levels check out the Alliance Level Progression.

Creating an Alliance

To create/found an Alliance you will need Galaxy Chips20 Galaxy Chips and to be at least level 15. Invite your friends to be members and recruit more!

Joining an Alliance

To join an Alliance, search for the desired Alliance in the Leader Board menu, and click the "Ask to Join" button. Then you must wait some time until you find out if you are accepted. Remember that you can only belong to one Alliance at any one time.

Alliance Ranking:

The General is the leader of the Alliance, is the only member that cannot be "Kicked Out" (except if he's inactive).

The Captains are the second in command. 

The Private is the lowest rank. 

General Captain Private
Promote/demote members
Kick members
Accept new recruits
Start war
Participate in war


  • Inactive Generals are automatically kicked out of their Alliance.
  • If the General leaves the Alliance, the Captain with most war points takes his place.
  • If the General quits and there are no Captains, the Private with the most war points becomes the new General.
  • You cannot leave an Alliance while a War is in progress, and new players cannot join the alliance while a War is in progress.

Alliance Wars

To be the best Alliance of all ages, fighting is not enough; you also have to win! Wars last for at least 15 hours, in which case the War is over if one Alliance has earned War Points and the opponent has none. Otherwise it will be extended to 3 days maximum, or until an Alliance Wins by KO.


  • Only one War is allowed per Alliance at the same time.
  • No Colony Shield or Level Protection rules apply in War battles.
  • Destroy any building to earn War Points.
  • Take care who you attack, as the higher the level of your opponents, the more War Points earned.
  • Attacking higher Star Base level planets gets you greater War Points.
  • Attacking lower Star Base level planets gets you fewer War Points.
  • Coordinate with your Alliance members to attack enemies.
  • Now, since GL update 0.78.8, Alliances with fewer than 5 members can't fight Alliances with 5 or more members.
  • Now, because of an update, absolutely no members can leave during a War, probably because it would be unfair.

Win War by KO

Your Alliance can also Win by KO if you have won a much larger number of Warpoints than your opponent. To Win more Wars, try winning by a KO so you can start another War more quickly! You also win by KO if after 15 hours of the War, your opponents have no Warpoints, but you have at least one.

Alliance Shield

Whenever you finish a War your Alliance cannot be attacked for a certain time. If your Alliance won the War, your Alliance will get a protection shield for 8 hours; if your Alliance loses the War it will get 48 hours of protection, allowing the Alliance members to recover and upgrade their colonies. Each player will get a personal normal protection shield for each colony that suffered attacks, or were destroyed during the War. This prevents other players attacking your colonies whilst you are recovering from your losses.

Alliance Rewards

The rewards a player earns are based on their own war points, not the total war points of the alliance. If a player leaves their alliance, war points and wins they've collected are no longer counted towards rewards. A player does not have to be present for an alliance's wins to use their wins to get medals; they can join an alliance that already has wins and use it to claim medals.

• To see detailed info of each unit, click on the unit medals thumbnails.
• These medals will unlock LvL 7 upgrade for each respective unit, for more info visit: Troop Level Unlocks on Laboratory's Page.

Medal Requirements Troops Vehicles Aircrafts
Marine Medal
Looter Medal
Flamethrower Medal
Bazooka Medal
Kamikaze Medal
Starlinator Medal
S-Trike Medal
Beetle Tank Medal
Raider Medal
The Mole Medal
Colossus Medal
Hoover Ufo
Alliance Wars
4 7 15 19 23 28 64 34 41 51 58 Coming
Soon !
Owned War
War Points4,500 War Points9,000 War Points20,000 War Points50,000 War Points120,000 War Points180,000 War Points1,100,000 War Points300,000 War Points480,000 War Points600,000 War Points900,000

There are also 3 decorations that can be claimed from war points and alliance wins: the Merit of Conflict, the Stele of Triumph, and the Memorial of the Warlord.

Alliance Merit of Conflict.png
Alliance Stele of Triumph.png
Alliance Memorial of the Warlord.png


  • Your medals stay with you once you obtain them; just make sure to collect them before leaving an Alliance, or you will have to win the wars again to get them back.
  • The maximum number of war points you can gain in an attack is 100 * star base level of the target being attacked. For example, destroying a colony with star base level 4 will give a maximum of 400 points.
  • Destroying players with a much lower level grants fewer war points.

Counselor Mobius

Counselor Mobius

His name is Counselor Mobius, Supreme Chancellor. He will be there to help you whenever it is needed. He has all the knowledge about Alliances, is the Alliance know-it-all. He is the go-to guy if you ever have a question about how Alliances work. He will help you get started, and will be around to help you along the way if you ever get stuck.


  • He appears at the right top corner on your main planet, surrounded with other Starlings whenever you join an Alliance.
  • He is in the first picture when your Alliance goes into battle.

Mobius In-Game Advice
The Alliance Flag Colors


  • Fixed bug that caused the number of pages displayed at the bottom of the alliance screen to be truncated.
  • Special Characters are displayed in Browse Alliances screen.
  • Alliance name and description are encoded to allow special characters Wrong ordering in alliances.
  • Fixed a memory issue that was causing the Browse Alliances list not to show sometimes.
  • Setting up the infrastructure for the Alliances.